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23-03-11, 21:20

I will first say that I'm perfectly aware of all of the Tomb Raider Parodys (Crazy Croft, Random Raider).
These and some other parodies inspired me to make my own parodies: Tomb Raider: The Stupid Files. Now I must say, there are a TON of parodies entitled Stupid, Crazy, or something else Files (DMC Stupid Files, Kingdom Hearts Crazy Files). I started making mine one year ago, and I made 3 episodes by far, buuuut they were kinda awful. I made a lot of crossovers and quality was horrible. But, today, I finished the fourth installment, and my God, is it a improvment. Everything wrong was thrown out, and I was sorta satisfied. Here it is, for you to watch:


Also, first three episodes are here (if you want to see how horrible are they):




First two episodes are also available on CroftGeneration.
Anyways, enjoy, rate, comment, like and fave! See ya:wve: