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24-03-11, 21:57
The forum is telling me it's been three years since I last logged in here, I really didn't think it had been that long. :o

Someone from the Tomb Raider Legend modding thread may remember me, as I made quite a few mods early on for legend, which was a lot of fun. But most of you won't know who I am...

Recently I've had time to do some art, and I decided to do some proper Lara fan art, with Tomb Raider 2 & 3 being amongst my favourite games of all time, and a huge part of my childhood.

The first, is based on the underwater wreck levels of Tomb Raider 2, and the second, the South Pacific in TR3, both of which are some of my favourite. :) I hope you guys like them, and visit my DeviantArt (http://tansy9.deviantart.com/) page if you're intrested in more of my art. :)



Thank you!

24-03-11, 21:59
Omg..... these are so amazing..... 0_0

Mind = blown.

24-03-11, 22:57
Wow !!!!

24-03-11, 23:18
Tansy!! I've been faving your work on DevArt. Good to have you back on TRF :D

lord gaga
24-03-11, 23:48
OMG! Welcome back on TRF and also become my art teacher!:D

25-03-11, 00:02
Extremely beautiful pieces!!!! :eek:

You should do one of the new Lara!!! :D

25-03-11, 00:04
Omg :yik: i love the first one :hug:

25-03-11, 00:14

25-03-11, 00:33

25-03-11, 00:49
WOW fantastic work here!!!:yik:

25-03-11, 02:01
Perfect artwork
love the realism!

25-03-11, 03:23
Wow, I love your work. :D Amazing, amazing job. :jmp::tmb:

young Lara Croft
25-03-11, 05:45
your take on Lara is original her anatomy and facial features harmonize in a good way! I also like the color palette too! :tmb:

25-03-11, 05:52
Your a god.:eek:
*bows down*

25-03-11, 07:14
Ohmygod, those are amazing! :eek: I absolutely love them! I'm definitely checking out your deviantart :tmb:

25-03-11, 07:54
:tmb:They are aewsome indeed. You are seriously talented

25-03-11, 08:10
Your work is excellent! :O MORE!!!!

25-03-11, 08:18
They're breathtaking! :eek:
I love the South Pacific one! :cln:

25-03-11, 09:15
Of course we remember you Tansy!!!:):tmb:
Just visit the modding section and see that there are people that will surely hold dear.
You were an essential part of the section of TR Legend and wrote one of the first list to select and modify Legend outfits.:cool:

Indeed. After you left TRF, some competitions were organized in memory of the first people who helped make Legend modding with the few resources we had. You were one of the persons mentioned.;)

It is a pleasure to have you here again. That makes me remember good and old days.

Your drawings are exceptionally personal. Is great to enjoy original artwork, as yours, which is seen in the proportions and feature, the artist's signature.

Wonderful, glad see you again:)

25-03-11, 09:20
I've already been in love with your artwork on DA. :D
You're amazing, the way you paint and the faces are just :eek: WOW. So realistic. :tmb:

25-03-11, 10:21
Thank you for the kind comments guys!
I will get around to doing more art, but I'm busy with my dissertation and finals coming up soon, but during the summer I am determined to get more art done! :)

tampi: Wow, haha, I had no idea about the competitions. :D Yes I remember making that list, back in the days before TexMod, when you had to sort through thousands of similar files in Tomb Ripper. :p

Modding was a bit of a side hobby for a time, art I've always loved, and over the last year I feel I've really made huge leaps with it. :) Maybe one day I can go pro? :D

25-03-11, 10:39
That is very good!! I will be particularly happy to be able to see your drawings.:)
Your features make it be one of the most interesting Lara Croft.:D
You have an intense gaze(eyes). :tmb:

28-03-11, 20:28