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Ive finally written the first chapters to my RE6 story. These upcoming chapters are written as (undated) diary entries, as we all know that every person in the Resident Evil universe tells their deepest secrets and/or evil plans to their diary :p

Some chapters might be written as a transcript to a conversation, so it will seem like you are reading a script, but that's becuase I like to mix up the style of writing a conversation.
The last part of the chapter will tell you who wrote it, but there will be some clues as you read who it is, (if its a new character, then I will precede it with a small bio).

If you love it, hate it, are indifferent or something in between with my story, please tell me. If it sucks, dont be afraid to say so, as long as you provide constructive comments. I need your honest thoughts, if I am to become a better writer.

Resident Evil: Mismatched Parallels (http://stories.mibba.com/read/373120/Resident-Evil-Mismatched-Parallels/) (note, you'll have to register in order to read it from my profile (since it's rated R), which I find rather annoying. But I'll post the chapters on here, and edit them for TRF and GC.

I'd like some recognition
Chapter 1

Perhaps it really was entirely my fault. I mean, if anyone was to take the blame for such a catastrophe such as Wesker’s ability to retrieve the G-Virus and Plagas samples, and then in turn, use them to create a more advanced version of the parasites, which later caused the Kijuju Incident, I’d like the think that I was the cause – or at least, a detrimental benefactor to the events that followed several months ago. Of course, the BSAA don’t even have my name in their dossier of direct suspects to that Bioterrorism event, which is plight on my reputation. I’m not really going to go out of my way to proclaim that I was one of the agents who assisted him, but perhaps I can do something that will outshine anything Wesker has ever done (or failed to have done.) I’m not that keen on causing direct tragedy, though; I may be bad, but I’m not evil.

It’s common knowledge that I formally resigned from his “employment,” after Spain. I wasn’t to be entirely trusted anymore, and I didn’t blame him; especially when I later I tried to kill him in 2007, but how was he to know what I would do a few years later? But don’t get your hopes up; I was more testing the myth of his death-defying super powers than actually wanting him out of the picture. But, he’s Wesker and he never dies. He supposedly was killed by a couple of BSAA agents, and they say that the witnesses dictated the story. Too bad they’re not like me, and doubt he can ever be killed. Wesker has died more times than Cher has had a Farewell Tour, and neither of them seems to ever kick the bucket after each successive “death.”

I’ve thought about getting out of this industry. Maybe I can become a housewife.

– Ada Wong

They'll never really win
Chapter 2

Sometimes I don’t understand why someone would ever be apart of the cause to Bioterrorism. I mean, the money is the obvious reason, but no one is immune to BOWs; you can get a cure and relieve yourself of the fear of ever being infected, but your immune system and your overall health comes into play of how effective any BOW cure will work – also taking into consideration that many BOWs don’t have cures, such as Uroboros. A stupid pipe dream fascinated by egomaniacs bent on world destruction hold this ideology. Don’t they ever think of the consequences of destroying the world they live in? Millions of fresh water each year is contaminated by toxic pollution from BOWs. Also including the irradiated, salted, or napalmed farmlands that precede the clean-up projects by hazmat and anti BOW teams. They are really just making Earth more susceptible to withering and becoming inhabitable. They don’t think for the future, only for the moment.

You can have all the money you can ever want, but eventually, things are going to get bad before they get worse, and what’s the point of mass riches if there’s nothing left to spend it on? The actions of yesterday and today are only destroying the possibility of there being a tomorrow. It makes me disgraced for being a prominent figure in a brand that has caused an incident that reminds the public of Umbrella and their “legacy.” This investigation is a good thing, but I can’t help but feel guilty, even if I am not apart of any such evil.

– Kimiko Yamada

Kimiko Yamada and Malachi Travis, Part I
Chapter 3

Kimiko Yamada is the CEO of Tricell, Asia; something that is unheard of, as she is a blood relative of neither the Travis nor Gionne family. She has been a friend of Malachi Travis for 8 years; they met when they both were attending Cardiff University, in Wales, UK.

Kimiko received her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and a Master's in Business one year after Malachi Travis (the current CFO of Tricell Asia), enrolled in Cardiff. A several years later, Malachi received a Master's in Accounting, and a Bachelor's in both BioMedical Medicines and Business.

Born in Hokkaido, Japan, Kimiko Yamada had a decent upbringing. She never had the nicest things, but she never had to worry about where she would live nor where she would get her next meal. Always wanting to become a Pharmacist, as medicine and pharmaceuticals always interested her, she was able to get a scholarship from her father's boss to study abroad in Wales. Her father's boss, who owned the factory where her parents worked, was from Wales and a graduate of Cardiff University.

A proud man of his country, he decided to award the best worker that year a scholarship for one of their children (or other younger family member), a 4-year run to college. The only catch was he wanted the selected student to attend his Alma Mater. Her father won, after her mother sabotaged other people's workstations and assignments, making the patriarch Yamada to be the victor.

Kimiko Yamada and Malachi Travis, Part II
Chapter 4

Kimiko met Malachi, who had decided against going to an Italian school (as his parents had expected of him), and ran away with his girlfriend to England, where they sequentially broke up after she met someone else. Being a prominent member of the Travis family, the founders of Tricell, he was able to go to any school he wanted, but was now at a loss after his parents were disappointment in him to disobey their wishes of not only leaving with his girlfriend (who they greatly disapproved of), but of him going against attending Italy's most prestigious Medical university.

He still had money in his personal bank account (money he recieved as a present for his 18th birthday), and immediately paid for 6 years of schooling at Cardiff University before his parents could drain it. He chose thsi school, as it was one of the only school who were currently accepting new students for the revamped Accounting and Financial Sciences degrees. He studied Accounting, his true calling, with minors Business and Biomedical Sciences.

Malachi's parents wanted him to study Medicine, and eventually outshine their cousin's daughter, Excella Gionne, a girl who they often patronized for having outstanding beauty; yet, lacking the Travis name. It was her that they specifically enjoyed to criticize, as Malachi's father Lianno Travis, and Excella's father, Gregorio Gionne, were rivals and had grown to show an understood mentality of competitiveness, as they were both the same age and both aspired to eventually become the CEO or President of Tricell, Europe.

Meanwhile, he met Kimiko Yamada, a friendly, yet responsible woman. She was the oldest person in his English and Welsh (language) classes, at 26, where he was only 19, as was the average student in these to classes. Kimiko had been attending Cardiff for 9 years by his first year.

She had gathered a 5th grade equivalency of the English and Welsh languages, after she began attending vigorous and daily lessons from a private tutor paid for by her parent’s boss. If she was to attend a school in Wales, she’d need to first have a general understanding of both those languages, in order to be successful in school; she was an investment to him, as his payment towards her schooling was hopefully going to reflect positively on his reputation, for he would later take all of the credit in her future successes.

By the time she was 17, she had recieved 4 years of both English and Welsh, and despite a heavy Japanese accent and normal grammar errors, she was successful in her learning of these languages. 3 days after her 4th year of language tutoring, she was enrolled in Cardiff University, in a Pharmacy degree plan, with a minor in Business.

It's about time I made an actual difference
Chapter 5

Life gets really annoying when all you seem to experience is death – or undeath…if that’s even a word. I go back to the events that preceded Raccoon City all the time in my head. Life was better then, even when I was worried about Chris. He always was able to take care of himself; well, both of us. It’s great to hear that he was able to rid himself, the world, really, of that menace. He was so full of himself, beyond all mean. He sure seemed to drag under all sorts of people, ignorant and naïve people who actually trusted him; not all of them were bad people in the beginning, but Chris said that Wesker had ways of showing those he manipulated a way of knowing they were going to be apart of something historic. From what little I gathered about him after my brief encounter many years ago, he certainly was one who deserved to be smothered in a volcano.

These people just wouldn’t be around to see it; they would eventually be tossed aside, like a dusty, old shoe. God, I really wish that something can be done to make a decent impact. Getting rid of Wesker and his cliché plan to obliterate the world and have an army of super soldiers was just the first of hopefully many good deeds to follow. A major dent was made in the bioterrorism industry that day.

I just wonder how many more of them are out there, as the Kijuji Incident is just another disaster of many to follow. I need to be there, front and center, when another success story is told. I don’t need the stress, but being apart of something so beneficial to society will rid my conscious of any indirect guilt, especially after what TerraSave did; I’m still feeling a bit naïve after what transpired and how I was so determined to play the girl scout and not imagine that anyone I personally worked for could be capable of any wrong doing – I won’t make that same mistake again.

The only group that I know can be (mostly) trusted is the BSAA, but I’m not going to become a commando, I may fare well in a fight, but I’m not one to seek violence, it seems to always seek me, first. Chris tells me that the Tricell branches have had all of their accounts frozen, and all employees, department heads, and even investors are being questioned.

The investigations of Tricell Europe and Asia are underway. The branch in North America has been indefinitely shut down after the discovery of documents pertaining to Tricell Africa. It was later shown that the emails pertaining to Irving's illegalities was accidentally emailed to Tricell North America (instead of Tricell Africa). The email address that it as sent to didn't exist; it probably was just a computer error on Irving's part, or simply a typo --- yet, the email servers at the North America branch still had it in their Mispaced inbox, as if any message is sent to any username (@tricell.na.com), it would recieve it, but it just wouldn't have a recipient. Either way, he seemed pretty foolish to send anything pertaining to bioterrorism to an actual Tricell email address, even if it wasn't valid.

A loss of 500,000 jobs is a big hit, but they’ll be an example of the stern approach the BSAA is taking to seeding out the bad apples when the complete examination of Tricell’s Europe and Asia headquarters are to follow. First, we have to pay attention to Asia, as they are next in line to have their everything for everyone to see.

-Claire Redfield

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I'm not a fan of Resident Evil really but thought you've done a good job in capturing the charators thoughts. My only only negative ( a very very small one) is to watch the grammar.

Over all a great job well done, keep going :tmb:

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Good work! :D I like the way you've portrayed Ada, i haven't read Chapter 2 yet since I have to go, but I'll read it when I get back. :D

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I'm not a fan of Resident Evil really but thought you've done a good job in capturing the charators thoughts. My only only negative ( a very very small one) is to watch the grammar.

Over all a great job well done, keep going :tmb:
Oh, the grammar :pi: I actually didnt really even proof read it more than once; i find my self wording things awkwardly, where they dont make sense. Im going through and checking for errors. But thank you for reading it.

I actually learned a new member today, as I have never seen you post on TRF before :p
Good work! :D I like the way you've portrayed Ada, i haven't read Chapter 2 yet since I have to go, but I'll read it when I get back. :D

Oh, goody, a RE fan. Thank you very much for making an appearance and reading and commenting on my story.

If you notice any canon-errors, please tell me, I'm trying to make sure that my facts are straight in regards to other characters and other events that have happened, as i reference previous events and people a bit. :D

Chain Raider
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Ada xD
I got kinda lost reading claire part, you repeated the opening half way through it...and I had to skim to pick up where I would have left off.

30-03-11, 19:26
Ada xD
I got kinda lost reading claire part, you repeated the opening half way through it...and I had to skim to pick up where I would have left off.

wait! did i really?!

son of a bitch, ill have to fix that cuz i must have copy and pasted wrong xD

Thank you for noticing, though! :p

Please come back, and try to read some more :o

Chain Raider
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I will :D
I really like it so far, I like how you gave them all I really distinctive personality with their individual passages <3
I can't wait for the next one.

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Any planned sex scenes?

31-03-11, 19:42
I will :D
I really like it so far, I like how you gave them all I really distinctive personality with their individual passages <3
I can't wait for the next one.
Thanks, again. I actually made a list of grammatical errors that i noticed, i ran out of room on the paper :pi:

But i forgot it, so i will update with corrections by tomorrow.

I'm trying to get out of the simply explaining things, which is all the story really has been so far - basically just setting up (new characters, or what is to come), so the next few chapters will actually be what is happening.
Any planned sex scenes?

I did think about it. I was thinking of writing something that would be a sort of epilogue for Chris and Jill (it involved a sex scene :pi:), just for the sake of mentioning them, but it would be out of place, as they arent at all involved in this story. Chris gets mentioned a few times by Claire, but he has no role.

But, I wouldnt be able to post it in GC if i did anyways. If I do, then youll have to go to over here Resident Evil: Mismatched Parallels (http://stories.mibba.com/read/373120/Resident-Evil-Mismatched-Parallels/) to read it (you have to also register, which i dont care for). Im not sure if there will be any yet, but I'm not keen on turning this into an erotic novel, but im certainly not ruling it out :p

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OH NOEZ! a double post.

I've forgotten to remember you
Chapter 6

Over the years, I realized that I haven’t actually thought about that little girl who I helped out of Raccoon City. She must be about 26 by now. Boy, do I feel really old when I realize that it has been 14 years since that mid-western town was encumbered by monsters that were only imaginary to the rational-thinker. I am now 33, but I feel that I have lived for 40-plus years, with all of this drama and idiocy that the world has experienced. These people creating weapons that not only cause calamity and cumbrance, but actually seem to serve no purpose other than a means to make mass riches; eventually, if we don’t stop this uprising in biotechnology for terrorist means, then there will be not even a world for the victims or the terrorists to live in.

Sherry should be in good hands, as she did get put in protective custody; although I can't imagine she's still under the care of the government, as she turned 18 about 7 or 8 years ago. I’ve just realized that I had sort of digressed from my initial thoughts; I think it might be my way of pushing the matter aside, in order to not actually feel an guilt for not checking up on her, or even trying. Or the others that I have been with while I survived and they simply died or became an empty shell preceding after they witnessed unimaginable horrors.

No point in telling your children that there’s no such thing as monsters, or that there isn’t really anything scary hiding under their bed, because in all actuality - there very well just might be.

-Claire Redfield

Before the conference…
Chapter 7

This all happened before the event of the open-to-the-public, town hall meeting that would discuss the investigation into Tricell Asia, and whether or not they had been delving into anything regarding Bioorganic Weapons development, research, purchasing, or anything of the sort.

I was initially tasked to serve as Citrine Demontreaux’s personal bodyguard during a trade-off for a new and secretly developed weapon. Even I didn’t know what it was, or what it did. I was just made assure that it was properly quarantined in its storage capsule, and that the sample was dormant. They sure know who to fool me with a good lie, or they were relaying a lie that they actually believed.

It was sometime in March 2011, if I remember correctly. I decided that I was not to play babysitter for anyone, as I’m not especially keen on defending both myself and another person. So, I was tasked instead to actually serve as an investigator of sorts, and film the meeting while I was positioned a great bit away in a tree. Well, they didn’t actually say that I had to hide in a tree, but I was to remain out-of-sight. I arrived via a boat that I had stolen from a North Korean woman. Before you go all up in arms about me stealing from a single mother living below poverty and probably resorting to turning tricks on the street in order to feed her 3 children, I say that you need to mind your own business, as I have done much worse.

I arrived just as the Black Marketers had landed in their helicopter. I’m assuming that at least one of them had gotten a permission from a military official working in an air tower to fly in the area, as there was a North Korean military base not but about 15 miles from here. The North Koreans, they’re a jolly bunch; they would shoot any unfamiliar aircraft with in 30 miles of the base had The Black Marketers not gotten a bribe to an air trafficking supervisor, or whoever controls the airways from the base. Of course, this is all just my assumptions running wild.

I began to film the BM's getting their stuff set up, and I realize that I didn't actually arrive here, first. I notice a man in a bright red sweatshirt exiting the main entrance of the run-down and abandoned elementary school (which is where the meeting was taking place), and my digital camera/PDA picked up a transmission signal that I identified as belonging to the Man in the Red Sweater,and his conversation with and a muscle-bound commando-looking soldier who was with the Black Marketers.

I immediately was able to get what they were generally saying, while the signal wasn't too good, as it was incredibly overcast, I heard them say something about setting up the demonstration in the school, and that once the buyers arrived, that the demonstration for the T-Plagas would begin.

I know what it's called, now.

-Ada Wong

Let's learn a new name
Chapter 8

Citrine Demontreaux currently works for The Organization, along with Ada Wong; although they are completely unfamiliar with each other on a personal basis.
She is employed as a woman who conducts in-person business transactions with allied Black Marketers. She is often given the details and reports on new BOWs, or other advanced Biomedical, or even firearm technology that is circulating the Black Market, which she then reads over and hands the paperwork to her superiors.

She often is accompanied by a team of representatives of The Organization, which includes a security detail. She will arrive at the meet location, and have the sellers’ funds transferred and the illegal goods transported to a local drop-off where it will be taken to The Organization’s HQ for research or physical examination.

She has worked with The Organization for over 6 years now, and was at first employed by one of the Black Market (BM) groups that The Organization (TO) conducted business with. She was hired for her connections by TO, and while she no longer is a member of any BM supplier, she uses her contacts to set up deals with fencers that TO has no connections with.

Citrine Demontreaux is 41 years old; and stands at 5'1" tall. She is considered overweight for her height, as she weighs about 140 pounds.

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Ooh lovely, This reminds me I never did finish my RE fan fic. :o

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Ooh lovely, This reminds me I never did finish my RE fan fic. :o

Go get it again! Ill be sure to comment on it :D

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Here's another chapter

Woe is me; I am over 30 and have never been married
Chapter 8

“We’ll be sure to set you up with your own role in this investigation, Miss Redfield.”

“Please, call me Claire, you referring to me as 'Miss' Redfield just reminds me that I over 30 and haven’t a husband.”

“Oh, I apologize, I meant no implications of the sort, it’s just a common gesture.” She looked embarrassed.

“It’s okay; I was more making fun of myself.” The woman had an expressionless look on her face, as if she didn’t understand why Claire would involve her in any joke. Claire was handed a sealed, large envelope – it was closed with not only staples, tape, but with the yellow envelope’s clasp. They certainly didn’t want anyone to look in here, it would seem, she thought to herself.

As she struggled to open the paper envelope, she figured she should wait until after she left, as her trusty, all-purpose knife was in custody, after she has forfeited it upon entering the BSAA office, as weapons were not permitted, unless for designated agents and security staff (but the latter only carried less-than-lethal weapons.) I wonder what they have assigned me? It’s rather unsettling to be unemployed for over two years, only to have nothing to do except live like I was on a low-budgeted vacation.

I’ve never cared too much for the time off. A week at the most is good, but after that, I don’t feel productive and I get lazy. I need something to keep me busy; otherwise, my usefulness begins to deteriorate as I have nothing to use my talents for. But after two years, I sorta just became apathetic about working. It’s finally over, and I have what appears to be employment, but this damned envelope is so certain to be “For my eyes only” that it may take a stick of dynamite to unseal.

She walked for what seemed to be several minutes before realizing that she walked around in a circle; the stubbornness of whomever taped and stapled close the envelope was keeping her busy, and it caused her to not notice she had walked around the hall twice, missing the exit both times. Finally, she decided to put the envelope in her coat pocket, after folding it twice to force it to fit.

It was lightly snowing when she exited the office, and had her knife safely back in its sheath which was nostalgically located on her chest, near her shoulder.
The knife took some forceful jerks through the taped opening to give way, until it finally got caught on some staples. Eventually, after some aggressive slashing, the documents were able to breathe.
January 30, 2011

Dear Miss Redfield,
We here are appreciative of your application into the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance’s employment, and we are pleased to tell you that you are a person of interest into joining the effort to eradicate bioterrorism. However, due to your request in your interview, we have eliminated all occupations into the areas of combat and those regarding field agents. Instead we have assessed that if you were too comply, we would be able to assist you in garnering a spot into the BSAA and UN’s investigation of Tricell, Inc.

You would be able to serve as an investigator and advisor for the upcoming investigation of Tricell, Inc. Asia.

We are aware of your possible hesitation or questions into why you might be offered a formal investigation job, but your references have given reports of your role in several instances where you were capable of receiving intel or other contributory evidence towards illegal BOW and other research; most namely, the incident that occurred on Rockfort Island among other occasions.

If you have any further questions, you may contact the BSAA International Affairs Office for Freelance Investigations, which is located in Japan, at +81-3113779000.

The investigations begin on April 14, 2011. Public Court Hearings are scheduled for April 7-10, 2012. Your airfare and hotel arrangements will be paid for, courtesy of Kimiko Yamada, CEO and President of Tricell Asia.

Secretary of American Civilian Affairs and Public Relations
BSAA America

Andrea Michelobvski

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NOTE: I like to write in different styles. there are only two people in this conversation, the first is the woman, the second is the man. their replies alternate, so you should be able to keep up with who is saying what. Their names will be revealed as you read on :)

A Business Conversation
Chapter 9

How much am I allowed to offer?

Start off at 7 Million. It leaves enough room to go higher, which is expected, but it’s not so low that they feel insulted.

Ahh… I see. The T-Plagas will undoubtedly be in high demand after we purchase the first samples.

Your contacts and history with these Black Marketers greatly benefits The Organization. I foresee this as your grandest contribution towards our goals.

Thank you, Reginald. I really am ambitious, here; I don’t need the highest paycheck or the largest office, so to speak, it’s just the recognition and the need for my services that I most appreciate.

In only a few years, here, you have proven to be nothing but a fundamental ingredient in our success.

Is there a limit on how much funds I can transact?

The account that we are using for this transaction has only 14 Million, so if they want to go higher than that, then try to haggle. See if they would be willing to take some of the security detail. Black Marketers can never have enough backup; especially the skillful defenders that we employ.

That sounds like it could be a good bargaining chip.

Make sure to offer Grover, first, he’s the least important of the members I’m sending on your security team.

Yes, he has that certain panache in his character that isn’t reflective on his performance reports.

*Laughs* Yes, he is a good mercenary, but he’ll never make it in a real firefight with his overcompensation off the field.

Is Ada Wong still assigned to be my personal bodyguard?

No, she has the duty as more of an out-of-sight watchdog.

Figures, I find that she doesn’t like me.

What makes you think that, Citrine? I don’t believe she has even spoken with you.


Well, she’s not one to come up and ask about your day.

I know; I just like to personally know someone, before I can actually trust them.

She’s shown that she can be depended on. It’s just her priorities that we have in question.

Well, my priorities only lie with whatever I am tasked with.

As they should be.

Goodbye, I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.

Have a safe trip, Mrs. Demontreaux.