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28-03-11, 15:56
Hi Guys

I thought i would give a Lara Croft comic a bash, obviously we dont know the story of Origins so this is just a comic that links to this ( my own ramblings lol)

Here's the pencils for pg 1 , need to ink :)

http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb57/littlesusie_01/PG1.jpg http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb57/littlesusie_01/PG1-2.jpg
http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb57/littlesusie_01/PG2.jpg http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb57/littlesusie_01/PG2-1.jpg

28-03-11, 15:58
This looks awesome. :tmb:

28-03-11, 15:58
Ooooo i really like it :D

28-03-11, 16:43
Thanks Guys :)

Inked ones been added :hug:

28-03-11, 16:48
Please tell me you've applied to be a comic book artist of some sorts? Your skills NEED to be recognized :( The art is amazing so far, i just know the rest will be.

28-03-11, 17:07
Looking awesome can't wait to see the final result :tmb:

28-03-11, 17:59
Thanks guys :) No no art job yet unfortunaltey but ill keep trying :)

Page 2 WIP added up top

young Lara Croft
28-03-11, 18:07
Looking awesome !
I have a question., do you have a script already or you just draw right on spot?

28-03-11, 18:08
Thanks YLC, no script :( I know i should i kind of have a rough idea of what scene im after and what will follow but further on in the story cluesless lol, i know thats a very naughty way of doing it lol, i will learn one day haha, im influenced by what music ive got on

28-03-11, 18:21
I love it, and I love the fact that you are heading in an open direction, it could lead to all sorts of interesting stories! Also, Lara looks fantastic!

Alex Fly
28-03-11, 18:24
Looks promising so far ! :tmb:

28-03-11, 20:12
Thanks AlexFly :hug:

Page 3 roughs added to front page

28-03-11, 20:16
Omg Susie! This is amazing! xxxxxxx

Melonie Tomb Raider
28-03-11, 20:33
WOW! This is INCREDIBLE!! Can't wait for more!! :jmp: :jmp:

28-03-11, 20:51
This is GREAT!! :tmb:

28-03-11, 21:19
Thank u so much everyone :hug:

Update first post, replaced roughs with basic pencils, just need to go over them neatly now

29-03-11, 06:15

Rachel Croft
29-03-11, 06:47
I quite like it so far! Can't wait to see it colored!

29-03-11, 12:53
I'm liking the latest additions. :tmb:

29-03-11, 12:59
Thank u so much, i got 2 comics on the run now lol !!! Ill have to do some more Lara this evening :hug:

29-03-11, 13:08
that is great so far!!!

03-04-11, 10:58
Thank u :) hopefully start colouring today :)

04-04-11, 12:22
Wow, I love a lot!:cool:

This seems like a great project. With color will look wonderful!

Some vignettes are very nice. It has an adventure and romantic air, I like it.:)

Alex Fly
04-04-11, 12:43
I can't wait for the colored version ! :tmb:

04-04-11, 13:28
thanks guys

Hope fully have that finished soon, im kinda doing 2 comics at the same time at the mo lol so a bit crazy :hug:

05-04-11, 05:03
Holy ****, this is really nice!

I liked it so much, I swore. take that as a good thing :pi:

I love your drawing style. However, I noticed that Lara seems to have 5 foot long legs, and a very short upper body (in comparison :p)

05-04-11, 15:18
I love this thread! :D

05-04-11, 15:58
This girl looks like Amanda.:pi:

05-04-11, 16:59
Looks really promising comic :) :tmb: