View Full Version : Play my simplified "SNAP!" via cmd. Trololol

31-03-11, 08:44
It's just oh so epic when you SNAP (http://tombraiderunderworld.wikispaces.com/file/view/simplifiedsnapbyh4rr7h.exe/215748356/simplifiedsnapbyh4rr7h.exe) that bitch :cool:

I was just so proud of my little C programming venture, I had to :vlol:

31-03-11, 10:37
I don't get it O_O i write some letters and the thing says "SNAP!" ? :p

31-03-11, 11:27
You are supposed to enter a card (e.g. 3c - three of clubs, kh - king of hearts). If you enter 5s and then 5c, they have same value