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01-04-11, 21:43
Myself and Hayley's short story version of Nazi Zombies, we shall update as is completed. We basically wrote this over MSN, so verses in purple are by Hayley, and blue by me. :D


Breslau, Near Germany
Der Riese (Factory of the Undead)

The untoten are coming...

The remnants of a surge of zombies attacked the four heroes, their trigger happy fingers pulverizing each new zombie that tried their luck at eating them.
"Clavicles for supper! screamed Richtofen as he gunned the zombies down, a sadistic pleasure washing over him, as he killed his 'children'.
"A semi-stupid comment stopped on Dempsey's lips, momentarily stunned by this propect of eating a 'clavicle.' Blowing a zombie a new hole in it's skull, he shouted to Nikolai, 'Clavicles?'
Nikolai s******ed, oblivious to Dempsey's question,
"Zis vodka.... eez good" he slurred as he tossed a grenade at the swarming horde below, it's shrapnel maiming many zombies, leaving lots of crawlers in the aftermath.
Takeo blew the final bullet from his 'Wunderfaffle', into the huge crowd of zombies, killing every single one. An eerie silence fell upon the factory of the dead. The hero's had a while to prepare before the next onslaught.
The sound of the perk machines brought an almost cheerful atmopshere to the quiet experimental facility as they waited for the almost familar sound of the undead approaching.
"I'm always into Juggernog!" Exclaimed Dempsey, ecstatic at their continued defeat of the toten.
'Hmm. I feel empty. ****! I am empty!' Yelled a increasingly drunken Nikolai, dropping his upgraded Colt to the floor, smashing a vodka bottle against one of the open doors. "Don't make me fight with a broken vodka bottle." Nikolai added, his Russian accented by the record amount of alchohol he had consumed.
In a drunken blur he turned to watch Richtofen prod a crawler with the tip of his gun. "I don't like it when they lick me" he exclaimed. The other heroes exchanged confused glances.
Dempsey smirked at Richtofen, finally straightening out of his crouch, from the zombie horde surge previously, straightening out his bac k, he kicked Richtofen over, laughing to Richtofen's protests, as the Crawler creeped over him, it's teeth searching for his throat.
American Pride surged through Dempsey's veins as he stood back to admire the scene. Yes... after this war, he would finally see to Richtofen's demise.

To be continued...

Next up; The conclusion to Der Riese

01-04-11, 21:52
Lol i loved this :D (uhm i still do xD)

But what's a ''Wunderfaffle''? xD

btw... if you need helpz with any freaky german tings uhm you can ask me.. i'm coming from that nazizombie country xD

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You can blates tell which bits I wrote because they're dumb xD

"Clavicles for supper!" :vlol:

01-04-11, 22:36
I wrote mores:

Takeo examined the floor absentmindely as he waited for the eery calls of the undead. Broken window boards lay on the ground, alongside fingertips and splatters of blood. A grisly scene. He quite liked having this time to think... and become enveloped in memories and things yet to come. It was a time of peace and reflection. And then came the horde...
Their boots clattered off the metal frame of the walkway as they took up their position to make their final stand. Guns felt icy cold beneath their finger-tips as they awaited their fate. The zombie's screams and taunts grew louder, as did the viscious sound of window boards and cement being ripped from their place and thrown messily to the ground. The zombies were baying for their blood.
“Sss-ammm” one sneered as it hobbled nearer, its passage to the walkway clear.
Dempsey's mind flashed back to the recording he had found earlier at the mention of the little girl's name...

“Test number 6 was a failure”. Dr Maxis noted.
A growl was heard from the experimental room.
“Daddy! What are you doing to Fluffy?” said Samantha, her arms wrapped around her favourite teddy bear.
“Samantha!” Maxis gasped “I told you to never come here...EVER!”. Why had his daughter gone against his word? He gestured to his servant Edward. “Get her out of here now!”
“Yes Doctor” Edward replied.
Samantha screamed a blood-curdling cry. “What's wrong with her!?” she asked, stroking the dog which was beginning to foam from the mouth. “What did you do? ...Fluffy!”
“Come back here!” Maxis shouted as the dog lurched for his daughter. “Stop her” he shouted to his assistant. “Good girl...You see?... Come here Samantha” he soothed. “Gently Samantha... that's not Fluffy anymore. We must get out of here!”
Calmly, Maxis and his daughter Samantha edged away from the dog towards the door, their route of escape. Or it would have been, except it was locked.
“What? EDWARD... what are you doing?” Maxis exclaimed. “Edward... OPEN THIS DOOR NOW!”
“I'm scared” Samantha sobbed as she clung to her Father's hand for protection from the pet she had once loved.
“Goodbye Doctor Maxis!” Edward laughed as he walked away, leaving his superior and his daughter to their grisly end.

Yes...Edward Richtofen would pay for his crimes.

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Epic hun.
I'll write some more tonight. :p

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awesome :ohn: Maybe zombies today will inspire us <3

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As we'll all be playing BlackOps. Kino? D=

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As we'll all be playing BlackOps. Kino? D=

Yeah, Kino is my favourite <3