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02-04-11, 01:25
Okay I am making a picture book for my young niece who is also my God daughter who has really been into Wizard of Oz lately and loves the movie and bed time story and is going to go see the show with my family next weekend in London. So I thought I'd share the first page picture with the rest of the forum.

This is still a WIP and text has still to be added. This is the books contents which indicates which picture will come next so I plan to update it every time I get a page done, Note that the cover page will come last aswell as the contents page. So from now we are begining from page 1.

Over the Rainbow - A Wizard of Oz Picture Book


01. Lonely Farm girl.
02. The Twister.
03. Glinda and the Munchkins.
04. Scarecrow.
05. Tin Man.
06. Lion.
07. The Wizard.
08. Flying Monkeys.
09. The Witch.
10. Saving Dorothy.
11. Melting the Witch.
12. The Real Wizard.
13. The Balloon.
14. Return to Kansas.

And now for the first page...


02-04-11, 05:55
This is cute! :tmb:

02-04-11, 09:50
Yay what a great idea! Very well done, I can't wait for the rest!

03-04-11, 09:53
very nice indeed. I think your niece will love it :tmb:

12-04-11, 13:50
Here's a quick update of the witch. :)


12-04-11, 15:20
Looks really good, really like how she stands out with the moon behind her :tmb:

nick styger
12-04-11, 17:51
I LOVE the witch. More!:jmp:

"The adventures of Dorothy Croft."