View Full Version : Sucker Punch Inspired Piece of Writing , Your thoughts on it ?

Linoshi Croft
07-04-11, 17:09
I was told to write a story that replied to a certain selected task , I chose to follow the title "The Rescue". I have a newly found obsessions with Sucker Punch so I found myself getting alot of inspiration from the film I liked the story so much I decided to share it. . .


It'd be great to hear what you think , I'm not the best of writers but I try eh ? :o

Here's a video of it also , I got bored but it looks nice


07-04-11, 17:28

Linoshi Croft
09-04-11, 16:27
:p thanxs

09-04-11, 16:39
omg :yik: its amazing :)

Linoshi Croft
15-04-11, 02:53
:) ty

15-04-11, 03:05
:tmb: I love it!