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KC Mraz
08-04-11, 02:14
I don't think this entirely possible, but I made a quick mockup of what a new forum skin might look like. It is supposed to be simpler and less, well... blue than the actual skin. No, seriously, the blue needs to go.

Click for bigger.

http://i.imgur.com/52lB7.png (http://i.imgur.com/mFRY0.png) http://i.imgur.com/kosaD.png (http://i.imgur.com/dRqqA.png)
(By accident I overwrote the second picture, so there's no bigger size for that one. Damn)

It's not too much of a change, just small details to make the forum look a little better. What do you think?

08-04-11, 02:20
OMGYGAWD! Now I can truly see TRF and life through the eyes of KC Mraz!

It's stunning!:D

08-04-11, 02:28
I like! :D

Alex Fly
08-04-11, 09:43
Cool ! :tmb:

nick styger
08-04-11, 09:58
looks good.

08-04-11, 10:56
it is a very good idea!!

08-04-11, 16:11
Looks good :)

08-04-11, 16:22

08-04-11, 17:46
Sweet :tmb: