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The fire slowly flickered in the wind, the room was lit with a dark orange glow and silence filtered through the air.
Outside in the garden the trees violently blew in the wind with a ghastly screech.
Lara sat up in her bed and looked around at the emptiness of her life…all that was there were a 16th century fireplace and a half filled double bed.
She slowly got up, and walked to the balcony, her hands rested upon the glass, as she looked at her assault course.
A bolt of lightning lit up the sky, and flashbacks of a plane crash suddenly hit her, the screams of the other passengers echoed through her mind.
Lara quickly turned around to see Winston standing at the doorway of her bedroom
“Is everything ok Miss Croft?” he calmly asked
“Yes Winston…Everything’s fine, just go back to sleep” Lara replied, her voice quivering. Winston slowly returned to his room.
Lara walked downstairs into the main hall; the wall lamps dimly lit the room, the carpet sank under Lara’s feet.
She walked towards a large wooden door, and placed her hand a small panel to the right, the door shot upwards, behind lay an arsenal of deadly weaponry, A shotgun, Uzi’s, Magnums all lay behind a glass case, above them all on a plaque lay her famous 9mm handguns, her holsters close beside.
“Glad I gave that up for good” Lara softly said to herself, her encounters with the Nephilim gave her the final decision on her life.
She shut the gun cupboard, for a final time, and began to walk to the swimming pool.
When she got there she realised that her whole house was a perfect reflection of her life, Dark, empty and lonely.
She took of her night gown and dove into the pool, the feeling of the cold water against her naked body made her feel free, she swam around for what seemed like an hour before deciding to climb out and put her clothes back on.
The water slowly dripped of her as she walked through the ballroom towards the kitchen; her gown now clung to her body, revealing every little detail of her figure.
She spun around quickly as another flash of lightning lit up the entire room; Lara had come to a complete halt, frantically searching the room for an intruder.
Lara sensed something behind her, she could hear the low breathing, she grew nervous and agitated, she wanted to turn around but couldn’t, she was paralysed with fear; her body began to tremble as she heard the footsteps get closer.
“Miss Croft, are you sure your alright?” Lara sighed with relief at the sound of the voice, and slowly turned around
“I already told you…I’m fine” Lara began to walk towards the stairs “I’m going to bed now, I’ll see you in the morning”
“Goodnight Miss Croft” Said Winston as he followed Lara up the stairs with his eye’s.
On the way back to her bedroom Lara once again searched her surroundings.
Lara crawled back into bed and, thought about her life experiences before sinking into a restless, haunted sleep.
In her dreams Lara saw the destruction of earth, huge flames that engulfed everything, red skies, and the most evil dictator to have ever been thought up, it was HIM, the destructor of worlds, along with his dark army he ruled over the earth with an iron fist, and Lara was the only person who could stop the mayhem.

Lara quickly awoke from her nightmare; her dream had become a part of her daily routine, it’s repetitiveness was disturbing, almost like a sign warning of a future event, Beads of sweat began to pour down her face as she got dressed and ran towards her library.
She searched every shelf but couldn’t find anything on the apocalypse of mankind, so she decided to turn to something she’s never even considered of using before
“Well…it’s time to start to follow the trend” Lara mumbled as she switched on her PC, she searched the Internet for hours until something caught her eye it was a passage from the bible

Immediately after the Tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: And then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his chosen from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. (Matthew 24:29-31)

Lara quickly shot up and pulled the plug on her PC, as she raced down the stairs she knew she had encountered something like this before. She re-opened her gun cupboard and removed her 9mm’s from the hooks on the plaque, and put them in the holster before racing back upstairs to get changed. As she finished putting on her top Winston walked into the room with her breakfast tray
“Ah ms Croft, it’s good to see you up this early, and back to the assault course I see, it’s been such a long time since It’s been used” Lara walked by Winston silently and went to strap on her holsters “WINSTON, BACKPACK” She shouted as she picked up countless ammo clips.
Winston collected Lara’s backpack and slowly walked back across the landing with Lara’s Backpack in his hands “C’mon…Hurry up” Lara said to herself as she waited.
Lara began to fidget with her guns as Winston slowly plodded towards her.
“Here you go Miss Croft” smiled Winston as he held out his hands; Lara took the backpack and quickly began to pack away some items she may need on her travels.
She began to mumble to herself as she crossed off a mental checklist, slamming in medical kits and various notes into her backpack.
She slowly began to slump to the floor, and started to cry into her hands
“I can’t do this…I’m not ready yet”
She lifted her head and wiped the tears away from her face, and got back on her feet, after taking a deep breath she proceeded to attach her magazines in reload stock, attached to her backpack, and stashed the spares within it.
Lara’s Porsche sped out through the front gates and raced down the motorway to the ferry port in Dover. Whilst behind the wheel Lara thought about where her first ‘stop’ would be, multiple religious locations ran through her mind, but only one seemed to make sense, Jerusalem…the city that Moses built.

Lara twisted and turned around the roads for hours, all the while thinking of the devastation that would occur if her visions became a reality…but why she knew was the question that really plagued her mind.
Lara reached her destination point just as the ferry began to depart,
“****” she muttered as she bashed her hands against steering wheel, rolling down the window she called over one of the ports employee’s.
“How can I help you Miss?” the man politely asked
“What time does the next ferry depart?” Lara firmly demanded
“Well the next ferry will depart in roughly six hours”
“Thank you” smiled Lara, beginning to reverse her car; she slammed her foot onto the accelerator and began to drive her Porsche of the edge of the port at a high speed
It’s times like this I wish I was Bond! Lara thought to herself as her car hurtled through the air and violently plummeted into the English Channel, whilst underwater Lara began to slowly climb out of the car window and rose to the surface of the water, she looked back at the island she flew off and began to swim towards France.
The salt in the water stung Lara’s eyes as she continued to swim onwards through the murky waters, the sky’s above were gradually turning grey, and she knew that this was the work of an evil that had plagued the world since the dawn of time.
The water suddenly became violent and cold; the winds blew furiously as Lara courageously battled the elements to reach her destination, she could see France in the distance, which kept the fire burning inside her, as she was determined not to let herself be killed by the planet that she had protected so many times in her past.
The water began to turn once more; the waves crashing down upon Lara, she could feel herself slipping away from reality, and within seconds she blacked out, as the harsh freezing water threw her about like a rag doll, her body swayed back and forth, and the sky’s began to grow darker around her.

Lara awoke to the strange yet familiar sound of the French, she looked at her surroundings, but all that could be seen was darkness, in the background, people around her running around frantically and screaming could now be heard in the depths of the building.
Lara felt driven to walk towards the window to see what was out there; yet she was afraid to, she felt that whatever put her where she is, would smash through the window and tear away at her body.
Her hands twitched and went to reach for her guns, yet she could not grab anything…she felt around her body, her backpack had disappeared too, but was still wearing her now damp clothes.
The lights flickered back on, allowing her to realise that she was in a hospital somewhere.
She knew something must be wrong though, they took her equipment, but not her clothes, Lara walked towards the open door into the corridor of the hospital, all that could be seen around her were dismembered body’s on the floor and their blood splattered and stained on the walls.
Through the screams which echoed around her, a loud howl was heard, Lara followed her instincts and ran, barging her way through multiple sets of doors until she came to a sudden halt, her boots slid across the floor.
In front of her stood the beast that had caused the chaos which she had seen down every corridor. She stared at the creature, which stood before her, it seemed to resemble a large muscular skinned bull, the blood stained horns carried large s****s of skin, it’s sharp discoloured teeth tore away at the body of a nurse, Lara looked on in disgust at the sight of this woman being eaten alive, her flesh and muscle tissues were being stripped from the bone easily, the demon looked up at Lara, and began to growl at her, Lara quickly turned around and ran, the beast behind her began to give chase.
Its large muscular frame crashed through everything as Lara ran as fast as she could through the building, she slid around corners and continued to run, she turned another corner and a look of intense fear covered her face when she realised she had just run into a dead end.
The bull turned the corner and stood still, Lara looked in awe as fire began to spew from its mouth, the demon began to charge at Lara once more.
She readied herself and watched the bull come towards her at a tremendous speed, jumping up into the air she swung herself onto the creature with it’s own horn, grabbing onto the bones on the demons body.
The beast began jump around only to calm down for a moment before turning round and throwing itself through the buildings plasterboard walls, bucking violently in an attempt to get Lara off its back, yet she held on to its ribcage as hard as she could as the creature continued to crash its body through walls and doors.
Lara could feel herself slipping of the back of the creature, and finally decided to jump off, her body spun through the air as she dismounted the hellish abomination.
Demonic thoughts of fire, destruction and death, once again entered Lara’s mind but this time she could only smile at the thought of it all, for it gave her an idea.
She sharply turned around and ran around the corridors once more, her soul objective was to find a staircase, she looked around, but all she could see were open doors leading to different rooms and wards. Sweat was quickly pouring down her face, her clothes were beginning to stick to her, and she was starting to lose her breath.
She could hear the creature chasing her from behind; it was drawing closer with each breath of air she took.
To her delight she saw and open window in one of the rooms, as she ran in the stench of death entered her nostrils, the blood on the walls ran from top to bottom, and bodies were strewn around the room yet she continued to run through, ignoring her senses.
Lara began to climb onto the windowsill, the demon still chasing her, she jumped out backwards, and took hold of coping that came out of the wall to support the window, she pushed herself away from the wall and swung in through the window below her.
Glass scattered everywhere and Lara rolled off the floor into an upright position. She could hear the creature in the room above, its ‘paws’ stomping down on the ceiling as it looked for its next victim.
How the hell am I going to kill this damn thing? Lara thought to herself, as she searched the room for some type of weaponry.
She walked out into the corridor; it was the same as the one upstairs, a scene of gruesome slaughter aimed towards the destruction of mankind.
She searched onwards for some stairs, upon finding them she carefully made her way down to the main reception; to her delight she could see her backpack and guns safely stored in a cupboard behind it.
She smiled as she slung on her backpack, and re-equipped herself with her favourite ‘toys’ Lara looked around the lobby, there were no bloodstains to be seen, and no bodies lay on the floor. She cautiously walked around the corridors; step-by-step she noticed that she was no longer just dealing with Satan, but with something much bigger.
The demon was frantically searching around for Lara, it was getting restless and angry, it searched the corridors slowly, using it’s head as a battering ram, to open doors in it’s search, knocking them off there hinges.
A ping caught its ears; slowly it turned round to see Lara exiting an elevator, her guns in hand, aimed toward the creature’s head.
She began to run towards the demon, and squeezed the trigger, the bullets rocketed out, tearing through the muscle fibres and penetrating through the skull.
The creature stood there for a while dazed,
Lara watched as the creature shook off the effects of the bullets, fire once again erupting from its mouth,
She lowered her guns, and began to run once again, the creature instantly followed her, they ran through the corridors of the hospital, swaying left and right as she turned the corners, as Lara turned the last corner the demon lost its footing in a pool of blood that soaked the floor.
Lara spun around and an evil smirk shot across her face, she raised her guns and took aim at the creature as it tried to regain its balance. She took slow careful steps towards the beast; her gunshots began to match the motions of her feet.
Blood spurted out of the creature as the bullets tore away at its body, she continued to shoot at the beast, it’s howls of pain echoed throughout the building, her pistols began to smoke as the chambers became empty, and the magazine clips clattered against the floor.
The creature fell to the floor with a loud thud, as Lara re-holstered her pistols, and collapsed to the ground herself.
Sweat had now soaked her clothes, blood poured down her face and arms as she panted heavily in a desperate attempt to get her breath back.
Lara felt along her face for the wounds that the blood was pouring from, upon finding nothing; she began to check her arm.
“ARGH, DAMMIT” she screamed as she extracted a large shard of glass from her arm. Slowly picking herself up off the floor, she began to search for the nearest exit.

Lara forced her way through a fire door, and proceeded to climb down a rusty old emergency ladder, the rain bounced off her as she ran into the silence of the night.
She sat on a park bench and tended to her wounds, she looked up at the night sky, the stars seemed to shine more brightly than they ever did, and the moon was glowing more than it ever had.
She shivered as a slight wind blew past her, in the distance all that could hear the faint sounds of cats fighting, and dustbin lids blowing about in the back alleys.
Lara stood up and silently crept towards a parked 4x4 jeep that was stored in the car park of a dealership showroom, the rain silently cleared the blood off her body, and the wind blew her hair around in her face as she checked her surroundings for any signs of life that may be watching her.
A single pistol was drawn as Lara smashed through the window with the butte, glass scattering the leather seat, as the window crumbled around the frame.
Her hand reached down the side of the door and unlocked it; quickly yanking it open she brushed the glass away with the palm of her hand.
Lara sat there for a while, thinking to herself, before checking the interior for a set of keys, to her luck she found some, hiding inside the glove compartment.
The car started up with a load roar, and sped of into the shadows of the night.


As she sped through the deserts of Egypt towards Jerusalem, she looked downwards at the dusty road she was travelling on, from the corner of her eye; Lara caught sight of the petrol gauge beginning to flash.
****, not now… She thought a the vehicle came to a complete halt, she removed the keys and stepped out into the middle of the desert, the intense heat of the sun began to instantly burn away at her flesh, blindly she walked to the back of the jeep and opened up the back, 8 canisters sat there, their warning labels brightly lit up the interior.
Lara checked each canister one-by-one, throwing each one into the sand, only the last one she checked was full; carefully she removed the petrol cap on the jeep and transferred the contents of the canister to the innards of the metal monster.
Lara re-entered the vehicle, and turned the ignition key, the 4x4 roared back to life, and she continued across the desert.
Dust flew about everywhere as Lara trekked across the baron lands of Egypt. As she drove forth, she noticed there were no signs of life in this hostile otherworldly environment, Lara knew that it was places like this, was where she belonged.

As she entered Jerusalem Lara noticed something was terribly wrong, the place was deserted, the only animals that was left behind were scavengers and Camels.
She parked the jeep outside a local shop, and took a better look at her surroundings, as she exited her vehicle she noticed that it had got considerably cooler outside
The sky had turned from a bright blue to a calm soothing pink colour, over the horizon dark clouds were looming, Lara instantly knew this was not a good sign.
She walked around the city, her hands kept closely by her pistols, her boots left heavy prints in the sand.
Tired and weary, she kept walking in the hopes that soon she will find something that will help her; she kept her senses on high alert as darkness began to fall.
In the distance she could see a large temple, from it came the sound of people in prayer, at a steady pace she continued to walk towards it.
The noise became louder with every step she took; stealthily she drew her pistols as she approached the building, around the outside, candles burnt proudly on huge stands, and camels were at rest on the sandy floor.
Lara quietly entered the temple, with great caution, the more steps she took; the more she tried to silence her walk.

As she entered the main prayer hall, two guards stopped her with large razor tipped staffs; she immediately raised her arms, the nozzles of her pistols aimed directly at their faces.
The crowd looked back at Lara, and began to talk amongst themselves.
“SILENCE” bellowed the priest at the front “You girl…come here”
Lara lowered her weapons and walked through the mass of people that sat on the floor, as she approached the priest she placed her guns back in their holsters.
“You have had the visions, haven’t you? I can see it in your eyes” the priest said calmly, his eyes widening
“Yes, and I need them to stop!” Lara replied with an angry tone in her voice “how do I do it?”
The priest looked at her with a big grin on his face
“You are here, we have been praying for you to come” He smiled, Lara looked it him, confused she looked behind her to see everyone bowing before her
“You are the angel god sent us, you are the one who will avenge us, for what the beast is doing to our people here, every night people go missing-and god has sent you here to destroy the beast for us” the priest explained
“I’ve already claimed the title of Angel of darkness, I don’t need Avenging Angel added to it as well thank you very much” Scowled Lara “How do I stop this thing?”
“To defeat the beast, you must kill it!”
“And how do I kill this beast?” questioned Lara, her voice becoming angrier
“You must take a camel and travel north, to the city of Jericho, you must find the grave of the great Moses, and follow his instructions, but be warned, his resting place is well hidden, traps and puzzles were also placed in aid of our leader, he must rest in piece”
“Traps…puzzles, that sounds familiar” Joked Lara “fine I’ll do it!”
“Here, take this map, it shows the route through the Labyrinth” Laughed the priest as he handed it over
“But…this is only half of it, where’s the rest?” The priest just looked at Lara and smiled
“Come child, you must go, our future awaits your victory” Lara studied the map before turning around and exiting the building, the guards followed her out,
“How long is it to Jericho?” Lara asked firmly, as she mounted the camel
“About a days journey” Replied the guard
“Great…” she muttered, as she bounced away upon the camel.

As Lara approached Jericho, she noticed her camel had slowed down its pace, it was reluctant to approach outer boundaries of the city.
She decided to dismount the camel, and continue to walk the last mile on foot.
As she walked through a large hole in the city wall, a Lara looked towards the ruins of the city with shock and disbelief.
“I expected more than this,” she grumbled as she began to navigate her way in to the heart of Jericho.
The buildings around her looked immensely beautiful, yet bland, everything was the same colour, which made it harder for her to draw a map in her mind.
Most of the buildings had collapsed ceilings making it almost impossible for her to enter; yet she tried, anyway, pushing and pulling big stone slabs, but in the end she just gave up and sat on a collapsed pillar on the other side of the street and took off her backpack.
As she opened it, she looked to her left and noticed a large open crack in the wall of a small house, She took out some sandwiches out of her backpack, and began to slowly eat them, staring at the crack. Reaching back in she pulled out a large bottle of water, as she drank she thought about how to make the hole big enough for herself.
She put the food and water back in her bag, and put it back over her shoulders and began walking towards the hole.
As she looked for items on the floor she saw something shine in the sunlight, picking it up she noticed it was a small key, but for what she wondered as she put into her pockets.
Lara drew her pistols and continuously shot around the edges of the hole, making it wider, while putting her guns away, she took several steps backwards before ramming herself into the wall.
After several attempts it finally collapsed, leaving Lara on the floor surrounded in a cloud of dust, she picked herself up and stumbled forwards, wiping her brow Lara gasped in awe at the beauty which was hidden inside this small room, Pottery, gold and silver were strewn around the floor, while the walls were covered in massive amounts of Hebrew text.
She studied it even closer all she could decipher were the words
Our leader Moses…buried in the underground ruins, look for the hidden trapdoor to the south of the wall
“Lucky as always girl” Lara smiled as she exited the old building
“If I entered from the north, then south is that way,” pointed Lara as she began to take slow steps, she soon began running towards the wall, disappointed quickly struck her as soon as she noticed most of the wall had collapsed in on itself.
Climbing up the rubble Lara noticed that the blocks had actually broken through the trapdoor, leaving just enough room for her to climb down.

Her feet hit the sand with a thud, although she noticed that there were other boot prints besides her own.
Continuing down the tunnel, she noticed ahead of her was a large stone slab, before it lay three pressure pads forming a triangle facing towards her, looking at them respectively she figured out the pattern fairly easily, and got down onto her knees and bowed own in respect of their god.
The cave started to rumble violently as the stone slab moved into an alcove to the left.
Behind it lay a large room; its walls shone green, as light reflected off crystal fragments on the floor.
In the middle of the room, stood a large stone pedestal, but the item had already been removed, Lara approached it with caution, making sure she didn’t step on any hidden pressure pads, knowing the result could be fatal.
She scanned the room like a machine, looking for another exit, but the only way out was the way she came in.
To the back of the room, she noticed that the green lighting on the walls was a lighter colour there than anywhere else, she walked over and stopped just over halfway, as the floor came to an end.
Below it a ledge could just be seen, protruding out of the rocky cliff face.
Carefully she lowered herself down, and began to descend down the rocky wall. She planted both feet firmly on the ledge, and looked down into the depths of the cavern, at the bottom she could make out the walls of the labyrinth in the distance.
“Great…” mumbled Lara as she looked for a way down to the bottom, to her right, she noticed a small crevice where she could put her feet.
Reaching out for it, she noticed the ledge she was stood on began to crumble underneath her feet, within seconds she was falling through the air at a tremendous speed.
Lara just closed her eyes and calmed herself down, for the fact she knew she was going to die, and she might as well accept it.
Seconds later she opened her eyes and realised the she was suspended in mid-air a few feet from the ground, her stomach was now facing towards the ground, as she started to rise gradually.
Moments later she was floating around in the air, after a few minutes she decided that it was time to stop playing, as she lowered herself to the floor.
Once on the ground Lara noticed a skeleton, just a few feet in front of her, it had been down here a few decades now, in it’s hand was the item missing from the pedestal, Lara picked it up took a closer look at it. It looked an ancient key, of some sort, yet it was shaped like a medallion.
Maybe it’ll help me through this labyrinth Lara thought to herself, She began to rummage through the pockets of the corpse, nothing of useful interest could be found except a brown notebook, and a leather bullwhip that was attached to it’s belt.
She tried to open the notebook, but couldn’t, she realised a little keyhole was hidden to the far side of it.
Taking out the key she found earlier outside the house, she tried it in the little lock; it fit perfectly, as she opened it up she read the name, which was written inside
“Indiana Jones…hmmm, well Indiana, what were you doing down here?” Lara said as she looked at the corpse
She continued to flick through the notebook, upon seeing nothing that caught her eye, she placed in her backpack, along with the medallion.
Looking back at the corpse she knew she had heard of the name Indiana Jones before, yet the answer wouldn’t come to mind, so she continued to enter into the Labyrinth.

She walked straight forward, seeing no turns she started to get annoyed, she decided to double back and retrace her footsteps.
On her way back she noticed a small hole in the left wall, only just big enough for her to crawl through, camouflaged by the colouring of the wall behind it.
She lay down on her stomach and slowly began to shuffle under it, making sure she didn’t knock herself unconscious.
On the other side, Lara noticed that openings were lined up everywhere, with twists and turns through every one, reaching into her back pocket, Lara pulled out the map the priest gave.
She stared at it for a while before realizing where she was, and what she must do.
If I go to the left, I will end up… Her thoughts trailed off as she realized she had the only part of the map she needed, and she knew how to beat the labyrinth without even moving.
Pulling out Indiana’s notebook and a pen she began to draw lines to the centre of the labyrinth on the map.
After several attempts she finally made her way to the centre, putting away her items, she followed the route she drew on the map.

Once at the centre, she noticed a large wooden ladder that scaled up hundreds of metres, seeing as it was the only way out she decided to climb it.
Halfway up her ears picked up the sound of a saw cutting through wood, looking down she noticed that the ladder she was climbing was being chopped to pieces.
“****!” she screamed as she quickly made her way up, she could sense the blade getting closer as it swayed from left to right, chopping away pieces of the ladder as it rose upwards towards her feet, Lara sped on upwards, staying just one step ahead of the saw.
As she neared the top, she felt the adrenaline pumping through her veins, giving her the final boost she needed to clear the ladder.
The saw buzzed by her as she knelt on the platform; proudly she stood up and walked through the alcove into a large chamber.
The old torches on the wall ignited themselves, Lara walked to the body that lay on the floor
“This has to Moses” Lara mumbled as she examined the body
Where are the damned instructions! Her thoughts raced as she searched frantically for the message that Moses was supposed to give her.
She went to go search the walls for a hidden compartment, when her boot made an irregular sound as it pressed against the sand, crouching down, she pulled a large staff out of the sand.
Across the walls shot a blinding gold light as a bombardment of text made itself visible.
Lara looked at it, and to the best of her ability tried to translate it.
I the great Moses, bringer of the plagues and leader of the Jew, lay here to rest peacefully.
Yet through my lifetime, I received many visions about the end of the world, yet was able to subdue the dark demon that was the cause of it all.
If the Demon has returned, then this is what I advise you to do-take my staff, and go up towards the heavens to the city of the angels…up there you shall find the crystal of souls…you will know what to do once you have it.
Moments later a beam of light broke through the ceiling and shone down on Lara.
She began to float upwards, and shot off through the sky towards the city among the clouds.

Hurtling through the atmosphere, Lara looked down on the world, everything just seemed to whiz by so fast.
Now I know how superman feels Lara thought smiling to herself as she neared her destination.
The city was now visible to Lara in the distance, the closer she got the more she could see.
Towering Cathedrals, Waterfalls cascading into the forests just below the city, mountains standing proud in the background.
The speed Lara was travelling at began to slow down as she neared the city; slowly she began on her descent to the ground, the mystic forces slowly turning her body to an upright position.
As she came halt, her feet slowly hit the floor; Lara instantly fell to the ground from dizziness.
After a few minutes she stopped spinning, and regained her balance as she stood up.
Lara wandered around aimlessly for hours, looking at the beauty of the city; it was like walking around in a dream world.
As she walked around she could hear strange voices in her head, telling her where to go and what to look at, Lara ignored the voices, yet subconsciously went where the voice told her.
The voice began to give her more directions; this time they led Lara to a large thin clock tower, a she tried to open the door, but it was locked, to the side of the door on the wall lay a carving of a woodsman, and a bear.
Lara ran her fingers over the engravings, and amazed at the intricacy of the art, behind her she could here footsteps. A female voice spoke to her softly

“We have been without the key to the clock tower for almost a thousand years now”
Lara spun around, drawing her pistols at the woman
“Where am I? And who the hell are you?” Lara questioned, her fingers began to push against the triggers.
The woman continued to walk towards Lara; her long blonde hair blew in the wind, her thin papery-white fluttered around graciously
“There is no need to be afraid of me, I am Dematriana the guardian of the lands you see around you, and this once great city of Ariyus thrived before HE decided to wipe us out.”
“Who is HE?” Lara asked calmly, lowering her guns
“The one that you humans call Satan”
“We humans? You mean you’re not human?
“No I am an angel,” said Dematriana, looking away from Lara
Lara raised her guns once more
Dematriana looked into Lara’s eyes
“No, we were of a different species to them, the angels here were banished from heaven…for some thing they did wrong…like a prison-their wings were removed to ensure they didn’t escape their punishment” she explained
“Living up here is a punishment?”
“Compared to heaven yes”
Lara put her guns away
“I’m looking for something, the crystal of souls…can you help me?” asked Lara calmly
Dematriana turned around, and walked over to a balcony looking over the river, tears started to well up in her eyes.
Lara walked over to her slowly and put her arm around Dematriana
“I do know where it is, I was the one who stored it away. It was our only choice”
“What was your only choice?” asked Lara sympathetically
“When HE came, he unleashed a fatal plague upon my people, the crystal in the middle of the city fountain, was our only option. I got everybody to join hands, and transfer their souls to the stone, their bodies may have died, but their souls live on”
Why didn’t you catch this plague? Lara asked inquisitively
“I don’t know…I just didn’t…come with me I shall show you where it is” cried Dematriana, as she walked off, Lara closely followed behind her.
Dematriana led Lara to a small building filled with sacks of flour and wheat.
“You have the staff of Moses don’t you? Use it!” Dematriana demanded.
Lara pulled the staff out from behind her and held it high in the air, in the distance something began to glow and sparkle.
Lara made her way across the floor of wheat and flour, to retrieve the item off the floor.
She brought it back to Dematriana, who in turn placed on the end of Moses staff.
“Together these items will open the gateway to the under world…that is why you’re here isn’t it? To destroy HIM”
“That’s right” Lara said firmly “Where’s the entrance to the under world?”
Dematriana smiled brightly at Lara, but seconds later her smile faded
“The entrance is in the clock tower” she begun “We don’t have the key”
Lara just smiled as she put the strapped the staff to her backpack.
“Well use mine” she grinned as she drew her pistols
Sprinting back to the clock tower Lara began blasting away at the doors, its wood chipping off in large pieces and flying onto the floor.
Putting away her guns she started to kick down the door, eventually, she broke through revealing a large empty room, and some stairs.
The crystal started to buzz and reacted violently as a large gaping hole opened up in the middle of the floor.
“Take care” Shouted Dematriana as Lara readied herself for the evils of the other world
Lara just looked and smiled back at her before jumping in.

Lara’s body hit the rocky floor of the under world with a thud, Painfully getting up she drew her guns and cautiously walked forwards.
The rocks were a dark brown, spikes stuck out of the walls at every angle
The caverns endlessly stretched for miles in each direction, Lara looked confused in which way to go next.
She decided that whichever way went wouldn’t really matter as long as she could find HIM, walking forwards she found a pair of rocky steps leading downwards.
She followed them down, as they led her towards a large cave that was miles high, and twice as long.
Magma flowed over large cliffs, while volcanoes spewed it out into the rocky valleys, the intense heat boiled it even more, floating within the lava were large rocks that endlessly rocked back and forth.
She continued down the miles of steps until she came to a small room, in it sat HIM
“Ms Croft I have been expecting you!” he laughed as he rose from his throne, “I understand you’ve come here to destroy me”
Lara raised her arms and fired everything she had at the demonic overlord; He just stood there and laughed at her.
She became enraged and lunged towards the demon only to get thrown into the wall behind her, the staff off Moses flying to the ground.
He walked over to her and picked her up by the throat
“You’ll never beat me,” he hissed as he choked Lara with his large hands.
Lara spat in his face, making him drop her; gingerly she landed on her feet and rolled backwards for her guns.
She ran towards him once more, and began to hit him with the butte of the guns, she began to kick and punch the demon in the chest and waist.
Lara could see that she had worn the demon down; She sprang into the air and delivered a devastating blow to the demons head.
The creature lost its balance and fell balance through the wall into the large pool of Magma in the main cavern.
A bloody and battered Lara stood there out of breath, picking up the staff she turned around and went to sit on the throne of Satan.
As soon as she sat down she looked at the crystal of souls, now she had defeated HIM, the king of the underworld, she became Lara Croft, queen of the damned!
She just sat there and smiled, proud of the great deed she had just accomplished.
Yet down in the depths of the fiery cavern, the demon rose up out of the lava, and began to climb the rocky walls of the cavern...

Part 2-coming on December 25th

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07-12-03, 18:13
Genocide, This is great! It would be a good plot for a game. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif I like the Indiana Jones bit ;) Keep it up, You have a real talent for writing, Nothing sounded forced and no sections were choppy. I can't wait to hear what is going to happen next http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

07-12-03, 21:10
I agree with Bella, this would be a great game plot. Good work, Genocide. Next instalment...Christmas Day?...keep it cheery?, please. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

07-12-03, 23:09
It reads well Geno. A pleasure to read Have you produced short stories in the past??


08-12-03, 00:17
I have never acctually done a short story before, this is a first, i normally write screen plays-they are simmalar in style, yet the use of langauge between speech is totally differant, which i found difficult.
I chose christmas day to release PT2, as it gives me more time to work on it-near 3 weeks (without planning, it's already been done)-which is quite alott to say i got QOTD done in just over 3 days.
This allows me to add more detail to fight scenes, and more exploration within tombs.
As for keeping it cheery..well i can't promise much of that within the story, but maybe the end
im glad you guys have enjoyed it http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/hug.gif

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The whole thing doesn't have to be cheery...I only wanted a little cheer cuz it's Christmas. You write what you want...we're looking forward to it. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

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Agreed, You've wet our appetites and now we need to know what will happen next. :D

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I only wanted a little cheer cuz it's Christmas. Oh the ending will probably delight you...as soon as ive thought of it :D (hmmm wheres my notepad?)

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well, ive thought of the end...the locations she will visit, and a surprise!

12-12-03, 18:15
hmmm...guess nobody really cares about this.
makes me wonder if i should continue writtin the second half...

12-12-03, 18:19
My friend, I don't agree. And EVEN IF the whole world didn't care, remember that you should write for yourself first and then for others. Don't let others' opinions (or lack of them) hinder your writing in any way. Write because you love it first and foremost, worry later about whether others read it or care about it but don't stop.

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That was brilliant! I'd love the second part for sure!! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/jumper.gif