View Full Version : Can someone help me create an awesome business card? (Computer Games Design Related)

11-04-11, 12:40
Hi awesome people of Tomb Raider Forums! :D

I've been trying to create an awesome looking business card design that is Computer Games Design related for myself, however I am kind of lacking in the skills of photoshop to make it look cool. I haven't posted anything on these forums in a while, however I remember how creative some of you are and it would be amazing if you can help me out :)

I have had a couple of ideas like on side of the card is an NES controller with my name on 'select' and 'start button' and the 'A' and 'B' buttons replaced with 'Contact' 'Me'.

Another Idea was a game controller and the wire coming off of it turns into a tree with pixel leaves all in vector graphics. (I do prefer this idea :D)
If you have anyother ideas that would be great too!

If any of you can help that would be amazing! Thanks :)

11-04-11, 13:01
You design video games but can't design a business card?? :confused:

Nerd For Life
11-04-11, 13:05
You design video games but can't design a business card?? :confused:

My thoughts exactly.

11-04-11, 13:07
The question is, are you a games designer or "a games designer"?

11-04-11, 13:15
Its okay people, I've started with a new idea that I like and its looking pretty cool so far.
Thanks anyways.