View Full Version : Lord gaga's symbols of the caribbean

lord gaga
13-04-11, 13:35
Hey guys. I made a short poetry book and i would like to know if you like it. My book series will be called symbols of the caribbean and this one includes over 20 poems. Hope you download and enjoy.
Here's the megaupload link:http://www.megaupload.com/?d=N3JCGVH5
This book is first in the symbols of the carribean series. This one is named symbols of trinidad. HOPE YOU LIKE :D and :yah: On my first book.

nick styger
14-04-11, 15:38
That's wonderful. I like 'The Doves', 'Sweet Candles' and 'Paper Heart'. I haven't read them all yet but they are very good. I find it hard to believe that such sophistication of thought and insight can come from one so young. You are a natural poet. Well done. I like the presentation and the Picture on the front. What a good job you have done.
I Shall recommend to all who see this, Please DO read these poems. They are amazing.:)

lord gaga
14-04-11, 15:44
^Thanks nick. You really helped me save some of my better poems of the last two years and i have added new ones. Also you share a dedication in my book:hug:.