View Full Version : Opera Lara's Legend Special (motorbike in every level)

The Great Chi
30-04-11, 14:55
This movie took me quite a while to make due to the large amount of animated seqences and editing it all together with the video segments, plus adding in all the things the motorbike can do, and tying the lot in with the legend music.

I hope you enjoy it :D


02-05-11, 09:52
Hahahaha the horn has been ideal! :vlol:
Is she testing a new kayak design in Bolivia?:D

It seems that in Peru, she had some trouble sitting on the motorbike.:p
Well done!:tmb:

Alex Fly
02-05-11, 10:06
Lol cool ! :D

02-05-11, 10:38
that was cool and funny! :D

02-05-11, 10:49
:vlol:!! That was amazing!

The Great Chi
03-05-11, 01:13
Glad you all liked it :D

There was a lot of animation in there to do sheilds, tridents and tiara's. Such a pity I cannot get wiremeshes onto TRL Lara, yet.

The motorbike stuff was created here, instructions on how to do, by Sasho648 using hex editing of the TRL.exe.....