View Full Version : Just sent an application for volunteering in Africa

10-05-11, 14:40

It won't be until after college but I'm so excited.


This is where it'll be.

Just gotta wait for a decision now.


nick styger
10-05-11, 14:42
That is an awesome job in an awesome place. You are SO lucky.

Dennis's Mom
10-05-11, 14:48
Good luck! It looks very exciting. You should read the No. 1 Ladies Detective Series. It takes place over the border in Botswana.

10-05-11, 14:49
Good on you :). Its not easy doing NGO work but the rewards of doing it go far beyond just a paycheck.

Best of luck.

10-05-11, 14:51
That's great news I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

10-05-11, 14:56
Very worthy cause, you deserve a thumbs up. :tmb:

10-05-11, 15:11
Ahh, I'm so jealous D:

Super Badnik
10-05-11, 15:15
Good luck. I'm sure it will be an awarding experience. :tmb:

10-05-11, 15:16
Good luck! :)

Alex Fly
10-05-11, 15:18
Good luck. I hope they'll choose you. :)

10-05-11, 15:22
Wow, good luck with that. It'll be such a rewarding experience if you get in.

cezy rockeru
10-05-11, 17:30
So sweet of you,well done and good luck! :D