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Linoshi Croft
10-05-11, 19:07
Update to OP: It was getting a tad crammed and packed so I've decided to just link you all to DA, Plus I'll post what I'm working on in the rest of the thread



20-06-11, 19:33
I love your Baby Doll drawing <3 So pretty! And the story is excellent too but theres a teeeeeeny error 'princes' but you've accidently put 'princess'. I love the Angelina Jolie Navi too! Please keep this up xxxxx

Linoshi Croft
20-06-11, 19:35
Aww thanks :hug:

20-06-11, 19:43
I love the tomb raider one! I love the texture on her clothes and the colours. And also, the sculpture is scary but gosh! How amazing <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Linoshi Croft
20-06-11, 19:45
:p thanks , I did the sculpture as part of an anatomy course so we had to built the skull and then apply each muscle individual and build up from there was awesome :D

21-06-11, 13:44
Fantastic work here really like them especially the one with Lara on the Cliffe, just love the sunset behind her really nice colours you created there. Keep them coming.

Linoshi Croft
21-06-11, 16:38
Thanks :D

Linoshi Croft
09-07-11, 18:22


Monkey From Enslaved

Image working from (http://media.photobucket.com/image/Monkey%20Enslaved/DarkTitanUltima/Renders/Monkey_-_Concept_Art.png)

09-07-11, 18:24
I like his ass :whi: I mean, that looks great! Very clean and neat xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Linoshi Croft
10-07-11, 16:48
^ :vlol: :smk: Naughty!

Update :D


10-07-11, 16:53
Nice. I like the WET one.

10-07-11, 17:26
You have some fantastic work in here! :D I love the Tomb Raider ones, and the sucker punch drawing is so great. :tmb:

Linoshi Croft
10-07-11, 22:01
Thanks guys :hug:

Update :D


Linoshi Croft
11-07-11, 00:55
End Result :D

11-07-11, 01:01
Thats insanely realistic! Well done, this is by far, your best <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

11-07-11, 01:09
Thats amazing! Well done!!

Be prouddddd of yo colouring skillssss!

Linoshi Croft
11-07-11, 15:53
Thanks Guys

WIP Brendon Urie

cezy rockeru
11-07-11, 16:10
Erm. wow.

11-07-11, 16:12
The Monkey one is amazing, really well done and this last one is shaping up quite nicely! Great job :D

Linoshi Croft
11-07-11, 16:29
Thanks Guys :D


Linoshi Croft
11-07-11, 18:41

11-07-11, 20:26
End Result :D

AHHH! Love this so much <3 Great work :D I cant even do as good as this!!

Linoshi Croft
11-07-11, 20:47

Linoshi Croft
12-07-11, 08:46
Failed attempt xD