View Full Version : Square's Financial Forecast Is Not Good

12-05-11, 18:18
Square Enix has revised its expectations for its fiscal year ending this past March, with losses over 15 billion yen.

The company cites a variety of factors including "a more prudent estimation of future cash flows," a more selective choice of games including projects cancellations (like Gun Loco), and damages incurred from the recent earthquake and tsunami.

It's unknown if the rest of the culled games or projects are already announced titles or simply nascent ideas that haven't been revealed to the public. It'll be interesting to see what else drops out of Square's upcoming roster, whether that's old Eidos games it's taken on or even one of the zillion Final Fantasy projects in the works.

source: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2011/05/12/square-39-s-financial-forecast-is-not-good.aspx

so what do u guys think? is this gonna affect the new Tomb Raider game?

12-05-11, 18:20
What do I think?

12-05-11, 18:22
omg i'm so sorry...someone please remove it!!!