View Full Version : What do you think?

13-05-11, 01:00
Just been doing some random capturing...

How do you like the quality?.. Run the vids at 720P and do not run full screen


13-05-11, 01:11
it looks really good. :)

13-05-11, 01:15
I think it looks very good :)

Are you planning on doing video walkthroughs and stuff?

Lara's Nemesis
13-05-11, 01:22
Quality looks great, it even plays fine on my crappy old PC which a lot of You Tube videos don't. :tmb:

13-05-11, 01:24
I just capture to show the graphics and gameplay as a lot of games people do not really know much about, so I show them what the game is about and the stuff you can do in it.. I try and show the best bits of the game.. have some Lost Planet 2 footage to upload, what you see now is just a few test videos, the sonic video I didn't really concentrate on playing, where as Top Spin I did, quite a comeback if I don't say so myself..

Will try and get footage of new games, I mainly want to do PC as the graphics are much better, I can max out any game at 720P, can go up to 1080P, but need new capture equipment which is expensive and not to mention they don't make a Thunderbolt PCI-E card, could use FRAPS but it isn't really a good solution as when you encode you get a lot of pixelation no matter the bitrate, so I prefer to capture straight from HDMI out as Uncompressed, you looking at 110MB/s bitrate, but this will shrink down to about 8mb/s (1 MB/s) when encoding to either H264 or VC1..