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13-05-11, 09:21




Bridge protest man 'just wants his kids'

A man who caused the closure of the Harbour Bridge when he climbed on top of it in a dramatic protest had been "going berserk" because he was being denied access to his children, a friend says.

The 38-year-old man, who called himself Michael, was a former SAS soldier, one friend said.

His protest caused the closure of all traffic lanes, and rail and bus services across the bridge on Friday morning.

His friend and neighbour, Dell, said Michael had three children and was desperate to see them.

"I've seen him with his little kids and they love him to bits," she told Fairfax Radio.

"My grandchildren play with them and he has had dramas and he's been denied to see his children since January.

"I hate seeing him portrayed as this idiot because he loves those kids and they've had them in protective custody and they didn't even tell him where they were and I've seen him going berserk."

Dell also said Michael was a former SAS soldier who had served in Iraq.
Another friend, Bob, said all Michael wanted was to see his children.

"This poor man suffered so much," he told Fairfax Radio Network.

Police arrested the man at 7am (AEST) and re-opened the bridge.

He had reportedly parked his truck near a pylon on the bridge and used ropes to make his climb.

When at the top he unfurled two pink and white banners reading, "plz help my kids" and "kids first".

He was being questioned on Friday morning by police, who said they expected to lay charges.




ok Members, this Man has a story to tell, though it is sad because DOCS( Department of Community Services) took his kids( i dont know why) a couple of months ago, he loved them and wanted them back, Today he sneaked past Security in the Sydney Harbour Bridge and made a protest shown in the picture Below

because of this protest which happened at 5am the police had to close the bridge and train services in both directions and grinded Sydney's busy roads into Meltdown till he was arrested between 7-7:30am. i would usually go past the Bridge if i needed to go to the CBD, but i had to take another route which was choking with traffic due to this delay.

what do you guys think of it. i do feel sympathy as i dont like DOCS much, but the man was suffering because he lost his kids who loved him very much:(. though i was amazed he managed to go to the Harbour Bridge without any Safety Gear past Security. Looks like Harbour Bridge Security must be revamped all of a sudden:D.


13-05-11, 09:31
I feel sorry form him that he felt he had to go to such extremes to do get his point accross.

But what makes men think stunts like this make them look capable of adecuately caring for a child and their safety :confused::confused::confused:

13-05-11, 09:33
Honestly, did they have to close off the bridge and halt all the traffic? This guy clearly wasn't in the way.

Furthermore I wonder why he's not been allowed to see his kids.

13-05-11, 09:33
If he really wants his kids back he's sure going about it the wrong way.
As if this is going to help his cause. :pi:

13-05-11, 10:24
Apparently people had been caught up in traffic because of this since midnight!! Look at it all, you can just see the bridge to the top left! :eek:

The guy clearly has issues, however, hopefully he's pointed to the right counsellors.

Edit: eugh, this one is from further back!

Screw that!

13-05-11, 11:18
Its a sorry state for Child services. Yes they are important, but in most cases, the man is automatically assumed to be in the wrong. Poor guy. Its just a bit upsetting that the council decided the best thing to do was close the entire bridge.

13-05-11, 11:29
Closing the bridge was probably to prevent a pile-up. All it takes is one driver to get distracted by looking up at this man.

13-05-11, 11:30
I'd have to know more about the situation with his children to comment on that, but I seriously doubt that this action helps much. As for closing the bridge, it may seem extreme, but that's the only way they can be certain that if he does fall, it's at least not into rolling traffic.

13-05-11, 11:31
It all depends on the reasons why he's not allowed to see the kids. If they're unfair, I totally sympathize.

13-05-11, 12:29
It all depends on the reasons why he's not allowed to see the kids. If they're unfair, I totally sympathize.

But couldn't he have picked a different landmark? You know, one that didn't affect 4 million others trying to get to their jobs? XD

13-05-11, 12:57
But couldn't he have picked a different landmark? You know, one that didn't affect 4 million others trying to get to their jobs? XD

I sympathize with him because he's probably hurting a lot (if, like I said, it was unfair), but you're right, he still could have picked another way to protest.:o