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Nenya awakens
17-05-11, 14:25
Is anyone else having problems with O2 today? All day I haven't been able to send text or make calls but I have full signal on my phone, I tried two different O2 simcards and nothing, but when I put my orange one in I was able to call the credit line and put some money on so I know it's not my phone.. My phone keeps popping up with a little picture of a phone with a line crossed through it.

Any one else having any trouble?

17-05-11, 14:36
I'm with 02 but everything seems to be ok. Have you just gone over to 02 this could be the problem?

Nenya awakens
17-05-11, 15:14
Nah I've been with o2 for ages, I'm wondering if it's a localised thing because as I said I can't see it being my handset if my orange sim card works, also I can't call o2 because I have no landline.

Dark Lugia 2
17-05-11, 15:15
Maybe the coverage in your area is down or is having problems. Have you tried phoning O2 customer services on a house phone or someone elses mobile?

17-05-11, 15:23
Apparentley there is a problem or something. Just seen this on there web.

Start Fixed Details Status
May 17, 2011
12:50 am Making calls and using data
We've got a problem that means you can't make calls, use the internet from your phone, or send/get texts and emails in parts of East London, North London, east Sussex and Kent. Go to www.o2.co.uk/blog for more information. Ongoing

Hope it helps.

17-05-11, 15:24

Apparently that's the reason why it's down.


First PSN, then the Eidos forums now this :/

Nenya awakens
17-05-11, 15:37
Ah! thankyou, too bad I just topped up my orange mobile instead of waiting >_<

18-05-11, 09:41
Not with o2 but I did drop my iphone down the loo earlier lmfao :(

18-05-11, 09:50
Not with o2 but I did drop my iphone down the loo earlier lmfao :(

Well, I guess that can be considered a problem with the carrier from a certain point of view, but I really think this is a different issue.

Did you get it back out? Is it still working?