View Full Version : Not as much as Annacia, but I hate MSN

08-12-03, 22:44
Ok giving me problems now. Last night downloaded MSN 6.1, maybe this is the cause :(

John Falstaff
08-12-03, 23:18
I don't know what MSN is - but I believe in solidarity, so I hate it too!

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08-12-03, 23:21
MSN messenger will not let me in no matter what I do! Even MSN tech support can't help. I am told that I don't exsist , which is odd because I thought I did. I have updated all info and confirmed it. Today I deleted Messenger 6.1 from the puter and downloaded fresh. It will not let me in!. I HATE MSN!! (btw, I have been useing 6,1 for months with no probs)


08-12-03, 23:27
Have you tried registering another acct?

08-12-03, 23:34
No, that I haven't done, but I'm willing!!! It's only messenger that is the problem. I have no prob with hotmail.


08-12-03, 23:38
Evening all http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

I can't sign either. A window came up saying that MSN was having some technical problems. "Service failed because service is temp. unavailable." This happened before so hopefully it won't last too long :rolleyes:

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09-12-03, 00:00
According to the service status located here (http://messenger.msn.com/Status.aspx?product=wm) they are having some problems. I searched a few tech forums, some people are having problems, some aren't. It may depend on your location. I signed in with the XP version of messenger with no problems whatsoever. One place said "they are having server problems again" so give it some time it may clear up. People have been able to get connected via Trillian believe it or not.

09-12-03, 00:04
Thank you for the info. Laracroft http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif I have XP as well so it must be my location. But as long as they are aware that there is a problem then it shouldn't be too long before it's fixed.

09-12-03, 00:06
Trillian is what I'm useing!! It works.


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09-12-03, 00:31
Sure does annacia http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

09-12-03, 23:14
Hi back at ya Gav.


10-12-03, 01:55
I got trillian but it wont sign me in.
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10-12-03, 05:05
Oh dear, you are haveing a lot of problems lately Scoob. I don't know why it's working for me but it is!! (so far)