View Full Version : Something i didn't realize

17-05-11, 22:00
So it's been happening so many times within the past several months I've been going low too much And yes it happened again today. I was watching south park and i didn't even know i was going low and next thing i knew i was back from a low blood sugar episode so i had some juice just to get my blood sugar back up. Everything's ok now.

17-05-11, 22:09
My brother went low tonight aswell, lucky thing he was able to cope with picking up the phone and my mum came to the rescue with some lucozade. I hope nothing like that happens to you or him again. :)

17-05-11, 22:57
That happened to me once, i was reading a magazine in a local newsagents when i suddenly felt strange like the room was collapsing in on me or something i crouched down straight away before i fell over and picked up a magazine and pretended to read it until it went away, i bought a bottle of coke and felt ok again after a few minutes, i''ve since given up the coke and switched to sprite, i still drink coke on occasion though not as much as i used to, prior to giving up coke i would go through a 2 litre bottle in 1 day.