View Full Version : Toby on the sofa

18-05-11, 22:14
Hi guys,

I was wondering what you think of these two HQ models.
I' ve worked quite a lot on the details, which took me months.

Click here for the large version (http://i52.************/287154n.jpg)

Click here for the large version (http://i51.************/fp6k2v.jpg)

So, what do you think?
EDIT: Before you ask, the face is like that because of the lighting :vlol:

19-05-11, 21:11
I think you've done a really good job. Love how you've managed to give him a 6 pack, impressed with the detail.

19-05-11, 21:37
Do you mean modeled? :p

20-05-11, 07:44
They were drawings before i began modeling. :)
Yes, they are modeled...

20-05-11, 09:27
Great work, very nice indeed. :)

For a moment there I thought you meant Toby Gard, I couldn't fathom why you model him. :p

21-05-11, 21:47
I don't think he looks like Toby Gard. :o:p

Did you model all of that? Great work! :)

You could improve on the render though, there are some shadows on the sofa that I don't understand where they are coming from. But the rest is very good. :tmb:

22-05-11, 21:40
Those shadows on the sofa is a texture, but it didn't work out while rendering.
I quite like the outcome..... I'll see if i can change the texture to something that work.