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tlr online
20-05-11, 10:49
There appears to be some DNS issues with UK ISPs and our registrar, directNIC. Our forum IP is and by editing your hosts file you can connect to the forum fine. Working to resolve issue.

tlr online
20-05-11, 11:02
To update you directNIC seem to be experiencing a DDOS attack. Updates on their Twitter feed.


20-05-11, 11:19
Searching for TRF on Google and clicking on the link to the forum seems to work as well. At least it does for me. :)

20-05-11, 11:35
I had issues before but it seems fine, for now anyway.

20-05-11, 12:15
Well that explains, I haven't been able to connect the whole morning/afternoon. Only just now managed to.

20-05-11, 13:19
Thanks for your work. I'm not a casual post-er, but I noticed today my connections timed out - for a second I thought I was banned or something. lol.

20-05-11, 13:31
Seems to be almost back to normal now..

20-05-11, 13:42
Searching for TRF on Google and clicking on the link to the forum seems to work as well. At least it does for me. :)
Didn't for me, I tried every way all morning just got around to it 30 min ago

20-05-11, 14:00
I also had issues as well but i figured out to click the link from google.

20-05-11, 14:04

Edit. It seems that I have some problems yet with links in the forum and safari browser. I don't know if is this related.

I will see this a bit later if works well already.

20-05-11, 14:18
Got scared when I couldn't access the forums today phew! :D

20-05-11, 14:20
Me too. Thought it was the new bulletin software:p

External links don,t work for me:confused:

20-05-11, 16:25
So is this what was stopping me from looking at the forum last night? For about an hour, no matter what page I tried to open, I'd get the "server not found" error.

Glad the problem's been solved because I have no idea what you're talking about in the OP :o

20-05-11, 16:28
I... didn't notice it. Btw, I'm sure 2010 - 2011 are the years with more DDOS attacks of the history.

20-05-11, 16:38
i was having issues connecting my internet period a few times, it wasn't connecting to my pC for some reason... i reset te PC and Router and sometimes it works

ultima espio
20-05-11, 17:43
So that's why it wasn't working this morning. I thought the internet was going funny :p