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22-05-11, 05:37
Yes, I know I have a thread for fan-fiction already, but this is poetry, a much different side of me. :o I wrote a lot of these after some... upsetting events happened a while back. I hope you read them/enjoy them. :D

You drove a stake through my heart,
Once warm and alive,
Now cold and lifeless,
Nothing but pain and sorrow.
You dropped a bomb on my peaceful serenity,
Now angry and dead.
You love him,
Over me.
We're just friends,
And that's all we'll ever be.
Alex Martin 4/19/10

I Thought You Should Know...
I thought it would be important for you to know
That you had cut me deeper than no weapon ever could
I thought it would be important for you to know
That i would have died for you
I thought it would be important for you to know
That I still love you
But I guess that ship has sailed, since you shot me at your front door
I thought it would be important for you to know
That as I lay here, on your doorstep, bleeding to death i wanted to tell you
that despite your cruelty, your endless torture
I love You

I was in love with her
I may have been young, but i know it was love.
Just as we where about to kiss,
A demon broke us apart
Taking her away, to a little white room
Hell, it would seem to you or me
apparently she thought so as well
She killed herself
Hung by her bedsheets.
So now i am alone, dying piece by piece.
That demon took her away, now there is nothing
No light
No cheer
No happyness
Just dispair
That is all my future holds, Death and dispair

Dark and Grey
I'm dark and grey,
dealing with unknown sorrows
Hating people around me,
loving you though.
When I'm around you,
my world looks up.
My eyes light when I
know you're around
You are the sun that warms my cold night...
but you took him instead...

Now my world will forever remain dark and cold.

I loved you, but you took him, over me.
Now I am cold and paling,
are you happy?

(this next one is fiction btw, I wrote it out of the blue one day XD)
My Heart...
You took my breath away,
you seduced me into bed,
then you tore my heart out,
and impaled it with a dagger.

Now I am cold and Paling
I thought I loved you,
but you had other plans.
Forever shall I never...
Feel the warmth of your touch on my cold skin
Never will I feel my lips on yours...

I shall remain cold and lifeless untill someone removes the dagger
and places my heart back in it's rightful place.

Goodbye angelic evil,
it was fun, but i've got
my life ahead of me,
I cannot dwell on the past any longer.

Goodbye love...

Will post more soon! :D

22-05-11, 05:43
I think that's some great stuff Alex! :D A little sad, but good :p

22-05-11, 05:44
Haha, yeah sad poetry comes to me easier than happy stuff. XD Thanks Chaz! :D