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tlr online
08-02-05, 18:34
A security loophole in Mozilla and Firefox browser could be used to spoof the URL displayed in the address bar, SSL certificate and status bar. The vulnerability also affects Opera and Konqueror and stems from a flawed IDN (International Domain Name) implementation within the browsers.

The bug could be exploited by registering domain names with certain international characters - which look like other commonly-used characters - in order to hoodwink users into believing they on a different, trusted site. As such, the bug creates a new wheeze for phishing attacks. For Germans to use national German characters in ".de" domains, for example, is one thing, but the use of national characters has been extended to the international domain space (.com, .net an .org) and extends the scope for confusion.

Thomas Kristensen, CTO at Secunia told El Reg: "This issue is not a traditional vulnerability, but a serious security issue which is caused by an inappropriate implementation of IDN."

"We have all heard about the "problems" with "o" that looks like "0" or "l" and "1", allowing people to register "MlCR0S0FT.com" and abusing that to trick people. Using IDN which support Unicode characters gives the phishers and scamsters thousands of more characters to play around with, some resemble "normal" characters to the point where not even the trained and paranoid eye will spot the difference, " he said.

The bug has been confirmed in Mozilla 1.7.5, Firefox 1.0, Konqueror 3.2.2 and Opera 7.54. Other versions may also be affected, Secunia reports. Internet Explorer users are in the clear from this one, although subject to flaws that have a similar effect. You can check if your browser is affected using Secunia's test.

Secunia advises users not to follow links from untrusted sources and to manually type in the URL they wish to visit in the address bar as workaround prior to the availability of more comprehensive fixes.

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08-02-05, 19:42
This leads to one question Microsoft IE or Mozzilla Firefox?

I have just recently (past 2 months) swapped from IE to Firefox. Should I now go back??????

Or should I just flip a coin!

09-02-05, 02:25
Henhead, stick to the Mozilla suite of browsers.

Being Open Source, it's quite typical for bugs to be found and fixed quickly (days or even just a day). Whereas MS take months, years or never.

09-02-05, 02:41
Microsoft has to test their patches...otherwise they wouldnt take long at all.

The only real advantage to open source that I can see is customization for your own purposes...

But then I still believe in copyrights.

09-02-05, 03:46
6months, 2 years? Just how much testing does a patch really need?

Open Source, by it's nature, means many more people are able to scrutinize code, rather than a select few for commercial purposes. Meaning, as I've said, bugs are found and fixed much more quickly.

Um, I think you just have a subconscious problem with Open Source projects because they could be defined as embodying a Socialist principle. And the principle of copyrights is of course Capitalist :D http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

09-02-05, 06:26
Naturally, open source is of course entirely up to the creators.

I personally don't plan on it. At least not for my main projects.

09-02-05, 06:27
Oh and yes I'm a capitalist, I believe you should get what you work for, work for what you get.

09-02-05, 06:50
Oh, so you don't use ANY free software I take it ;) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

09-02-05, 07:37
100% paid for. Or it is shareware.

09-02-05, 08:06
You best get rid of MSN Messenger then, you didn't pay for that. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif LOL

09-02-05, 08:29