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28-05-11, 15:35
The other day I was playing TR1 and decided to do some pixel art of classic Lara, while mixing stuff from the other games (braid, binoculars...).


Part of this series:

Alex Fly
28-05-11, 15:45
Amazing work, I like it ! :)

11-08-11, 07:55
Now with extra bacon!


Yeah, I know the pose is technically incorrect, as the doppleganger "replicates" Lara's moves instead of "mirroring" them in the game, but I hope that anyone who has ever played a 2D game will forgive this. :D

With this, I completed a new row in the series they belong to:


(the last row includes a couple of other girls who are quite popular in these forums) :p

!Lara Croft!
11-08-11, 08:24
DG does mirror lara's moves too...well, TRU DG does...for a bit.

11-08-11, 09:12
DG does mirror lara's moves too...well, TRU DG does...for a bit.

If I remember correctly, when Lara moves her left leg forward, so does Doppie in both games, and I made the opposite; I made Doppie with her right leg forward. To be perfectly accurate, I should have made her with her spiney back to the viewer. :p

!Lara Croft!
11-08-11, 09:23
Yes yes i know, the original bacon lara repeats lara's moves. Im just trying to justify having her mirrored by saying that the doppelganger in TRU mirrored lara's moves.

11-08-11, 09:37
Oh, I didn't read the TRU, and I haven't played the game. :p

!Lara Croft!
11-08-11, 09:42

Skip to about 3mins.

12-08-11, 13:46
Wow great work! :)

Alex Fly
12-08-11, 13:47
Bacon Lara looks great too ! :)

12-08-11, 13:57
That's bad ass. Makes me wish Lara was a character in a fighting game.

young Lara Croft
12-08-11, 18:39
Awesomesauce! :eek:

lara croftwolf
12-08-11, 19:12
WOW!Lara looks great!!!;)