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29-05-11, 01:42
Here is a video of the human who posts for me, at California College of the Art's annual Word World (http://www.cca.edu/calendar/2011/reading-word-world-2011-2) reading, since he has just graduated from their writing program with an MFA. Just don't ask what the future holds!

This was read on April 1st, 2011. The text read is a modified version of the beginning of my historical fantasy novel, The Sea Devil of Orkney, which was my thesis. If still needs a lot of work.

To my chagrin, this reading was done before I learned that the huge river which flows through London is pronounced the "Temz" and not the "Thames". Also, I described one character's hair as "balding" (unwisely taking a cue from screenplay guides), though in later drafts this has simply been changed to "thinning". Otheriwse, I'm satisfied with the way this came out.


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29-05-11, 21:21
Well done on graduating and also on the reading itself.

young Lara Croft
30-05-11, 05:13
Beautiful reading !
I got my MFA a year ago, I felt so accomplished , I'm sure you feel the same way!

30-05-11, 10:44
Finally you sent to a human to read the text. :whi:Yes, it was not a good idea a Tyrannosaurus reading in public...:p:tea:

Nice voice! :tmb:

30-05-11, 10:58
Well done. :tmb: