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29-05-11, 07:35
I have a particular love for the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. It's short, but wonderful.


29-05-11, 12:07
I think the responses in this thread speak for itself.. :p

29-05-11, 12:34
Hands down, Swan Lake.

I havent seen that many stage performances, but this one captures me EVERY TIME!
I was working on the laptop the other day and dad was watching TV and it was on at that time, and I automatically, without realizing, stopped typing and was listening to it, totally engrossed. The performance is beautiful and the music is oh so capturing...

Tchaikovsky <3

29-05-11, 13:00
I'd like to say I go see a ballet like every other week, and I stay awake all the way through it, but I can't! I used to do it, and I'm really interested in it...but actually just sitting there watching it for like 3 hours, kinda just bores me. I'd prefer to be in the actual show haha! That's how I would get excited about it.

If I had to choose a favourite or just one I would go and see again, I'd say Swan Lake. The story is amazing and so is the music.

01-06-11, 00:24
I need to start going to the ballet again. It's in Chicago, so it's a grand odyssey to get there, so I put it off.

01-06-11, 00:40
Even though I absolutely love classical and romantic music, I have never liked the dancing. I don't know, it just doesn't resonate in me at all (I also dislike dancing myself).

Swan Lake is actually one of my favourite works of music of all time, but I don't really care about the actual ballet. :p Although I once saw a performance on TV - I have NO idea what company it was so I can't be more specific - and the finale made me cry like a baby. It was the ONLY time that watching a ballet did that to me. The ending had Odette dying in Siegfried's arms, which I don't think was the conventional ending, but whatever, it really got to me.

01-06-11, 15:29
As a ballet dancer, I have to say my favorite full length ballet would be Giselle, but variation wise, Don Q, and Odalisque variation (from Le Corsaire)

01-06-11, 15:36
Ballet? I wouldn't be caught dead going to one. The compositions by Riccardo Drigo and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky however are amazing... They are such a brilliant mix of romanticism and structure (Tchaikovsky in particular.)

I am more of an Opera person.

01-06-11, 16:00
Swan Lake. I don't really like ballet though :/
I love The Swan Princess however ~ the animation/cartoon adaptation of it.

01-06-11, 18:24
Has anyone seen any Matthew Bourne? His choreography is a mix of contemporary and ballet, his Swan Lake was so beautiful i cried!

02-06-11, 02:31
LOL. The only ballet I've seen was The Nutcracker and it was boring. :p