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nick styger
29-05-11, 11:35
Hi Guys, here's the first in my new series of digital photo collages "The Machine Makers". What do you think?

Mod edit: interesting, but since it contains nudity I had to remove it. :(
However, I will not close the thread and trust that the following collages will be compliant with our rules (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=181343).

nick styger
29-05-11, 16:30
comments deleted. This is just too depressing

29-05-11, 16:40
You could just upload it with black bars or green leaves hiding things.:o

However if it's a collage and there are a lot of them...well it may be a lot of black bars.:/

nick styger
29-05-11, 16:45

nick styger
30-05-11, 14:04
old image deleted

nick styger
31-05-11, 09:04

nick styger
31-05-11, 12:00

nick styger
01-06-11, 14:33

01-06-11, 17:24
Seems strange and interesting. I like :)

nick styger
01-06-11, 18:58
Glad you do. Thanks for commenting. Much appreciate the feedback.


nick styger
02-06-11, 19:09
I wasn't so happy with the first version. Trying something a bit different. Any comments will be appreciated.

nick styger
04-06-11, 15:42
Here's some music to listen to while you look at the pictures:::::::



nick styger
06-06-11, 08:06

nick styger
06-06-11, 18:48

06-06-11, 18:50
The "Daylight" one looks great :tmb:

nick styger
06-06-11, 18:52
Thank you very much Soul. My style seems to be changing by the picture though. Don't quite know what to do next.

nick styger
10-06-11, 07:31

cezy rockeru
10-06-11, 13:53
Nice art. :tmb:

nick styger
10-06-11, 15:03
Thank you Cezy. :hug: More to come.


nick styger
10-06-11, 17:57

The way to understand this series...is to let your mind read the words...and your body (your emotions) feel about the pictures. There is no answer...it is a contemplation to make you think about the relationship of the objects (in this case..... - word - gun - egg). These are absolute concepts. The gun is IRON...from the rock from which it is made to the dehumanized industrial society that created the atomic bomb. The egg is the fragility of life on earth in the face of this juggernaut. Voices is our conscience...our judgements...and because we can't see the faces...these voices are of neccesity the ones in our head. If you listen carefully you will hear what they are saying. Oh, and whose finger is on the trigger? Yours, every time you shout at someone, or judge someone.

nick styger
10-06-11, 18:26
And here is some music to listen too while you contemplate the picture here below....

Take a chance. THIS>>>>>>

Or THIS>>>>>>>>>

Or THIS>>>>>>>>>


10-06-11, 19:45
Ooo Santana. I love that song <3
Anyway my thoughts on the picture are as follows:

~ I love the soft skin of the woman and the sharpness of the safety pin -- they contrast well.
~ Her nakedness also links to the doll/baby -- femininity/motherly instincts and such -- protection, but the sharp ripped edges of the photos/safety pins contrasts with that.
~The photo is very tastefully ripped :p
~The inclusion of the wine bottle gives the photo a mysterious edge.

Well done! Its an amazing and very emotional piece. xxxx

nick styger
10-06-11, 19:46
Thank you Haley:hug:

lord gaga
10-06-11, 20:02
the picture was about getting drunk and then inpregnating a woman and the baby was a girl! :p How did i miss this thread! Amazing!

nick styger
10-06-11, 20:06
the picture was about getting drunk and then inpregnating a woman and the baby was a girl! :p How did i miss this thread! Amazing!

LOL. You're a card.....

lord gaga
10-06-11, 20:08
OH And the safety pins were for a failed abortion :p

nick styger
10-06-11, 20:11

nick styger
10-06-11, 20:12
OH And the safety pins were for a failed abortion :p

oooh that hurts...but it's a cautionary tale....beware.... the family fate.

lord gaga
10-06-11, 20:15
oooh that hurts...but it's a cautionary tale....beware.... the family fate.

Beware the sharp side of the needle as it could do more than puncuture you :pi: Sorry the line was supposed to be poetic :o.

nick styger
10-06-11, 20:25
What a time to run out of inspiration. Never mind.....you'll find it again.

lord gaga
10-06-11, 20:43
What about this
Between the wine bottles the woman weeps as the parasite inside her slowly decends, the woman weeps as the parasite leaves her body.

nick styger
11-06-11, 10:02

nick styger
13-06-11, 18:33

nick styger
15-06-11, 07:49

nick styger
29-06-11, 19:22

nick styger
28-07-11, 14:18
Trying something different.