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30-05-11, 05:41

Hi guys, this is it! This is finally it! :jmp: My album is coming out on June 27th, and this is the first official single out of it, "Love Can Always Wait". I've produced, wrote and composed this track by myself mostly, and with a little of help from my producer Frank "Bird Wazo" Shooflar.

Hope you guys will like it.

RSVP on my album release event (you can get it for FREE or buy it, the choice is yours) (https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=113352298752710)
Facebook Page (http://facebook.com/amirzerrougui)
Twitter Page (http://twitter.com/amirzmusic)

Spread the words. :)

30-05-11, 10:39
I've produced, wrote and composed this track by myself mostly,

I'm surprised.
This sounds great.

I see that this is not the only song you have.
Everything seems very Underground.
Perhaps I have noticed too much similarity between songs.
The song "Try Me ", I also liked.

Congratulations! Go ahead!:tmb:

31-05-11, 02:39
Thanks a lot Tampi for your feedback, it's always appreciated. :hug:

31-05-11, 04:08
I really like it. There's not much tune or soul in your voice in the beginning, but I still enjoyed it. :tmb:

31-05-11, 23:09
Damn, this is amazing! :yik:
Your voice is very pleasant and the song is really catchy. :tmb:
I'm definitely interested in the rest of the album.

Great work and congratulations! :D:jmp:

01-06-11, 18:15
Thanks to both of you, it's so nice of you :) Please help me share it. Will let you know about the album :)