View Full Version : For you Facebookers, i need some help!

30-05-11, 18:55
Hey all, :) Somehow in my drunkness i managed to turn off commentaries/likes/wallposts on my profile, and now i can't find the option to turn it on again, :S Does anyone here know? I'd be grateful if anyone could help me :)

Dark Lugia 2
30-05-11, 18:59
Haha :p

Click Account (at the top-right) and then Privacy settings. Then click the blue 'customize sttings' near the bottom. You might have disabled:
- Posts by me
- Permission to comment on your posts
- Friends can post on my Wall

I think that might be what you changed. If not, hope you find out how to change it back! :p

Kelly Craftman
30-05-11, 19:00
Go to 'account' at the top right hand corner. Then go to 'Privacy setting' after that click 'custom settings' and then click all the ones you want :)

EDIT: oops I was beaten :p Dark Lugia 2 is probably more easy to follow

30-05-11, 19:19
It didn't work, damn. Do i really need to make a new Facebook profile again to enable them again??

Edit: I managed to make them appear again! :)

Agent 47
30-05-11, 21:05
Dude you fail :ton: Lesson learned drink and Facebook don't mix :vlol:

btw i've ordered a 10m Ethernet cable so i'll be back on MSN/FB via the PC soon :D

Tip, never lose temper and punch a laptop >_<