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"Seed of Chucky" Gets the Green Light

Friday November 14, 2003

Fangoria reports that after years of delays, Seed of Chucky has now finally been greenlit with Child's Play creator Don Mancini writing and directing the film for Focus Features. Filming begins in Romania in March, with a release date targeted for Halloween 2004.

"We are finally moving forward," Mancini tells FANGORIA. "Thanks to FREDDY VS. JASON, horror is hot again. David Linde, who runs Focus Features, released BRIDE OF CHUCKY internationally, and the film did very well there. So he decided to make SEED. We are currently negotiating with [voice actor] Brad Dourif and [FX chief] Kevin Yagher to return, plus little person Debbie Carrington, who I loved in TOTAL RECALL. Of course, we want Jennifer Tilly back too, who will do the voice of Tiffany and play herself in the new movie, in a satirical vein la WES CRAVEN’S NEW NIGHTMARE."

And the story of SEED OF CHUCKY? It’s the same script that got Universal in a tizzy way back when, dealing with "happy couple" Chucky and Tiffany and their attempts to raise a baby of their own. "The major focus is the family of dolls," Mancini says. "BRIDE OF CHUCKY was a takeoff on the road pictures. SEED OF CHUCKY is a twist on family dramas like ORDINARY PEOPLE and KRAMER VS. KRAMER. The focus this time is on the family, with the point of contention being a gender-confused offspring."

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The Seed Of Chucky has started Friday and i've seen it, its cool but scary.

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I thought that it was kinda stupid! It was funny though.

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havent seen it but i saw the first two childsplay and the bride of chucky, but i think my brother seen all of them including the seed of chucky.