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02-06-11, 09:40
New findings show that phones raise the risk of malignant brain tumors.

Cellphones have been classed as "possibly carcinogenic to humans".

That is the conclusion issued yesterday by 31 experts following a week-long meeting in Lyon, France, convened by the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

They concluded that there is "limited" evidence suggesting that mobile phones raise the risk of malignant brain tumours by 40 per cent, but only in heavy users who have made calls lasting 30 minutes per day for 10 years. There was also limited evidence of increased risk for a type of brain cancer called acoustic neuroma, but not for any other types of brain cancer.

"There is some evidence for increased risk of glioma and acoustic neuroma," says Kurt Straif, head of the IARC's monographs programme in a press conference yesterday. "But it is not clearly established that the use of mobile phones does cause cancer in humans."

Acoustic neuromas are relatively rare, with an incidence of one per 100,000 people. They account for about 6 to 10 per cent of all brain tumours worldwide. Gliomas are much more common, accounting for 60 per cent of all brain cancers in the US.

Link to full article (http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn20530-cellphones-are-possibly-carcinogenic.html). I don't spend that much time on my phone but for business users and other people who use their phone heavily, when using the phone is part of your lively hood, what are you supposed to do?

02-06-11, 09:45
This isn't exactly news.

I don't use my phone that much, and when I do, it's usually on loudspeaker. I never hold the phone close to my ear, and I don't carry it around in my waist pockets. It's compulsory that I wear trousers with knee-pockets, for that reason alone.

02-06-11, 09:46
Oh well.

02-06-11, 09:49
Meh, that has been debated for a while, and now they've got some results on that matter. If people must use cellphones a lot, then they do. There might be some alternative ways of communicating (e-mails, Skype, etc.) but if using them isn't practical in a certain situation, cellphone it is then.

Hopefully this won't cause cellphone hysteria, like people destroying their phones just because of that word 'possibly'... Personally I don't use my cellphone much and I mainly send text messages. But I do know some people who have two cellphones, always on and they even keep them next to their pillows while sleeping "in case someone calls".

Avalon SARL
02-06-11, 09:51
Old news although it maybe true

lara c. fan
02-06-11, 09:51
This has been back and forth for ages. Give it a while and they'll find new evidence saying that they aren't carcinogenic. :p

02-06-11, 10:00
New findings? What have these guys been doing for the past 12 years when mobiles were originally linked to causing tumors?

02-06-11, 10:17
This is something that has been said before and probably more than once.

I don't use my mobile that often, anyhoo. People who do use their 'phones alot should just be aware of any risks, I guess.

But lare.c.fan is right, sooner or later there'll be a report saying that they're not as dangerous as this report is suggesting. Probably.

It's a bit like the recent sun cream alerts I've heard all over the news lately. A while back we were told that anything over factor 20 gave no more protection, now we're being told - again - to use factor 30 at least. Factor 15 just doesn't cut it. And we should use it every two hours. Sorry, kinda went off on a tangent :p. But what I'm trying to say (badly) is that there are always going to be health scares for just about everything. But all we can be really is be aware and be sensible. All things in moderation.

Capt. Murphy
02-06-11, 10:40
i hait fownz n-eway. :tea:

02-06-11, 10:46
I have headache and loss of vision in right eye. I do not want to talk about x-rays picture of my head.:pi:
I always thought it was related to the mobile phone use, because the days I needed to use the phone a long time, symptoms increased.:(
But, of course! economic interests rule.

cezy rockeru
02-06-11, 13:02
I saw it this morning at news. Blah.

The Great Chi
02-06-11, 13:10
....I don't carry it around in my waist pockets. It's compulsory that I wear trousers with knee-pockets, for that reason alone.Thanks for that tip, I alway just switch it totally off, until I want to use it. Dissavantage is that no-one can contact me when its off.

I also only use loudspeaker and hold the phone as far away from me as possible, which is quite funny when in a shopping mall, as everyone listens to the conversation :p

Just thought about your knee-pockets.. maybe your knees will now be knackered with microwave radiation :vlol:

Dennis's Mom
02-06-11, 13:27

The Great Chi
02-06-11, 15:53
*shrugs*Well it is still unproven technology.

02-06-11, 16:33
So is the sun, except for the 'possible' part.

You know, there are carcinogens all around you. Some can be avoided, most not!
If you're worried, you can use the hands-free function (thereby not holding the phone against your skull) or just text. The downside of the first option would be of course that people in your proximity could 'enjoy' the entire conversation...

The Great Chi
02-06-11, 16:50
You can also tow this behind you, and keep the mobile phone at a safe distance from your body :D


02-06-11, 17:00
i would rather die than give up my iphone :pi:

02-06-11, 17:11
Smokin and cellphones? what's the world coming to?
I use 3 phones a day least, but don't talk more than 30 min. but from July I go back to 1. :p

02-06-11, 17:28
You can also tow this behind you, and keep the mobile phone at a safe distance from your body :D