View Full Version : TRF writers, anyone want to help?

03-06-11, 00:48
I have recently finished writing a small novel inspired by Bioshock.

It took me about a year to write.

I have written in english, and while I am very comfortable with it, it's still not my native tongue. Which means my writing will always have deficiencies, one way or another.

Bottomline is - I'm looking for a native english speaker to read my novel and make me some suggestions on the writing itself (you don't have to have played Bioshock or anything, since I'm not really looking for suggestions with the actual plot, just the writing).

I understand this is not exactly a light hearted request - it's bigger than normal fan fiction and it's also considerably depressing :p - but it's OK if none of you have the time to do it. I'm just probing around the internet to find someone to help me out.

The novel, bear in mind, isn't published anywhere on the internet and I'm not sure it will ever be. It's just personal. So in case you wanna do it I'll PM you. :o

03-06-11, 00:50
I'll give it a read. :)

Minty Mouth
03-06-11, 00:53
Congrats on finishing! ^_^ Finishing something like this is a great achievement.

If you need a second opinion after Jackali's I'll happily take a look.

03-06-11, 00:55
I'll gladly give your novel a third look-over if need be. :)

03-06-11, 01:37
I'll give it a fourth look over if necessary! :D :p

03-06-11, 01:47
I never knew your native language wasn't English. :eek: It seems perfect in your posts that I could never tell.

I wouldn't mind giving it a good read, and revision. :) Although I have a feeling I'm the youngest one here, so only choose me to read over it if you really want to. :o