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03-06-11, 14:09
If you don't know already I have a website called
http://www.geekofcomedy.com and I wrote a blog post about the new Tomb Raider trailer and that link is:CLICK HERE (http://www.geekofcomedy.com/Site/Technology_News/Entries/2011/6/3_Tomb_Raider_Trailer_Released.html)

Although click on the home page as I added a exclusive slide for the big news and I photoshopped a screen-cap's Montage. :yah:

When I blog i'll update this thread with video and blogging.

And some very exciting news, next tuesday I'm going into town to interview a CEO of a company so watch out for that video. :jmp:

07-06-11, 19:41
GeekFeed Episode 11: WWDC Recap & E3 Day 1, (Tomb Raider gets pretty much the video)


If you only want to watch the Tomb Raider parts watch the beginning and after the headphones skip to: 7:25