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03-06-11, 17:08
Hey, I requested info from Train2Game about 4 months back. I only just heard something back on Wednesday. And the woman on the phone told me that someone will come round on Friday (today) to give me information about the course. It would take approx half an hour.
I initially expected it to be a chilled, and pretty informal. And just some extra info that the website or the internet could mysteriously not provide?

So at half 12, two guys in suits *cough* salesmen *cough* came round to explain what I was getting myself into. The main guy started off by asking about myself, what I was doing in College, and started asking why I chose everything I have been doing in college. When he found out that I was split between game design and engineering, he started to slag off engineering and "pat himself on the back" about the Train2Game course. He also tried to put me off going to uni, saying that this course is a fraction of the price.

His questions fired at me were quite pressurised, and made my think long and hard about why I shouldn't do Engineering or any other game design Course. My mum asked him if the course is recognised abroad, and I realised that he subtly covered up the question by saying how much better it is to work in the UK games industry, and that it would be a lot harder to find work in say Japan or America. After basically Patting himself on the back, he showed us a DVD of Train2Game which basically patted itself on the back, without fully explaining specifics of the course. In the last 10 minuets of a 2 and a half hour 'interview' he started talking about the course details.

About the price, he said its paid in 135 a month instalments, but you have to pay 100 upfront when you register. During the interview, the other guy just seemed to be making notes.

Next they gave me an endurance test :confused:
They made it seem like I should relish the opportunity of becoming part of such a "great and wonderful" course, and make me feel like I may not be good enough for the course. Despite throughout, he keep on saying how clever I was, and really tried to tailor the course to my strengths. He said I should take the Art and Animation Course, since its both Creative and Academic, and it became apparent that I have that mix, he also said not many people have that.

He finally said, he will let make a decision "if I am good enough" for the course :rolleyes: and let me know the wonderful news on Monday. By which time I should be ready to sign up and pay 100

Though, I was initially slightly impressed after they left, it seemed a bit dodgey why they had to come round to our house, and why there is an absence of info on the internet. Upon reading a few independent sites, it all appears a bit fake. It appears they just basically made a Hard Sale.

I wanted to know if Train2Game or TIGA is a scam? Is it legit, either way I think I am going to go to uni... since it seems like a safer option, and a more recognised qualification internationality. I feel lucky that I haven't been fooled by them yet, but I wouldn't want to say anything unless they are a legit course.

The course is also a home course, therefore social life will be a bit of an issue.

Ohh weirdly the guy asked to use the computer for 2 seconds afterwards... I am not sure why... it was something to do with his wife? :\ My mum thinks he might have bugged the downstairs computer?? How can we check
Has anyone had any experience or aware of them? If they are any good or a big con?

ultima espio
03-06-11, 17:50
Does this help?


03-06-11, 18:16
Does this help?


yeh I read it all... :)
I need some forum opinions.

03-06-11, 18:26
A friend I know has had a bad experience with a scheme like this. Not sure if it was this exact same company, but he ended up out of pocket to the tune of several thousand pounds - enough, basically, to finance a proper, decent degree course - and ended up without any sort of final qualification to boot.


03-06-11, 18:33
I have no experience with that company, I never heard about them before, and I think that is worrying. A degree from a well-known university is probably more helpful for getting a job, especially if you don't want to limit yourself to only games.

The Great Chi
03-06-11, 22:40
I would be very wary of heavy sales tatics, especially during a recession where there are many cons around.

It is better to get a known certificate or degree, rather than something really dodgy.

Con men abound out there wanting your hard earned cash, and every scheme is different and very clever at getting your money for something that you think is good, but ends up worthless and costly to you in the end.

04-06-11, 06:56
From what I've read about them on the Internet in various places, avoid them at all costs and go to uni instead.

Edit: Have a look here for an old BBC Watchdog article about them: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/watchdog/2008/10/the_skills_training_thats_off.html (Train4Skills is the same company).

04-06-11, 11:19
I've never heard of these guys but avoid them at all costs they only want to rob you of your money and leave you with nothing.