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05-06-11, 16:14
So, recently a lot of my friends on Facebook have been doing this thing where they write 25 random facts about themselves. I find it really interesting to read through them and I thought it would work here, and would be nice to learn some facts from members. So, I'll start I guess:

1. I find it extremely difficult to open up to people, so this 25 random facts thing is hard for me to do.
2. I fall out and get angry with people quite easily over silly things.
3. I hate making effort with people who show so little interest in me, but I can't help but make effort with them and try.
4. I love music.
5. I always worry about the future and I hate lingering in the past.
6. I hate when people tell me what to do, or how I should live my life. Surely I can do what I want to do.
7. I hate when people don't text back, it's honestly my number one hate.
8. I think I'm a nice guy.
9. I listen to different types of music, depending on the mood I'm in.
10. I always bite my nails.
11. I find it difficult to sit still, I always have to have something moving. Usually my legs.
12. I worry about a lot of things.
13. When I look at older pictures of myself, I feel sick. I think I've changed for the better.
14. I find it easier to open up to someone through text, rather than face to face and I hate it because some things I want to say are just a lot easier, and better, said in person.
15. I despise horrible spelling mistakes and really bad grammar, even though I make a lot of mistakes myself.
16. I think that I'm fat and I hate my body even though I know that I'm not fat at all.
17. I hate speaking on the phone to people because most of the time I don't know what to say, even if it's to a really good friend or a family member.
18. In summer 2009 I fully accepted who I was, and I hated myself before then.
19. I'm not dumb, I'm just too lazy to try and learn things sometimes even though I like to learn new things.
20. I want to move away from where I live at the moment, but I would want some of my friends to come with me.
21. I'm getting braces soon and I'm dreading it because I'm scared they'll make me look horrible.
22. I can't leave the house without having my hair sitting nice.
23. I become obsessed with things easily.
24. I fall for people easily.
25. I like someone at the moment but they leave me so confused. I don't know what to say to them. They say they like me but sometimes they do things that make me think that they don't. I want to ask them what we are, but I'm absolutely petrified of what they will say back. I'm scared of rejection.

I didn't really know what to say. :p But there you go. Now you guys try.

05-06-11, 16:26
1. I'm a music fanatic
2. Hayley Williams and Gabe Saporta are my biggest celebrity crushes
3. I find it hard to open up about myself
4. I'm always afraid to say the wrong thing in serious conversations
5. I'm 6'2''
6. Donnie Darko and The Breakfast Club are my favorite movies
7. I prefer to be by myself a lot of times
8. I have self confidence issues
9. I can never sit down for too long because I have to constantly move
10. I've only been in two relationships in my life
11. When someone says that I look attractive I automatically think their lying. :p
12. Even though I lost nearly 70 pounds, I still think I'm fat
13. I easily rant about things
14. I'm honestly a very shy guy.
15. I have an obsessive/addictive personality
16. I'm a hopeless romantic
17. I usually am afraid of what people might think about me
18. Whenever someone insults me and calls me names, I think it's actually true
19. I have to have everything straight and tidy or I become all OCD
20. When I look at old pictures of myself, I honestly think of how much I've changed for the better
21. I'm a complete nerd once it comes to doing schoolwork
22. I become depressed easily
23. When I am depressed, I usually listen to music that soothes me or exercise
24. I use to have an eating disorder
25. I'm completely gullible

That was actually pretty difficult to do. :p

05-06-11, 16:30
I'm allergic to ants
I'm lactose intolerant, but I still drink milk.. :pi:
Parawhore :cool:
I have a scar on my left foot
I love animals
I'd rape Josh Franchesci if I could :pi:
I don't smoke
I don't do drugs
I do drink.. :pi:
My favourite colour is blue
I used to pretend to be sick when I was a kid so I could stay home and watch cartoons :pi:
I have 2 giant mugs
I have big feet
Sometimes I take humor too far
I don't eat red meat, but I don't eat fish either, so really I only eat chicken..
I don't share anything I'd consume orally... as in drinks and food, pervert.
I have no idea what number I'm up to because I'm on my phone and it isn't showing

05-06-11, 16:34
I cant do 25, so I will just have to do as many as possible. These are a split between TRF and real life.

I am more open on TRF than I am in real life
I don't tend to argue much in real life, but I can do on the forums.
In real life, I am quite an easy listener but not a great talker.
If I do talk, its usually completely random stuff. I do say what's on my mind however.
I will tell you If I don't like something, though I usually end it there to avoid arguments.
I love chinese food.
I love gaming. I am a casual gamer rather than hardcore.
I am watching Psychoville, the apprentice and Game of thrones atm.
I can cook
I will end this now :p

05-06-11, 16:39
1) I'm kinda a mobile geek
2) I seem to be the only person in the world who actually enjoyed TRU
3) I hate spiders
4) ... IDK... My name is Llus :p
5) I love Paramore
6) I love Shakira
7) I used to like Gaga but now she's so meeeeh and wrong in so many ways.
8) My fav social network is twitter
9) I'm a PC player
10) I'm so shy :o
11) I seem to attract mosquitoes.
12) I missed Shakira's latest concert in Barcelona :pi:
13) I know french, spanish, catalan, english and a little of other languages.
14) That's as much as I can say D:

05-06-11, 16:53
1. I am vegetarian.
2. Nobody understands my love for TR in real life </3
3. I love animals.
4. I want to do veterinary medicine at university.
5. When I'm at school, I have a yorkshire accent and I talk like my friends.
6. When I'm not at school, I talk like my mother who is from Windsor (posh! :p)
7. I really like listening to game soundtracks.
8. I may possibly have a terminal disease from my mother.
9. I may possibly have a gene from my dad which increases my risk of getting cancer.
10. I've been horse riding for about 8-9 years.
11. I hate peas.
12. I am really scared of death and dying.
13. I get easily worked up by tense moments in games
14. I live in the countryside in England.
15. I broke my leg in a ski accident in 2008.
16. I get scared of going fast in a car because I think I'll crash.
17. i used 2 typ lyk dis a few yrs ago lol cus i fought i was kwl.
18. I have been taken to hospital for drinking too much alcohol oops
19. I have lots of scars
20. I'm allergic to fabric conditioners, and bath fizzy things and the like.
21. I often laugh when I'm frightened or in a bad situation. It's just my reflex :(
22. I tried smoking. LOL. Never again.
23. I like da gurls.
24. Almost put in hospital once
25. I am frightened of doctors.

That was actually a lot harder than I thought. Some of those are things I've never told anyone.

05-06-11, 16:57
1. I am gay. :3
2. I am deeply in love with a straight guy, and it is slowly trying to ruin my life...
3. I have an extreme love for Lady GaGa and Hayley Williams.
4. I'm an extremely paranoid person.
5. I will bitch about someone when they are in the same room as me. :3
6. In the last few months, I've been depressed like no one could imagine.
7. I cannot drink or eat with something that has a slight food stain on it, even if it's on the handle of the knife or fork.
8. My life slightly revolves around Tomb Raider. :3
9. I am in year 10.
10. People say that I am good at art, but I never appreciate what I make.
11. I own an iPhone. :3
12. I only like certain open world video games, GTA not being one of them. :3
13. I've not yet finished The Last Revelation.
14. I forever worry about the way I look, and try to make myself look better, but never succeed. >_>
15. Music plays a big role in my life.
16. Some of my bestest friends I have made through TRF. (yes, extremely sad, i know)
17. I have an obsession with chicken flavored chips.
18. At the age of 13 I had a full beard. :3
19. Throughout Primary School I was bullied by numerous people.
20. Anthony is the fugliest name I've ever heard, and sadly, it's mine. >_>
21. I am not console biased. :3
22. I try to help people as much as I can.
23. I indulge in speaking l33t daily. Jajajajaja
24. I am still in the closet. :3 - should have done this for 2... >_>
25. 25 is my least favorite number right now.

That... was not fun. >_>

05-06-11, 17:06
1. I find it very difficult to open up about myself
2. I've never broken a bone in my body
3. I'm obsessed with horror films, especially the Scream Quadrilogy.
4. My biggest celebrity crushes are Hayley Williams and Rose McGowan
5. I'm overweight, and most people assume I'm crap at sports because of this; I've got multiple swimming badges, and won three contests in my life time. Take that bitches :ohn:
6. I haven't had a haircut in 3.5 months
7. I just spent the last hour writing 20 pages of Biology revision.
8. I almost drowned when I was six.
9. I'm obsessed with RPGs and JRPGs like Final Fantasy.
10. I've watched the new TRailer 111 times.
11. I'm allergic to cats, yet my aunt's kitten is my favourite animal in the world :D <3
12. The first person who tried to beat me up ended up running away himself :vlol:
13. I've had two pets in the past, who I've turned out to be allergic to (my hamster, and my dog, who I gave to my younger cousin :()
14. I passed my latest exam entirely by mistake - I guessed the answer that gave me the "A" grade :p

I know that's only 14, but I can't think of anything else interesting to write :o

05-06-11, 17:08
1. I love Tomb Raider, favorite game series ever. :tmb:
2. I raise sheep, goats, and pigs.
3. I prefer to wear white or light-colored shirts.
4. I'm addicted to Mountain Dew (well not really but I love it :D).
5. I've never been outside of America.
6. My favorite color is blue.
7. My favorite TV show is LOST.
8. I play the trombone and the tuba.
9. I hate it when people think they're better than everybody else. :mad:
10. I love animals.
11. My favorite music is country.
12. I can type 100+ words a minute.
13. My favorite season is summer. :)
14. My face tends to get red, even when I'm not embarrassed. :o
15. My favorite foods are cheeseburgers or fish.
16. I don't watch a lot of TV.
17. Thanks to my wonderful family's genetics :rolleyes:, I tend to faint quite easily. :pi:
18. I live in Iowa.
19. I'm afraid of lightning :eek:, but not thunder.
20. My favorite game ever is Tomb Raider 2. :D
21. I hate rap. :mad:
22. Brad Paisley is my favorite singer, and Lady Antebellum is my favorite group.
23. I have a dog named Yogi.
24. My birthday is on July 19.
25. I was addicted to astrology a few years ago.

05-06-11, 17:10
1. I have Type 1 Diabetes
2. I have one older brother, who I generally get on with.
3. I'm Scottish but don't have a strong accent.
4. I am always swearing.
5. Toffee makes me throw up.
6. Was bullied due to having very pale skin
7. Went to see Kylie Minogue in March and loved every second of it.
8. I'm Bisexual but haven't come out to my parents/family.
9. I want to tie Adam Brody up and do very dirty things to him.
10. Courteney Cox was my first crush, and remains my biggest crush.
11. Flavors of Entanglement by Alanis Morisssette is my favourite album.
12. Monster-In-Law is my favourite movie.
13. Dogs scare the crap outta me, any size and breed.
14. My bedroom is mint green and very small
15. When I was 5 I popped my shoulder out of its socket and it kept popping out for some time afterwards.
16. I start College in August doing Art & Design
17. Currently watching Come Dine With Me on the TV.
18. Scream 4 was the last film i saw in the Cinema
19. Never been on a date before.
20. I hate hospitals.
21. I have OCD.
22. Kylie Minogue is my favourite singer
23. My laptop is a dark blue colour and I named it Lappy.
24. I still have my first ever Teddy Bear, Sir Tedward Teddington :pi:
25. My greatest fear is of living alone with nobody to love me.

05-06-11, 17:24
1. I have that OMFGWTFLMAOBBQ *dead* humor
2. I love uncharted
3. I love Tomb Raider
4. IMO tomb raider> uncharted
5. I just got used to the forums :3
6. I always have a beard
7. I LOVE MUSIC (all kinds, as long as their goood)
8. I love mass effect 2
9. I own a PS3 and an xbox 360
10. I have a ****ty PC which i cant play games with -.-
11. I hate school
12. I have a test tomorrow but i dont wanna learn for it
13. Im a lazy person
14. I have recently got a virus :3
15. I am shy
16. I am not shy in the forums
17. I am bi
18. I have bron hair
19. I have brown eyes (<--- THEY ARE BROWN,NOT BLUE,GREEN(lollaracroft))
20. I am the longest in my class :I
21. I hate waking up in the mornings -.-
22. I just forgot what i wanted to type so i typed this
23. I am gonna troll the Uncharted forums with TR gifs :cool:
24. I love chocolate
25. I have eaten a rock once ....

05-06-11, 17:38
hmm I'll give it a try.

1, I'll be 16 this summer
2, I like chinese and Italian food
3, I'm from Hungary
4, I'm the only one in my village who attends a bilingnal school (There are 4k ppl living here)
5, I speak Hungarian, English and gonna study French from next year (Studiead a little German)
6, I'd desperatly like to visit London one day:cln:
7, I'm intrested in Irish language (and in it's fate for no particular reason) :confused:
8, I've never completed TR IV
9, My name is 'Tams' in Hungarian
10, I'm a PC player but I'd like to buy a console
11, I have 2 cats and 2 dogs
12, I made my facebook profile in september, when all my other classmates have already made theirs in the summer.
13, I bite my nails :(
14, I'm doing a very tough TR II challange
15, I hardly do any homework
16, I hardly do any housework
17, I like to play chess (I'm not very porfessional though)
18, I hate my literature teacher.
19, I have blue eyes
20, I have two GFs and I don't know what to do
21, I prefer :eek:to:yik:(lol I couldn't make up a better one :rolleyes:
22, I have 1 brother
23, I like hugging
24, I'm a lady gaga addict but I don't like 'Judas'
25, I'm christian but I don't believe in god.

05-06-11, 17:39
1. I'm abnormally forgetfull.
2. I have dozens of Word documents with stories/fanfictions that I know I'll never finish but I won't delete them anyway.
3. I collect reciepts.
4. My biggest fear is being buried alive
5. I get envious abnormally easily
6. People tend to see me as negative
7. I have no idea wheter I am straight or bi or whatever.
8. I yell out loud when someone mixes up "Your" and "You're"
9. My calculator is my religion.
10. When I'm home alone I'm a rockstar.
11. I am a huge sponge.
12. I can be ungratefull sometimes, but trust me, I'm not.
13. I have trouble saying things like "Thankyou" and "Sorry". I want to say it but it never comes out.
14. I sound like Justin Beaver
15. I refuse to listen to music that was made after 2008.
16. I have severe anemia.
17. I love lightning and sleeping in beds other people died in.
18. I'm a Nokia junkie
19. I dye my hair almost if life was Photoshop
20. My bones are made of steel. I've been in severe bike accidents and never broken anything.
21. My hair most of the time looks like it's been taken right out of the 80's.
22. I hate when someone takes pictures of me, and pictures of me in general.
23. Everything sounds better in my head. For example, the teacher gives me an essay question that I have to tell out loud. In my mind, everything sounds fine so I start to tell it. Somewhere midway I realize that it isn't going anywhere.
24. I can't cook.
25. Everytime I get annoyed I cite "Real Life Chatboard" video from College Humor.

05-06-11, 18:03
1. I'm 19 in a few months and it really scares me
2. I have a huge phobia of being old
3. I have the worst spacial awareness ever
4. I never remember people's birthdays
5. The Emperors New Groove is my all time favourite film
6. I'm a huge Grey's Anatomy addict
7. I get jealous and possesive really easily
8. I don't have many friends, even though I try and be a nice guy
9. I smoke and drink but don't care about the effects it has on my body
10. Paramore is my favourite band
11. I have no interest in the TReboot at all, and I thought the trailer was laaame
12. Overall, I prefer being single
13. I'm a total loner. If I'm around people for too long I have to sit on my own for a while or I freak out
14. My best friend means the absolute world to me, I dunno what I'd do without her
15. I love spicy food, it's amazing
16. I love thunder and lightning, and don't understand how people can be scared of it
17. I hate kids
18. I wear 12 bracelets on my left arm and when I take them off, it feels really weird
19. Jeremy Davis is my biggest celebrity crush <3
20. 27 is my favourite/lucky number
21. I never ever cry, even if I feel like I want to
22. I have big issues with the way I look (But what teenager doesn't? :p)
23. I like cooking, even though I can't make a lot of dishes
24. I'm allergic to cats
25. Final Fantasy is my favourite video game series

05-06-11, 18:05
1. My middle name is Ellen. After my grandma Ellie :D
2. I have severe aneamia. (Lack of iron in my blood)
3. I'm ironically allergic to iron. And pineapple. Mildly.
4. I have a phobia of fans/turbines, mummies, moths, needles, insects and the dark.
5. I secretly want the zombie apocolypse to happen.
6. I have an obsession with castles, family history, ancient history, animals, colours, sparkles and such. And gaming ;_;
7. My family clan motto is 'Fidelity is my glory' or Mea gloria fides to be exact.
8. I am a Swifty, and proud ;)
9. I'm very broody. I love kids ;_;
10. I have a very large, extended family which I'm very close to.
11. My hobbies include singing, writing songs and novels, painting/drawing, reading, gaming, cycling etc xD
12. I very much care about animal welfare and its hopefully what I will specify in career-wise.
13. I'm very fussy with food.
14. I'm extremely shy. To the point people I've just met think I'm mute.
15.My favourite animals are rats and wolves. But I have a fascination with snakes, lizards,tigers and leopards.
16. I'm a candy addict.
17. I follow my heart and not my head. Very unwisely sometimes ;_;
18. I hate having my photo taken.
19. I'm straight.
20. I'm 5 ft 4.5. Yes, I'm small ;_;
21. I have green eyes which change blue in the light sometimes.
22. I ADORE jewellery. If its sparkley and shiny, I must have it 0_0
23. My bedroom is like a dragon's horde of treasures. Seriously. There's dragons and fairies and wolves and sparkly things everywhere. And lanterns :')
24. I wish I could live in a fantasy realm :'(
25. I'm a virgin and proud. Yes, I totally did just say that xD Propose or you get nothing :pi:

05-06-11, 18:22
Umm, gonna be hard to do 25 right now, so I'll probably have to keep coming back to this to edit, but oh well :jmp:

1. I can have really bad mood swings
2. I have a rotten temper when crossed
3. I find it hard to trust people
4. I can lick my own elbows :p
5. I can nearly fit my fist in my mouth but I shouldn't be doing that very often because...
6. I have TMJ and nearly all of my joints are brittle, which results in painful overextensions :/
7. I have a horrid maths exam tomorrow, that I am dreading
8. I HATE maths, but I'm trying to overcome it, and am even reading books on it
9. I love writing poems and short stories, as well as reading them
10. My imagination usually gets the better of me, as I almost always end up drifting off and daydreaming
11. I am WAY too nice to people who don't deserve it
12. It's raining right now and I love it :jmp:

05-06-11, 18:25
1. I love Tomb Raider. More than people realize. I mean, it's like an obesession. :p
2. I hate typos so much even though I make a lot of them myself and kinda freak out if I do.
3. I fall for people far too easily, and sometimes I tend to fantasize my life with someone as soon as I see that they're cute.
4. I desperately want a boyfriend and someone to love me back.
5. I hate my family so much that I wish that they would die.
6. I hate two faced people and backstabbers.
7. I say sorry too often even if it's not really my fault.
8. I like talking about sex and I like to have friends who also like to talk about it.
9. I hate my body even though I think I'm a good looking guy.
10. I'm kinda vain.
11. I'm a bit of a pushover.
12. I love my friends and I'm always loyal, even though I seem to makes mistakes sometimes.
13. I don't trust myself.
14. I'm paranoid and am always thinking about what people are thinking about me.
15. I kinda hate the fact that I'm addicted to this place. It's kinda ruined my life.

And tha's all I can think of atm. :)

05-06-11, 18:32
1. I'm currently 17 and I will be 18 in September!
2. I'm a shy person so that's why i rarely post on here incase something bad happens
3. I have never drank any alcohol or smoked (i hate it!)
4. I live in the valleys
5. I completed the bronze and silver duke of Edinburgh awards which i'm proud of!
6. I never got the chance to finish Tomb Raider 2 because i was scared haha but i was very young back then!
7. I'm scared of dying or world ending i get so freaked out it's unbelievable
8. I go on photoshop most of the time but half the time i end up thinking to myself what the heck I'm i doing on here and end up closing it
9. I love eating chicken! yummy
10. I get nervous at times
11. I always have the same haircut and never tried anything new
12. I like listening to music, drawing and playing games!
13. I have brown eyes!
14. When i was 3-5 years old in school we was watching a video and i was bored so i punched a boy next to me whoops
15. I haven't seen my high school friends for a long time!
16. I was a naughty boy when i was young but as the years went on i started to be a nice boy now
17. I always end up having dreams or visions becoming true which is scary!
18. I don't know how tall I'am because i haven't measured myself for ages now
19. I'm always scared to start a conversation with someone
20. I was a nerd in high school but I don't get really good marks but only in Art because i love that subject!
21. I'am not gay, I'am straight
22. My sister is annoying at times :p
23. My favourite colours are blue and red
24. I never had to stay overnight in a hospital
25. I love Schweppes cream soda!

Whoo! i did it all 25 facts! :jmp:

05-06-11, 18:45
5. I completed the bronze and silver duke of Edinburgh awards which i'm proud of!

I'm doing bronze right now, w00t! :jmp:

Super Badnik
05-06-11, 18:50
1. I am 18 years old.
2. My birthday is 7th September 1992.
3. My favorite colour is Red.
4. I have a Cat and three Dogs.
5. I Know Taekwondo.
6. I love pancakes with lemon and sugar, I always and only have them on pancake day.
7. Have blonde hair and blue eyes.
8. I have developed a slight phobia of big spiders.
9. I always salute if I see a single Magpie, although I know its probably rubbish really.
10. My favorite school subject was History.
11. I'm politically Left-Wing.
12. I believe in the teachings of Jesus but not sure if I'd call myself "Christian".
13. I usually drink Fosters or WKD.
14. I Haven't actually played a Tomb Raider game in a while.
15. I often play and buy old games. More so than newer games these days.
16. I drive a Vauxhall Corsa.
17. I'm still trying to figure out what I should do with the rest of my life.
18. I'm in the habit of staying up too late playing games.
19. When I was younger I was fascinated with the paranormal. Ghosts and Aliens mostly.
20. I'm often quite quiet in real life.
21. My favorite books are Animal Farm, Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and Dracula.
22. I'm rarely ever Ill.
23. I can play the keyboard and by extension the piano a little.
24. I live in a town.
25. I often go walking with my Dogs.

05-06-11, 18:54
I'm doing bronze right now, w00t! :jmp:

Ah that's awesome! i remember when i was climbing this dangerous cliff, nearly fell but got to the top... to find out the other group walked these stairs up *facepalm* but yeah hope you do well :)

lara c. fan
05-06-11, 19:04
I have a strong interest in technology.
Yet, ironically, have no money to pay for it.
I have a basic grasp of both HTML and CSS (Which I'm expanding on)
I want to have a job in the gaming industry
I'm interested in photography.
I often feel ignored.
And I'm usually unpopular wherever I go.
I'm extremely shy, especially around girls (Heh....)
I tend to be a lot more vocal online.
I procrastinate a lot.
I have about 10 stories I've started but never finished.
I'm extremely forgetful.

Just about all I can think of at the moment, but I'll probably leave it at that anyway.

05-06-11, 19:17
1. I possibly am the only guy who doesn't like sports (specially soccer) on my school
2. I hate History
3. I'm already taller than my dad :p
4. I'm really shy when I'm talking to someone I don't know too much
5. I'm very stupid and silly when I'm with my closest friends
6. My first name is the same as my dad's (although everyone calls him by his second name)
7. I can express myself better when I'm writing than when I'm talking
8. I only have 2 posters in my bedroom, I need moar D:
9. I recently found how to smile without looking bad on photos :o
10. I'm one of the best students of my class and probably one of the laziest (I hate studying :x)
11. I'm always feeling pressured before tests because my parents expect me to get more than 90% >_<
12. I know at least 4 individuals who hate me yay
13. I'm afraid of giant mosquitoes and mushrooms (idk why)
14. My parents both have brown eyes and I have hazel eyes
15. I found out this year that my favorite game of all-time is a PS1 game
16. My sense of humour is really different than the people who live here: no one here understands what I find funny
17. Although TR4 is my favorite, I still haven't finish it :s
18. I have more than 10 cats :hug:
19. I used to cry very easily and I've been made fun of in the past because of this
20. I love donuts :D
21. My favorite food is lasagne
22. The only time I've been abroad was when my dad took the wrong way to where we were supposed to go T.T
23. I hate cabbage although I never tasted it
24. My favorite number is 4445
25. I find it annoying when people say things that are wrong

05-06-11, 19:36
1. I have a black belt in Kickboxing and qualifications in coaching
2. I'm entering my final year of university
3. My favourite novel is Peter Pan
4. I get annoyed very easily when people eat with their mouth open
5. I live in the North West of England
6. My worst fear is being trapped in a lift
7. I was kicked out of a hostel in Barcelona
8. I have a massive scar on my chest from the chicken pox
9. I hate Burger King
10. I've visited Hafield House
11. My favourite mug is my Kings of Leon one
12. I absolutely love heights and rockclimbing
13. I was attacked outside of my home 5 years ago
14. I used to have a cat with one eye and a budgie that couldn't fly
15. I adore the city of London
16. I'm a retail supervisor, part time.
17. I am the middle child in my family
18. I had a friend who used to dance in the school yard for money
19. I live in the city centre, right above a very loud and very popular night club
20. I never watched Sesame Street as a child
21. I received elecution lessons at school
22. The best gig I have ever been to was a Crystal Castles gig
23. I love photography, although I'm not very good at it myself
24. I love the sound of rain and thunder
25. I performed an abridged version of Macbeth in The House of Commons

05-06-11, 19:36
9. I recently found how to smile without looking bad on photos :o

wow could you share it with me? D:
I cover my face with my mobile whenever I make a picture for facebook, because I look like I'm high on drugs. :vlol:

05-06-11, 21:02
1. I used to feel so lost because I didnt know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Now I just accept it and do what I feel like doing NOW
2. I hate it when people make that loud slopping noise when they eat
3. I can be quite insecure, but Im learning to love myself for who I am
4. Sometimes I laugh things off when people have actually offended me
5. I fancy having a fun career without all the seriousness that you have in many professions
6. I love my family
7. I only have few friends who live close by
8. I adore animals
9. I despise animal cruelty and child abuse
10. I try to understand the mind of a bully, but never get very far
11. I sometimes wonder why Im in the same world as some people
12. I feel lucky when I think about the people Ive met over the years
13. I feel unlucky when I think about the rest
14. My number one goal in life is to be happy in my own skin
15. Id like to have enough money to keep me comfortable
16. I love reading
17. I enjoy meditation. How I feel when my mind is just silent and I have no thoughts is just indescribable
18. I like to wear nice clothes and feel trendy
19. Im bisexual
20. I like my home but would prefer to live by a beach
21. I love talking about the unknown. The mystery of it is exciting
22. I have recently learned to enjoy being single and not crave a relationship
23. I was bullied at school then mentally ill for 3 years after and missed what was supposed to be a vital time in my life before adulthood. Im well now though
24. I hate people who judge others when they know nothing about their life
25. I miss the 90s

05-06-11, 21:08
1. I'm a movie addict, especially in the summer
2. I hate sleeping unless I really have to/need to
3. I have a crush on Johnny Depp
4. I'm afraid of all insects, and I mean ALL.
5. I am the 3rd best student in my class, even though I don't deserve those good grades
6. I love photography
7. I'm really shy in real life, and I'm really talkative on the internet
8. I hate going to parties and being around to too many people
9. I daydream A LOT about the future and I can't focus on things easily
10. I hate when people make noise or talk whenever I'm watching a movie
11. I get nervous easily
12. I'm really sensitive and I cry over the most simple things
13. I broke my leg when I was 11 and it still hurts whenever the weather changes
14. I hate the area I live in
15. I get addicted to things easily (forums, movies, songs, thinking about something...anything)
16. Loneliness scares me
17. I consider myself really lucky because I have a great family
18. I'm 16 years old, I've never had a boyfriend and people consider that weird
19. I have 2 facebook accounts
20. I'm really really bored right now
21. I dislike people who think their opinion is a fact
22. I hate racism
23. I wish I could play the piano
24. I give up easily
25. I have no idea what else to write :p

05-06-11, 21:09
1. I haven't posted a picture of myself here, nor revealed my full name as I don't trust you guys. :pi: jk
2. I'm a clerd (Cool nerd)
3. I'm black.
4. I like almost all genres of music. (Except most pop, death metal, or country. I guess today's R&B is pretty bad too I guess...)
5. Major advancements in technology fascinate and frighten me.
6. Many people believe I'm British.
7. I enjoy the sights and sounds of rain....
8. ...but not thunder or lightning.
9. Procrastination is my greatest flaw. (Or so, I believe)
10. I'm quite shy, but when I'm comfortable around people, I never shut up sometimes. :vlol:
11. I dislike most inner cities.
12. I run track at my school...
13. ...although I'm not very fast.
14. I can become seriously motivated or determined to accomplish something no matter how minuscule it is.
15. I don't play video games as much as I used to.
16. My mouse just froze while trying to type this.
17. Which reminds me that I have a rather shoddy computer.
18. I'm smart, but lack common sense at times.
19. I'm somewhat good at fixing things.
20. I don't know what I want to be in life.
21. I can be quite random at times.
22. I make people laugh, at times.
23. I often repeat many phrases, at times. ( :p )
24. I never watched this TV show much. (24)
25. I'm different.

05-06-11, 21:17
I've never played Core Design's Tomb Raiders :(
I love at least one song of each music type.
I used to think Britney was a slut. Now, I love her.
My favourite colour is red, although I hate red clothes.
I am in love with a mechanic xD <3
I hate waiting.
Death loves me. For three times I was about to get hit by a car, two times that I almost suffocated and three times that I opened my head when falling.
When I love someone, I become a real stalker.
I have double personality.
I hate when people pretend to be someone they aren't just to impress.
I think I have more friends on TRF than on real life.
I hate to admit I'm wrong and that I lost. When I want something, I do everything in order to have it. I rarely give up.
I developed a strange hatred for Counter-Strike.
I have a secret wish of becoming an actor.
I am seriously anti-social.
My biggest fear is spiders. Everytime I see one I can barely breathe.
I love writing in English, but I hate speaking English.
I believe in ghosts, but I don't believe in God.
I hate being told what to do.
I hate when people expect too much from me and when they are never happy with what I do.
I have always been a great student with high marks, but without studying.
One of my biggest dreams is to live in those small towns of the USA where everybody knows everybody.
I am bissexual and proud. :cool:
I love the words "thunder" and "earthquake".
I believe the world is going to end soon. And I'm very happy about it.

05-06-11, 21:21
24. I love the words "thunder" and "earthquake".

Thunderquake :rolleyes:

05-06-11, 21:23
1. My mom is not only my mom, but my best friend.
2. I have large birthmark on the back of my right leg, close to my butt, which I always hide.
3. I can be very paranoid about things in my life.
4. I hate the sound of people cracking their knuckles and other bones in their bodies.
5. I'm a vegetarian.
6. I have an obsession with James Bond, especially Goldeneye.
7. I'm a phlebotomist.
8. I feel that every time I meet someone in real life they straight away don't like me and I don't understand why.
9. I enjoy going for long walks in the bush.
10. One day I'm going to have my own German Shepherd.
11. I have one cat named Fizzy, who makes me smile every day without fail. People tell me I'm obsessed, but she's my baby.
12. I have seen a ghost.
13. A lot of the times I feel like I have no friends.
14. I love the smell of coconuts and vanilla.
15. Tomb Raider Legend was my first Tomb Raider game and is my favorite Tomb Raider game in the whole series.
16. I recently cut off my pony tail to donate it to be made into a wig for women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment. My pony tail was 16 inches long.
17. My birthday is January 16th.
18. I love nail polish.
19. One day I want to go sky diving.
20. I love camping, but hardly ever go.
21. My favorite food is strawberry cheesecake.
22. I am scared of knives.
23. Sometimes I regret things I've done in my life, but I try to live my life without regrets and learn from my past mistakes.
24. I've never driven a small car. I've always driven a SUV.
25. One day I plan to travel to Australia.

05-06-11, 21:25
1. I've never played Core Design's Tomb Raiders :(
16. My biggest fear is spiders. Everytime I see one I can barely breathe.

If you ever get around to playing TR2, you're gonna go insane at the Temple of Xian... :mis: It's OK, I'm afraid of spiders too :yik:

05-06-11, 21:50
1. I live with my Mum and Sister.
2. I have a terrible relationship with my 'Father'.
3. I'm a pilot! (P/UT)
4. My friends think I fancy my flying instructor. :o
5. I enjoy trying new things.
6. I love music, I have to listen to it everyday.
7. I don't enjoy the girly shopping for hours - I get bored.
8. I enjoy reading.
9. I was born in the Shetland Islands.
10. I love to laugh.
11. I wish I had the persistence and time to blog/ keep track of things.
12. I have friends online that I sometimes think are closer that RL 'friends'.
13. I will always say yes to a cup of tea!
14. I prefer to be comfortable in a pair of jeans and t-shirt that getting all dressed up to go get a pint of milk...
15. I'll be 18 on the 6th of September.
16. I'm getting close to completing my first solo flight.
17. I begin applying for Universities in the Autumn.
18. I'm ambitious.
19. I'm very social.
20. I have some strange dreams!
21. I don't understand how rude some people can be.
22. I would like to travel more and attempt to become the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world.
23. I can ski.
24. I have a very supportive family.
25. I live in the Lake District, UK.

There's 25 pieces of info about me! :)

05-06-11, 22:02
1. I hate lima beans, they are the only veggie I refuse to eat.
2. 16 years ago my left hand was severly crushed in a press but thanks to a skilled surgeon I can still play guitar.
3. Monday is my favorite day of the week.
4. The internet (TRF, other forums, Yahoo messenger) consumes the majority of my time.
5. I once won $3,000 playing bingo, I was 12 (seemed like a ton of $ back then).
6. I never carry a wallet, I just stuff the cash, I.D., etc... in my pockets.
7. I'm terribly obsessive compulsive.
8. I'm not as idealistic as some might think I am nor as realistic as others might think I'm not.
9. I have over 750 vinyl albums in my record/music collection.
10. I brush my teeth within 10 minutes after eating, there are never any exceptions to that.
11. As a follow up to #10: I carry a toothbrush/toothpaste with me if I'm going out to dinner and brush in the men's room. If that isn't available, I brush my teeth in the car using the rear-view mirror and spit out the window.
12. No matter how hard I try not to, I always end up leaving the store with more than I set out for. :/
13. Italian food is simply the best and I'd love to own/run my own pisan restaurant some day (keep dreaming, I guess). :o
14. The word Chewbacca drives me crazy for unknown reasons. :pi:
15. I'm highly biased towards numbers (which means I love certain ones and hate the rest).
16. I once got busted for calling and waking the chief of police at 3AM because he was a jerk and I felt compelled to tell him so.
17. For whatever reason, I sing better in the mornings than at any other time of the day (I still haven't figured that one out). :/
18. I hate McDonalds and almost all other junk food dumps (there are a few exceptions, pizza being one. See below...).
19. I once consumed an entire 16" large pizza in about an hour's time on a dare.
20. I quit smoking over 2 years ago but lately have been thinking about starting back up (must resist that).
21. My cat is the ruler of the household, not me and I'm fine with that.
22. Some day, somehow, I want to live in Colorado (anywhere with mountains and cool air would be nice).
23. I saw Stevie Ray Vaughan live in concert 3 weeks before he died in a helicopter crash. :(
24. I skipped school for 2 straight weeks back in the 10th grade (don't ask me why).
25. My greatest fear of all is: getting older/aging.

05-06-11, 22:25
Time to think...

1. Some of my toes are partially webbed.
2. I've been to A&E 3 times for lego related incidents.
3. I'm terrible at time keeping and being on time.
4. My eye's are green during the day and grey at night.
5. I tan extremely easy and without the risk of getting burnt.
6. I'm a Virgin. Which apparently is quite rare for a 22 year old.
7. I like ketchup and egg fried rice.
8. Christian.
9. Never broken a bone.
10. Never had a filling in teeth.
11. I'm uncomfortable around lots of people.
12. I play the guitar.
13. A big fan of Mark Morton.
14. I'm very quiet, mainly because I've got alot going on in my head.
15. I'm a pretty fussy eater.
16. I have the impressive abilitiy to absorb and apply new information very quickly.
17. I have an anxiety disorder.
18. I've tried cannabis.
19. I used to take everything apart (watches, RC cars etc.).
20. My birthday is the first day of spring.
21. If I don't get atleast 9+ hours of sleep a day then i'm useless.
22. I hate having my photo taken.
23. I'm at my most comfortable when my hands are occupied.
24. I've never moved house.
25. I'm scared of thunder storms.

05-06-11, 22:58
1. Im addicted to gaming
2. I eat constantly and do not gain weight :I
3. When i like someone i usually never tell them how i feel (why im still single :/)
4. I eat the ends off chicken bones
5. Im more of a dog person than cat
6. I can't live without technology
7. I can't live without music
8. I have an obsession with Tomb Raider :p
9. I think im gay :o :pi:
10. I hate mirrors or reflective surfaces
11. Im asthmatic
12. I gossip too much :vlol:
13. I sleep to much
14. Im left - handed
15. I love cherishing memories and precious items
16. I love helping people and being nice even though i don't know the other person :o
17. I bite my nails all the time
18. Im shy when it comes to new things or meeting people etc
19.I hate cheese :I
20. I have a fear of heights, public speaking, spiders
21. I do not like the way i look even though people tell me different
22. Im addicted to Facebook :D
23. Ive never broke a bone before
24. I have a little brother
25. I do not like the Call of Duty series *prepares for missiles* :P

05-06-11, 23:11
1. I'm a very sensitive person.
2. People can easily wind me up.
3. I swear very often and overuse alot of swear words. :o
4. I'm very anti-social and prefer to be alone most of the time.
5. I don't get on well with my mum. We have arguments almost everyday.
6. I'm one of the best Video Gamers of All Time.
7. I <3 Drum and Bass.
8. I enjoy trolling and griefing people.
9. I can get extremely paranoid about stuff ever so quickly.
10. I rarely get scared by things.
11. I switch between moods very frequently.
12. I'm one of them peeps who lie alot. :o
13. I have very low self-esteem and low confidence in myself.
14. I prefer PC Gaming to Console Gaming.
15. Anyone can easily make me laugh.
16. I'm very shy and hate going out in public.
17. I'd consider myself as a mature person. I definitely cannot stand immaturity.
18. I'll be 16 on the 6th of July. :o
19. I produce Music. Not good music though. xD
20. I've taken drugs before.
21. I consider to be more close to my internet friends than Real Life ones.
22. I'm a massive Ellie Goulding Fan.
23. I torrent alot of stuff.
24. I suffer from Asthma.
25. I have a major case of OCD at times. :p

05-06-11, 23:25
If you ever get around to playing TR2, you're gonna go insane at the Temple of Xian... :mis: It's OK, I'm afraid of spiders too :yik:
Are there many spiders? I hated the "Spider Tomb" of GoL because of that :o It's good to know I'm not alone :hug: :D
Thunderquake :rolleyes:

OMG, what an astonishing assumption! /sarcasm/

05-06-11, 23:27
*insert facts here*

You forgot to mention how hot you are! :D

05-06-11, 23:37
1. my favorite color is and always will be pink.
2. if i randomly think of something funny that happened days ago, then i'll just burst out laughing, making myself look even more socially awkward than i already am. ;D
3. watching Spongebob makes me happy.
4. if i watch a show or play a game i really like, then it becomes an obsession. my current obsession is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
5. i like trying to change my voice because the one i have is annoying.
6. i can make dolphins noises.
7. my first girl crush was Jessica Alba.
8. i've only been in love once, and believe i'll never feel that way again.
9. i can't stand clingyness... it causes me to push people away.
10. i can be the sweetest person you have ever met, or i can be the biggest bitch you'll ever see.
11. i adore Ellie Goulding and Britney Spears.
12. i treat animals better than i treat most people.
13. i love video games and am super excited for E3 this year.
14. i believe i'm an ok singer, but i refuse to let alot of people hear me.
15. uh, i obviously love to sing.
16. i wear a cross even though i don't believe in god, but i do believe in something.
17. i get distracted very easily.
18. i'm afraid of mustard.
19. i love makeup and own loads of it, but i don't like wearing it.
20. i'm very small for my age... i get mistaken for a 15 year old and i'm 19.
21. it doesn't take much to amuse me.
22. i have more friends online than i do offline, and even though they're miles away they mean the world to me, and i would do anything for them.
23. i love taking pictures of my pets.
24. i'm pretty flexible.
25. if i get an iTunes/PSN card i keep it and tie them all together.

well, that was unenjoyable.

05-06-11, 23:40
4. if i watch a show or play a game i really like, then it becomes an obsession. my current obsession is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


05-06-11, 23:51
1. I am a Sagittarius.
2. My favorite show of all time is Smallville.
3. I will be graduating from high school in six days. :D
4. I would either like to work for the FBI, CIA, or be an investigative journalist.
5. I have a major crush on a boy at my school (my first real crush) and I am not sure if what I feel for him is love or just infatuation.
6. I have been told that I tend to live my life in denial.
7. I tend to push my friends away when they get too close.
8. I want a relationship but due to my circumstance it is very difficult.
9. I love candles.
10. I have a good head on my shoulders, so I have been told.
11. I want to travel the world.
12. I enjoy going to the gym, or doing any fun activity outdoors.
13. I love dogs, I have two. :D
14. I want to change my name in the future.
15. In everything besides television, I do not have a favorite. No favorite book, movie, etc.
16. You could call me a hopeless romantic. :p
17. I am afraid to be alone, and I am utterly terrified of death.
18. I have a paranoid personality (not to the extreme)
19. I feel as if no one will like me for me, I have never had anyone really be attracted to me as a person.
20. I am grateful for the things that I have and I sometimes feel foolish when I get into a slump because my life could be much worse.
21. I am part Polish, German, Irish, Cherokee Indian, and...something else haha. :p

05-06-11, 23:56
Are there many spiders? I hated the "Spider Tomb" of GoL because of that :o It's good to know I'm not alone :hug: :D

In Temple of Xian, there's a spider cave with 5 giant spiders that fall from the ceiling randomly. :yik: They're ugly things, too - here's a link to a picture of one (I would just post the image but some people would probably freak out :vlol:):


06-06-11, 00:03
1. I'm an amateur artist and I can SOMETIMES crank out an awesome drawing.
2. I live with a bunch of rednecks.
3. I am NOT and NEVER WILL BE a redneck.
4. I cant stand any kind of discrimination.
5. I loved X-Men First Class
6. My favorite game series is Tomb Raider.
7. I've only been in love once and haven't since.:(
8. I always have small "crushes" on trashy hoes.:rolleyes:
9. I flunked Algebra II
10. I'm a die-hard Little Monster(Lady Gaga fanboy)
11. I went to the Monster Ball on 4/9/11 in New Orleans, LA.
12. My name is Spencer.
13. I have watched TReboot trailer SEVERAL times.
14. I have YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr accounts.
15. I hate Seth Rogen
16. I have swords on the wall in my room.
17. My favorite Mortal Kombat Karacter is Kitana.
18. My all-time favorite song is Born This Way by Lady Gaga
19. I'm becoming a big fan of Simon Curtis
20. I like Lil Wayne as a person not a singer.
21. I hate Rap.
22. I live in Mississippi, sadly.
23. One of my favorite movies of 2011 so far has been Sucker Punch.
24. I love Angelina Jolie
25. I love Paramore and think MONSTER is amazing.


Legend of Lara
06-06-11, 00:08
1. I live in Iceland.
2. I don't like cold weather.
3. I have a cat.
4. I dislike Charmed and yet watch it regularly.
5. Spiders freak me out like nothing else.
6. My social life outside the internet is... mostly nonexistant.
7. I tend to oversleep.
8. I think glasses look really super hot.
9. My first PS3 game was Virtua Fighter 5, which I later got rid of.
10. I don't speak German but I can if you'd like.
11. In a few months I'll be studying Japanese for no reason whatsoever.
12. My favourite soft drink is Dr Pepper.
13. My favourite movie is Scott Pilgrim vs The World.
14. I like chewing gum.
15. I'm very bad at sports.
16. I wish my birthday was earlier in the year. (lolseptember)
17. I've only gone overseas once, in 2007.
18. I use Twitter to stalk voice actors. I wonder what Crispin Freeman is up to...
19. I don't like torrents.
20. I hate snow.
21. First person shooters are the devil.
22. I hate my thick accent.
23. I wish I could be strong without the scheie, yeah.
24. Oh oh oh oh.
25. Without the scheie, yeah.

06-06-11, 00:14
23. One of my favorite movies of 2011 so far has been Sucker Punch.

hell yeah! preach it!!! :jmp::jmp:

1. I live in Brazil, but I dislike soccer
2. I don't love Lady Gaga, but she is my biggest idol
3. One of my favorite bands is White lies
4. I constantly imagine myself living in another dimension
5. My biggest frustation is that I've never received my Hogwarts letter.
6. I don't like school
7. I have no idea what I'll do in college
8. I used to be "Groft" in this forum, but I forgot my password
9. I get bored really often
10. I don't like crowded places or being among a large number of people
11. I like to compose
13. I like to draw and do some digital art, but I'm not very good at it
14. I'm very insecure about everything
15. I don't like parties
16. I don't like teenagers even I being one
17. I put a lot of expectations on people that I've just met and they frequently dissapoint me
18. I consider myself a good person
19. Music is my life
20. Most of the time I feel misunderstood
21. I love sushi and pizza
22. I want a black cat and a white cat and their names would be Lucifer and sis
23. I love instrumental song and soundtracks
24. Disney movies define my childhood
25. Dog Days Are Over was my 2010 theme song

06-06-11, 00:19
hell yeah! preach it!!! :jmp::jmp:


lara c. fan
06-06-11, 00:27
1. I live in Iceland.

2. I don't like cold weather.

20. I hate snow.

Well, ain't that a bitch.

Legend of Lara
06-06-11, 00:27
Well, ain't that a bitch.


Chocola teapot
06-06-11, 01:46
1: My favorite Animal is the Crocodile.
2: I'm extremely obsessed with Aliens and Space, I often watch documentaries about them.
3: I like Ice cream, I mean, I reaaaaaaally like Ice cream. And Ice lollies.
4: My Favorite Drink is Vimto.
5: I do a lot of Gardening and am quite the plant expert.
6: My favourite songs are "Say it Right" by Nelly Furtado, "Head over feet" by Alanis Morissette and "Everywhere" by Fleetwood Mac.
7: I've never had a viable 'crush' on anyone, but I have found people Sexy, etc.
8: I have a Dog who'm I love very much, Her name is Madge and she's a Ghetto Ass Staffy.
I call her Margarette Fishwicke because her breath smells and I'm strange like that, it has caught on.
9: I live in Wales and it's very boring. It may be Cliche but I want to move to Australia.
10: I used to be so crazy, I used to make up my own words, be weird and not care about anything people thought.
11: I am my Hair.
12: My 'Beauty Regime' is ridiculous, causing me to be late for school often.
13: I have a Line on my forehead which makes me extremely sad and I want it botox'd.
14: I used to be very big on science, was actually a complete swat and was actually one of the most academic children in my classes,
I have subsequently fallen from grace.
15: I'm absolutely petrified of Human Skeletons and the prospect of 'Skinless humans'. I'm afraid that one might come to life and get me.
16: I love Galaxy Chocolate, Cadburies is for noobs.
17: I'm a proud Pop-Slag,
Not one of those idiots who listens to The Fame or Femme Fatale then goes and talks about how alternative their musical interests are.
Musical Interests do not correlate with Intelligence.
18: I loves my Pokemon and am a General Nintendo whore. My fav is Milotic. <3
19: I love makeup, It's like the best thing ever.
People who deny using copious amounts when it's clear that you could do your own makeup off of their face for the next few months, however, make me angry.
20: Everyone seems to diss my choices about who I find attractive, they then force their opinions in my face.
I usually then vehemently disagree with what they deem attractive. Trololo, Stfu and let me like who I want you judgmental bitches.
21: Hypocritically, I don't find guys with long hair very attractive even though I have long hair. I likes the Manly Men.
22: My favourite Disney Film is Hercules.
23: I'm a Gaga stan but often try to conceal it for my own safety.
24: I used to want to live Forever, I don't anymore.
25: I'm SO scared of the Future.

:}hello friend
06-06-11, 02:07
1. I got most of my hair cut off.
2. I hate spiders, bees, and wasps.
3. I have red hair.
4. I have 3 dogs, 3 cats, and 4 kittens all living in my house.
5. I don't have my permit, but I already know how to drive.
6. I love cooking.
7. I am upset that the second season of Umineko hasn't been made yet.
8. I am one of those people who want to lose weight, yet do nothing about it.
9. I am lazy.
10. Most of the music on my iPod comes from Games and Anime series.
11. I am 15.
12. I am a straight male. (Shocker)
13. I will only use a urinal when no one else is in the restroom, and I know that no one else is going to use the restroom other than me.
14. I have never been inside a church. (That I can remember)
15. I got a four-wheeler for my birthday that doesn't work.
16. I love shopping.
17. I saw 3 pregnant girls at Long John Silver's the other day. (Either that or they were just phat)
18. I have a Facebook that I haven't used since I created it.
19. I never get emotional when watching a sad T.V. show or movie.
20. I despise soap opera's yet watch Days of our Lives everyday.
21. I ordered a Chicken Quesadilla at Taco Bell today, only to get a Steak Quesadilla. But the guy realized his mistake and let me have both without paying for the other one.
22. I love fighting games.
23. I still have Beanies Babies from when I was little.
24. I don't know how to ride a bicycle without training wheels.
25. According to Battler, I was the 18th person on Rokkenjima on the days of the murder.

07-06-11, 16:47
Here are mine:
1. I don't like the colors White, Yellow, Orange and Pink.
2. I do like the colors Green, Blue, Purple, Black, and Red.
3. I kinda dislike midgets under 5 foot tall.
4. I'm a Nowthatsmusic fan.
5. I'm a harry potter fan.
6. My favorite harry potter movies are GoF, OotP, HBP, and DH.
7. I'm 20 years old ATM.
8. I have type 1 diabetes.
9. I like all 6 of Core's TR games plus Anniversary.
10. I think it's not such a good idea to go to school at all in June, July, or August in Northern Hemisphere.
11. I watch the price is right all the time and hope there is at least 1 pricing game winner.
12. Other movies i like are Dennis the Menace 93 film, Home Alones 1 and 2, Goonies, etc.
13. I like cats.
14. I get mucus often.
15. I'm a very picky eater.
16. I hate thunderstorms.
17. I called 911 thrice for nonemergency calls in the past 8 years.
18. I didn't like Gym Class when i was in school.
19. I passed my GED.
20. I don't like the PSX save systems for TR1 and 3.
21. I Don't like the controls for PS2 version of AOD.
22. I fear of wasps.
23. I used to Watch Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats and Sabrina the Animated Series.
24. The only Halloween Michael Myers movies i like are the original 1, 2, 4, and 5.
25. Sometimes I'll be impatient.
26. My eyesight is very bad yet i don't wear glasses.
27. I shave my body hair and i don't like being hairy.

07-06-11, 16:58
I hate
I rage
I hurt
I like Interpol
I like Caspian
I like Idlewild
I love Heather
I respect Lebron
I respect Bosh
I respect Wade
I respect Paul
I want Stella to be my girlfriend
I want to live in Bermuda
I want to see Montana
I want to see Miami
I'm always right
I'm very picky
I'm cocky
I'm too lazy to finish this list

07-06-11, 17:21
1. I dye my hair a lot.
2. I can't see myself being happy doing anything but singing and acting when I'm older
3. I'm addicted to coke and pepsi.
4. I have a huge crush on Naya Rivera.
5. I'm gay as a rainbow.
6. I love make up <3
7. I tried out fake tan earlier this week, didn't wash my hands properly and now I have brown fingers while the rest of my hands are white.
8. I will be an awful adult.
9. I recently fell in love with Tracy Chapman. :D
10. I was bulemic.
11. I auditioned for Britains Got Talent but didn't get to the judges round.
12. My iPod is about 20% Glee and 20% Tracy Chapman.
13. I make fanvids for tv shows and stuff <3
14. I majorly exagerated my stomach ache today just so I could stay at home.
15. I will cry when I finish watching the last Harry Potter film.
16. I can control my temper up to a certain point, then I get ridiculously angry.
17. I want to have kids even though my neices annoy me.
18. I've had a crush on two girls on here (three if you include one who isn't active at all) :o
19. I'm a really picky eater.
20. I don't know what my favourite colour is.
21. I'm 15 in September.
22. I'm 5 foot 4 inches <3
23. I'm still really self-concious about my weight.
24. I have no idea how to flirt but apparently I do it a lot :pi:
25. I want to move to London when I finish school :D

07-06-11, 17:33
1. I neeeeeed some sleep!
2. Not happening in the next week or so.
3. I'm 19 years old.
4. I'm studying medicine in my first year and it's exam time so it's kind of all I ever think about..or talk about...when I'm not studying :pi:
5. I've had a really rough spring this year in terms of health, ironically.
6. I hate mosquitos.
7. I hate when it's like 40 degrees (Celsius) outside in summer so I can't breathe.
8. Wow it's much easier to think of things I dislike, rather than things I like.
9. Umm...
10. I like Harry Potter :p
11. I'm not a Tomb Raider maniac, never have been.
12. I generally like my life...if I count out some really sucky things.
13. I feel lonely a lot of the time but I guess that's how I've always been.
14. I think I seem confident and even a bit arrogant to people who don't know me personally.
15. But once you get to know me you'll know that I'm extremely loyal.
16. Loyal to the point where I get hurt over and over and over (and over...)
17. I have a lot of pride (and I'm proud of it, haha), but I try not to let it get in the way.
18. I'm not very easy to make conversation with, I guess.
19. At first, I might add.
20. I'm a bit cautious, both with relationships and life in general.
21. Definitely not an adrenaline junkie.
22. I hate people breaking promises - trust is everything.
23. Once you lose my trust, it's really hard to get back.
23. But oh well I guess I've screwed up in the past as well.
24. Family is very, very important to me.
25. It took me 10 minutes to type this :)

So that's my 25 random facts. Enjoy.

07-06-11, 17:36
1. I love Evanescence
2. I play the piano.
3. I used to be depressed.
4. I like reading books.
5. I love dogs. Like seriously.
6. I love any kind of animal. Except spiders.
7. I have anaemia.
8. I love Tomb Raider Forums
9. I love Hayley. :hug:
10. I'm a self-confessed Nazi Zombies' addict.
11. I'm an amateur writer.
12. I love Resident Evil
13. My favourite colour is either black or red.
14. I dye my hair red every summer.
15. I have a little ginger brother called Conor.
16. I like pizza.
17. I love crime / horror novels
18. I love Huskies
19. I love Labradors & Retreivers
20. I am a Ps3 addict
21. I am awful at BlackOps multiplayer. >.<
22. Me and Hayley meet rapists on Call of Duty
23. I love ice cream, like really love.
24. I'm from Ireland.
25. I'm a boy. >.>

07-06-11, 17:40
9. I love Hayley. :hug:
22. Me and Hayley meet rapists on Call of Duty

;_; <3

I love all your facts. Seriously. It's why you're such a good friend :hug: xxxxxxxx

07-06-11, 17:41
;_; <3

I love all your facts. Seriously. It's why you're such a good friend :hug: xxxxxxxx

Awwww. <3
You to bb. :hug: xxxxxxxxxxx

07-06-11, 18:46
Hmmm let's see...

1.Tomb Raider 4 was my first video game ever, yet I haven't even finished it.
2.I had a boyfriend in Guild Wars(MMO),which I dumped before even seeing eachother in RL because I knew my parents wouldn't understand our relationship. Damn, it hurt.
3.Because of 2., I always cry at emotional moments in films/games/life, thing I didn't use to do before that.
4.I have more than a crush on an Arabic boy in my class, and I'm totally obsessed with his eye colour(it always changes, like today is green, tomorrow blue). I think he likes me too, but neither of us dares to talk to eachother.
5.I dream of being a famous writer one day, but I know I will have to inherit my father's company after he retires.
6.I laugh really LOUD!
7.Even though I'm a declared pessimist I joke a lot and I encourage people to be optimistic.
8.When it comes to games, I hate FPSes(CounterStrike especially) and DotA(Defence of the Ancients) and WoW(World of Warcraft). However, I love RPGs(not all, Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia being my favorites), MMOs(Guild Wars, Aion) and strategic games like Age of Empires.
9.I hate being ill(who doesn't?). Right now I am very ill and I feel very bad.
10.I used to be very resistant to diseases and stuff like that, but because of stress my defence system has weakened severely.
11.I worry a lot, and cry when I get overwhelmed. I also have self confidence problems.
12.I've never broken a single bone in my body in my whole life. However I've had problems with other parts of my body, stomach in particular.
13.I'm a true Pisces and I'm proud of it. Day-dreaming, romantism and amusement are at home when it comes to me and a real Pisces <3
14.I love my dad's car!!(Audi A3 Sportback) <3 <3 I've even driven it even, though I'm only 15 years old :3 One day it will be mine ^^
15.I like writing and drawing, also singing but I'm not too good at it. My BFF always asks me to sing for her xD
16.I love English more than my native language(Romanian). That's why I prefer writing stories in English.
17.I used to write without capital letters. Now I hate that and I also hate people who have grammar issues. NEEENOOO NEEENOOO GRAMMAR POLICE!! xD
18.I hate pimples. I used to have many on my face, but now they're invading my shoulders, my back and my arms. :(
19.I'm clumsy. I trip on any little stone or obstacle in my way xD
20.I love Angel of Darkness and I'm obsessed with Kurtis Trent. Go go Q.Q haters.
21.I don't have many friends(only a few close ones) in RL and I am the "group" leader. In MMOs, I have looooots of friends and I'm always the favorite one :3
22.I believe in magic and mythical creatures. That's why I only read fantasy books like Harry Potter, Twilight, Tara Ducan, House of Night, Vampire Diaries and love the same genre movies.
23.Yes, you guessed right, I like vampires. After all, I live in the country of vampires(Transilvania's Dracula much? :P). But keep in mind I hate True Blood. Only Twilight, House of Night and Vampire Diaries plox.
24.I wish I could play an instrument. Guitar, piano, anything would do.
25.I hate smoking, drinking, drugs and bad music. But I did eat a cigarette when I was about 3-4 years old, read: ate, not smoked! xD

Here are 25 random stuff about me. I could've written many more xD

07-06-11, 20:12
1. I can't wait to be a father;
2. I want 2 kids; a boy and a girl;
3. I reveal my "true self" quite hard IRL;
4. I'm a sucka for love ~ 2Pac;
5. According to a test, and from others' sayings, my mental age is older than my real one;
6. I want to learn how to play the piano and sax sometime;
7. Right now I'm addicted to the Man In Black OST;
8. I'm a big fan of Mariah Carey; and most people find that odd; <.<
9. You can give me any artist and I can find at least 1 song that I'll love;
10. I listen to almost all music genres, but ballads are my thing;
11. I try not to fall for everybody, because I'm afraid of being hurt;
12. I tend to not tell people how I really feel about them (love cases);
13. I'd like to go to Uni in UK (a dream that might come true; will find out in 3 weeks);
14. I find English accents sexy as hell;
15. I love belly dancers;
16. I once got a belly dance from one of my best friends from that time; xD
17. I'm a Cancer;
18. I once wanted to be a doctor, but because there is the risk of someone dying in my shift I quit, because I'd most likely fall into depression;
19. I ADORE swimming and if I could I'd live in an underwater home;
20. I already have an idea of how I'd like to propose to my lover;
21. I write songs and poems;
22. I once sang for 2 girls about 2-3 hours;
23. I'm a horrible dancer;
24. You can tell when I'm drunk with just a look at my face; xD
25. I love the X-Men, especially Storm. <3

Lara Croft!
07-06-11, 23:04
1. I am turning 24 in a few days
2. I'll be in a 5-year-old relationship next September
3. My first TR game was TR2
4. My natural hair color is brown, but I haven't seen it since I was a teenager and started dying it red
5. TRF is the only forum I am currently an active member on a daily basis
6. I cry every time at the end of Pocahontas, ever since I was a child
7. My Christian name is Theodora (which means God's gift in Greek)
8. However, everyone calls me Lora
9. I have a small pink birthmark on my right knee
10. My favorite colors are pink, fuchsia, red and black
11. I'm a Gemini
12. I can roll my tongue
13. 24, South Park and Friends are my favorite TV series
14. When it comes to heavy metal, I fall on my knees for Iron Maiden
15. I was a very good student, but I was horrible at Maths and Physics
16. I do power yoga for more than a year
17. I work as an English teacher for Greek Native Speakers.
18. My eyesight's not perfect so I wear either glasses or contact lenses
19. One of my favorite smells in creams, shampoos etc is coconut
20. I can speak a little French
21. I like Star Wars more than Lord of the Rings
22. I'm not happy with my weight
23. I smoke but I would like to quit
24. Zombies are one of my favorite horror film genres
25. I own an Ericsson mobile

07-06-11, 23:35
1. I have been a vegetarian since I was 11 (now 23)
2. I haven't posted on here in ages
3. I think I'm going to struggle to get to 25
4. My stomach is in knots because I get my final grades back tomorrow
5. I play bass
6. I do not own a mobile phone despite loving technology
7. I don't use social networking
8. I have a hard time trusting people
9. I am addicted to running
10. I have a crippling fear of flying
11. I love punk rock
12. I am running out of things to say
13. I think the new tomb raider looks awesome.
14. I give up :p

08-06-11, 04:30
1. I'm allergic to sea crabs and bull****s.
2. I can draw pretty decently.
3. I love running and swimming.
4. I enjoy reading books and writing.
5. I dislike seafood in general, apart from tuna and sardine.
6. I got confused on unfamiliar roads when without a map or gps.
7. X-Files, Desperate Housewives, CSI, House and Friends are the best tv series ever imo.
8. Hermione Granger is a fictional character that changed my life, a turning point if you will.
9. I don't believe in superstitions.
10. I don't believe in ghost.
11. I don't believe in horoscope.
12. I own an iPhone.
13. I can snap my tongue really loud as if I'm snapping my fingers.
14. I think I'm dyslexic. I often drifted away in long boring conversation/lecture.
15. I very very rarely use facebook.
16. I still struggle using Tweeter lol.
17. Coffee makes my head ache.
18. I don't really like chocolate. Strawberry and Vanilla are much better.
19. I don't care about cars.
20. I don't care about football.
21. I like women.
22. I like animals.
23. I like waffles.
24. I sing and dance when I'm in the mood.
25. I love HD.

young Lara Croft
08-06-11, 08:47
1. I begun to sorta dislike the TR LAU Trilogy
2. I'm way too independentent
3. It's a pain being human
4.I love cats
5.I like small dogs
6.I still love the Ireland levels on TR5
7.I hate clowns
8.I like milk
9.I'm excited about TR9
10. I like Apple
11. I love Steampunk
12. I want to go to the UK
13. I want to go to California
14 I f***ing love drawing
15. I love money
16. I love listening to Podcasts
That's all

08-06-11, 10:10
1. I don't like to reveal too much about myself in the internet.
2. That's why I type facts that don't tell so much detailed information about me.
3. I find myself a likable person, and apparently so do others (in real life at least).
4. I don't know much about internet slang, sometimes I have no idea what people say...
5. Creating fights and stirring up conflicts aren't my thing.
6. I find it awkward if I see some trolls bashing others.
7. I try to be cautious about what I type.
8. Computers fascinate me, too bad I don't know much about them.
9. If I had the chance, I'd re-invent the internet and remove some not-so-nice things it allows people to do.
10. I find it interesting to see that a thread where a few people have posted gains hundreds or maybe thousands of views.
11. My favorite music depends on my mood.
12. I don't have a favorite movie, but I have a bunch of movies I really enjoy watching.
13. The things that got me to like Tomb Raider games was the feeling of adventure and the character of Lara Croft (her personality, not her appearance).
14. Helping other people is one of my goals in life, among a number of other goals.
15. I like cats more than dogs, dogs scare me a little...

I couldn't think of ten more facts about myself, at least not at the moment. I might add some more later.

08-06-11, 23:07
1, I’m a Sagittarius
2, I love purple so much that I’ll buy something that colour even if I don’t need it
3, I love wolves – went to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust last week
4, I’m a non driver
5, I like to dabble in Wicca, though I don’t call myself a Wiccan, but I love crystals, tarot, incense, that kind of thing.
6, I have a rug on my wall – of a leopard, because big cats are beautiful
7, Apparently I’m collecting fairies, but I don’t know how it started, but it’s okay as I love ‘em
8, I have a mark on my stomach and I don’t know how it got there
9, I miss doing amateur dramatics
10, Apparently, I can’t count. As I typed this list, I went 7,8,7,8 - and then I missed the 8 altogether :vlol:
11, I quit ballet aged 8 as I was too worried about the recital we were supposed to do
12, I quit majorettes aged 11 as I was too worried about the competition and didn’t want o let the team down.
13, I’m a quitter – or used to be, I try not to now
14, My middle name is Jacqueline and I prefer it to my first name
15, I’m a true sucker for animals.
16, I cry so easily, it's silly
17, I don't think there is one post of mine that hasn't been edited by me - I edit them so much :p

I can't think of more right now, but I may update.


09-06-11, 01:10
1. I am awesome
2. TRF changed my life
3. I like to travel
4. I have an iPhone
5. The movie 'Avatar' makes me depressed
6. I want a barn owl as a pet
7. Owl City is the most inspiring music project I've come across
8. My favourite First-Person Shooter is Halo
9. I believe in God
10. I am fascinated by astronomy
11. I've been in one relationship
12. I like cars and motorsports
13. I've walked for 15km out of boredom
14. I've been stranded in a foreign country with no access to funds for a week
15. I work at a pizza shop
16. I have the same birthday as my dad
17. I spent a lot of my time on the internet
18. I didn't talk at school for almost 9 years
19. Arby n' the Chief is my favourite machinima series on YouTube
20. I tyep liek a n00b for funz lawlz
21. I drive a 300ZX
22. I love nature
23. I go spearfishing during the summer
24. I have good geographic knowledge
25. I am awesomer now

09-06-11, 01:36
1. I love cats
2. I have a shopping addiction, I literally can't go into a shop without buying something... It's annoying.
3. I dropped out of college to work in McDonalds :o
4. I'm going to a different college in September to do Media Studies, Photography, English literature, and English language :D
5. I'm gay
6. Tomb Raider 2 is my favorite
7. I first joined these forums in 2006 under the username "LarasLover"
8. I have a fear of being sweaty
9. I hate spiders
10. My favorite meat is chicken, I practically live on it
11. I'm 17
12. When I'm in an awkward situation, I laugh uncontrollably and annoy the person that I'm arguing with. It's not intentional.
13. I worship Lady Gaga
14. People don't think I'm gay when they meet me
15. I live in the south of England
16. My favorite color is blue :D
17. I live alone, however my parents are both still alive and I get on exceptionally well with both of them.
18. I don't have a cell phone at the moment :mad:
19. I hate being single (I'm not co-dependant) but I don't want a relationship :confused:
20. People eating loudly is something I literally cannot tolerate in a person,
21. I'm really shy.
22. I'm very honest, I'll never lie to anyone.
23. I grew up incredibly early.
24. I find intelligence attractive.
25. I will never leave the house without styling my hair

Just my 2 cents :) it was a lot easier than I thought it would be :o

09-06-11, 01:49
3. My first TR game was TR2
4. My natural hair color is brown, but I haven't seen it since I was a teenager and started dying it red
5. TRF is the only forum I am currently an active member on a daily basis

These are the same for me as well. :p

I'm 23.
I just graduated college with a degree in marine biology.
I'm scared of heights
I like watching movies that make me cry, but only alone
I have never been in a long term relationship
My favourite color is cerulean blue.
I feel the need to out compete my brothers.
I've never gotten a speeding ticket and yes, I do speed... a lot. xD
I'd enjoying spending a lot of my time alone.
I play Left 4 Dead 2 way too much.
I watch anime, but not as much as I used to.
I collect animation cels!
I also collect dolls. Especially Disney princess porcelain ones.
I read more than I watch TV.
I actually really enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII.
My favourite food is spaghetti.
Every dent in my car was not made by me.
I own a lot of brand knock-off purses.
I enjoy oil painting.
I live only 20 miles south from where they film Jersey Shore...unfortunately.
I originally wanted to go to college for animation, but my mom talked me out of it.
I've never been out of the country.
I love the ocean but hate the beach.
I have 40 pins on one messenger bag.
I have 15 keychains with only one key attached to all of them.

09-06-11, 03:24
1) i am 21!!!
2) I have an age complex where i see myself as a really really old person with the heart of a 5 year old
3) I've never been in love
4) still haven't found the right person for me
5) can't type (with all ten fingers)!!!!
6) currently learning how to type (not going well so far)
7) i have a strong relationship with my parents/family
8) i am still very best friends (more like brothers) with my preschool friends
9) dogs are my ultimate fear
10) i was bitten by a huge brown lab as a kid
11) i hate snakes and bugs or anything that crawls
12) i've always liked the sea and would rather travel by boat than by plane
13) i graduate collage in two weeks :jmp:
14) i wanted to go for medicine school when i first started collage
15) now i am more interested in bacteria
16) i dream of "fixing" a human disease using bacteria
17) i like to sing, but have a voice that can drop a bird a mile away
18) i like to act but can't stop laughing when i do
19) I like to watch movies
20) i hate to watch documentaries (i've watched docs in the past 2 weeks more than i ever did my whole life)
21) i dream of punching Phillipe Cousteau in the face!!! (just a random guy from the docs, no real grudge or anything)
22) i sometimes have dreams of things that my never happen, but then happen, or at least i think i dream them
23) i sometimes have dreams where i'm attending my friends weddings, even though none are engaged!!
24) i had a dream once where my friends were at my funeral (most awkward dream i've ever had)
25) i am addicted to food!!! (my name is A_pok and i'm a foodaholic :p)

09-06-11, 06:40
1. All my classmates call me "bean sprout".
2. That, or "mini".
3. I don't like animals.
4. I have a lot of scars on my fingers.
5. I hate applying cream on my hands. Blergh.
6. I bite my nails.
7. I don't get scared easily.
8. I act like a total bitch towards people I don't like.
9. I'm a huge fan of anime and manga.
10. I tend to obsess over small details, annoying the hell out of my project partner.
11. I absolutely hate coconuts.
12. I don't like meeting new people. I don't believe a word they say.
13. I haven't changed my mobile phone since 2008.
14. Some perfumes induce me gag reflex.
15. I love wearing glasses.
16. I love playing poker with my class mates. Not on money, obviously.
17. I love having my tea with my sister.
18. My bedside table is full of books, but I just can't seem to find a place for them.
19. My current obsession right now is Portal.
20. I hate souvenirs.
21. I don't like uncomfortable clothes.
22. I like making dreamcatchers for my friends.
23. I usually buy birthday presents a few months before the actual birthday.
24. My first stuffed animal was a pink fluffy squirrel. I never named it.
25. I suck at drawing. Big time.

Another Lara
09-06-11, 08:09
1. My name is Laurie
2. In school I had loads of nicknames, my favourite one being Lara! :D
3. I have a degree in Archaeology
4. I have brown hair and brown eyes
5. I work for a national newspaper in London
6. I'm currently learning to drive but my test is in less than two months, eek!
7. I've been in a relationship for 2 and a half years with jaywalker
8. I have 7 tattoos
9. I'm agnostic
10. I did gymnastics as a child but gave up after nearly breaking my arm in a botched backflip
11. I also did kickboxing as a teenager, woudl love to start it up again
12. I do pole dancing as exercise and LOVE it! :D
13. My favourite holiday is Rome
14. I have one older sister
15. I love music, but am completely tone deaf :o
16. I have a big fear of spiders
17. I have an obsession with history books... my bookshelf is bulging at the seams with them!
18. I'm told I have a confusing accent: I'm too Essex to be cockney, but then I'm too cockney to be Essex... :confused:
19. I love art, especially Rennaisance
20. My favourite artist is Botticelli
21. I've been blessed by the Pope
22. I love my skinny jeans
23. My favourite actor is Russell Crowe
24. I tried to learn the guitar, but I have no patience so tried it once and got bored! :o
25. I highly doubt anyone will read these! :p

09-06-11, 09:04
1) I have a hard time finding people I actually can speak to, always had, always will have.
2) I always fall in love with either an ungrown stupid bitch, twat who doesn't know what she wants, or the combination of both.
3) I smoke. Didn't start because I thought it looks cool, as a matter of fact I only smoked in places noone could see me because I wanted to keep it a secret the first couple months. I started smoking because of the death of my father.
4) I've had sex with 7 different girls and women total so far.
5) I love rain. As a matter of fact, I prefer to go outside when it's raining.
6) I hate the extreme heats summer likes to provide.
7) I'm allergic to pollen.
8) I urgently need to start making some serious money.
9) I have two really good friends. One is a guy who's still a child inside (not in the good way), and the other one is a girl suffering from middle depression and constant suicidal thoughts. As for the girl, I'm literally the only thing keeping her above the water.
10) I'm a very good liar. I tend to lie more often than not.
11) One of my greatest dreams is to become an actor.
12) I find it much much easier to sleep overday when there's all the light one can get and the streets are busy outside. At night, I sometimes won't fall asleep at all so I often take walks at night or do some work at night only to sleep it off the following afternoon.
13) It seems I have the strangest bladder. I can drink four litres of water across 10 hours and it makes me go to pee only, like, three to four times.
14) I'm bendy. I can throw my legs over my head and behind, dislocate my thumbs, bend my wrists IN so that my palms touch my arms, and stuff.
15) For the past month or so I couldn't find any fun in playing videogames.
16) I haven't had sex in over 6 months now. That could explain something.
17) I wear glasses but am getting the laser eye surgery done as soon as I turn 20.
18) I love swimming and diving. I can hold my breath underwater for little over one minute. It was 2-3 minutes before I started smoking.
19) I have never travelled outside my country.
20) I don't have any phobias as far as I know, unless there's a phobia for the closest people dying out.
21) I can't stand being ignored by the people I somewhat care about. It drives me nuts.
22) I hate those fat people who instead of trying out a diet and perhaps exercising a bit decide to lose weight by either eating some messed up pills, or going through some kind of a surgery. How do they maintain self-respect after doing that is beyond me.
23) I can't stand stupid people. You can't do anything about them. You can't even outsmart them, as they will always believe you're the stupid one.
24) I keep growing acne all over my body and it sucks big time. If this goes on for couple more years, I might get some kind of a surgery myself.
25) I'm planning on getting a tattoo as well as some facial piercing.

cezy rockeru
09-06-11, 11:22
1. I am random.
2. I had a hamster,and he died one month before his 2nd anni. [RIP :(]
3. I love every rock music band.
4. I don't like school. Hate it with passion.
5. But I get straight A's.
6. But I don't even study for them.
7. PC gamer.
8. Horrible person.
9. Selfish.
10. Mobile phone geek.
11. I almost cried when I saw the last episode of FRIENDS.
12. I started liking Lady Gaga.
13. I bite my nails when I'm bored or nervous.
14. I own a Nokia C3.
15. I want to lose weight and wear glasses.
16. I am taller than my dad by 1 cm. [I have 183 cm]
17. I am the tallest in my family.
18. I swear and lie all the time.
19. I never had a first kiss.
20. I am obsessed with green. ~<3
21. I love Hayley Williams.
22. I like dancing.
23. I like singing when I'm home alone,even though I know there's always someone who hears me.
24. 2011 has been my worst year. Depressed and annoyed.
25. I drink like 3 l of water every day.