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06-06-11, 19:11
Hey I know Really I Shouldn't start a new thread but this
is my first one so I just wanted an excuse to make one
aha everyone gets their turn!
But anyway I wanted to post a link to my deviantart But
also I wanted people to post theirs too! Even If it's not
entirely tomb raider fan art If you just want to show
people your art post a link to your page and It'll give
people a chance to watch you and look at your art!
So c'mon :)
And ohh Here's mine:
Check it out

06-06-11, 19:21
I added you to my friends :) you know me there: http://halli-well.deviantart.com/

06-06-11, 20:27
Haha thank you!
Your art is amazing! :)

06-06-11, 20:40
thanks :) yours too. I love your coloring style

06-06-11, 20:44
Thank you! I hope more people Post their accounts! :')