View Full Version : Are Las Vegas marriages legal?

06-06-11, 20:50
A friend and i were discussing this recently which brought us to the question are people who get married in Vegas considered legally married in other parts of the world?

This site seems to say it is legal but i'm not sure, are there any legal experts here?

06-06-11, 20:57
As I understand the constitution, if a marriage is legal in one state (e.g. Nevada), then all other states have to accept it as legal as well. The situation is a bit more muddy for gay marriage, but AFAIK that's not possible in Nevada anyway.

Whether other governments accept that is up to them. In the case of US citizens marrying in Las Vegas, that is normally not a problem. If it is people from a foreign country, then there will usually be a bit more bureaucracy before it is accepted there, but for most western countries, I don't think it is a real problem.

06-06-11, 20:58
yes,they're legal.

06-06-11, 21:08
yes,they're legal.

Thanks :tmb: