View Full Version : Base found on Mars?

07-06-11, 06:03

I am not sure his conclusion is correct. It could perhaps be a glacier. But his explanation is far more fascinating.:cool:

07-06-11, 06:14
Whoa, that is fascinating. Doesn't look like a glacier. It's too...inorganic. Very interesting indeed.

07-06-11, 06:29
Map glitch? The truth is not usually fascinating :p

07-06-11, 06:30
Cool. I actually downloaded Google Earth just to look at it using the coordinates that the guy listed. Very intriguing :tmb:

07-06-11, 06:36
Might be a glitch

But its still very odd

07-06-11, 06:37
Yeah, good joob, Doom Space Marines. I just got my brand new BFG2000!

07-06-11, 07:14
They've done a story on it here (http://www.livescience.com/14462-amateur-astronomer-spot-secret-mars-base.html), its been explained as a glitch.

Has Martines really found evidence of alien life, or a secret space base, as he and some media sources are claiming? No, say experts: “Bio Station Alpha” is simply a glitch in the image caused by cosmic energy interfering with the camera…

As a cosmic ray passes through a camera’s image sensor, it deposits a large amount of its electric charge in the pixels that it penetrates. If the particle passes through at a shallow angle to the plane of the camera, it affects several pixels along its path. The result is a bright streak on the image.

The digital compression software that converts the image into a JPEG file then “sort of smears out the image, giving it that pixelated look,” McEwen said. What started as a clear streak in high-resolution turns into a streak that, in the armchair astronaut’s words, looks like it is “made up of cylinders.”