View Full Version : Seting a graphic tablet

08-06-11, 10:57
hey guys, I just got a graphic tablet, a wakom bamboo special ed small :p
And I know there have to be some settings fro it? like to use it to the best advantage?
Anyone got any tips?

08-06-11, 12:12
Do you have a problem with the tablet? I have never had to play with the settings of my Wacom? Is there something wrong?

08-06-11, 12:14
No just thought they need to be set to some specific settings for better performance or easier to use

08-06-11, 12:16
No just thought they need to be set to some specific settings for better performance or easier to use

As long as you have pressure sensitivity on, everything should be good. But I might be wrong :vlol: I set mine up a loooooong time ago. But basically a tablet needs some time to get used to it

08-06-11, 12:24
yeah I noticed that, make the wrist and hand much more muskle-ie :p, I guess it's like juggling, 3-4 days to learn.
Thanks tho!:)

12-06-11, 09:55
Okay I bumped into another problem, I feel like such a noob :p

The tablet doesn't notice pressure anymore in it's default or any program except the tutorial, I looked all over the help manual, but nothing seems to mention it. Earlier this week I had to reinstall it since it was stuck on touch mode. than it worked now nothing, do I reinstall it again?
(I didn't rest any preferences BTW)

12-06-11, 10:08
If ur on windows there will be a link for your tablet in the control panel , u can adjust what's why from there and ade programmes , for example my tablet worked with photoshop etc but wouldnt work with Maya , u can go In hit te plus on there and add your programme and also all the settings are there u can move em around to your liking adjust what buttons do etc ( I have an wacom intous but I guess it's the same for the bamboo )

12-06-11, 10:11
What does everyone have their pressure sensitivity on? Mine's just on the generic 50% xxxxxxxxxxxxx

12-06-11, 10:41
Oki this will sound silly, but I just noticed the Update driver menu that poped up in the bamboo doc thinkie.. :o I thought i updated them all when I reinstalled it..thanks tho :hug: I got lotta things to still learn,
I tried to tinker with the mechanics in the prefrences, but nothing that refers to pressure there, in this point, most just for buttons, and clicking reaction :p