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09-02-05, 04:06
I cannot say enough good things about this form of exercise. I started a Pilates program about 4 weeks ago and the changes have been phenomenal. It strengthens and tones your body after just a few classes and makes you incredibly more flexible. Its for men and woman and its such a fantastic way to get into shape. I know I sound like a Pilates evangelist, but for anyone who wants to get fit and look great, get Pilates up ya. I cant recommend it more. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

09-02-05, 04:30
Tell us more, a_e. I saw the Tell-Sell commercial, and who hasn't. Now unveil more of the practice, from your own experience! :D

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09-02-05, 09:09
I totally agree Liv.
I have scoliosis (fun!) and Pilates is great, helps strengthen your back, works on the abs and makes you totally more flexible (can be fun in all sorts of ways ;) )

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09-02-05, 10:49
I have scoliosis too, but only slightly. My Mum had it so bad as a teen crippled her back. :(


09-02-05, 14:25
I can recommend Pilates too.
It has done me a lot of good, loosening up, getting more flexible and it has worked wonders to flatten my tummy