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10-06-11, 00:38
Hey guys :)

My names Jack and I am trying to get myself out there in the world of entertainment at the minute :)

I was just wondering if it would be at all possible to check out my blog over at Link Removed just to have a gander!

Being a huge TR fan I am doing previews and reblogs and likes of all the latest info, and I posted my own preview of the game/trailer.
I will be doing an article about E3 within the next few hours too.

It's also a place where I can put down my own personal projects. My next personal project is hopefully going to be based on Lara Croft, but in a dramatically different way, different characters, and it will be a comedy genre :)

Anybody who follows on Tumblr I will gladly follow back.

And just trying to get out there on Facebook too, with my page: Link Removed

Not trying to spam or anything here in general chat, if there is a more appropriate place for this please go ahead and move it :)

Thanks for your time! :tea:

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