View Full Version : Free software for capturing online streaming videos?

10-06-11, 19:34
Heys guys, just a few things i'd like anyones help on if you can! :)

Right, i'm trying to find some downloadable (legal?) software to record online streamed footage of a You've Been Framed episode :p on the ITV 2 website, on screen. I'm looking for software similar to the program people have used to record Tomb Raider gameplay footage whilst they've been playing the game on thier pc before (i've completely forgotten the name of the program sorry :p) but if you do vaguely understand in the slightest what kind of program i mean, thats the kind i'm looking for, that records on-screen :) i was also wondering about just a few things beforehand like: is it illegal to download software like this? Is it illegal to record online streamed video's? Etc.. if not :p does anyone here know of any free program i could use? The reason i ask for free software is because i'm only really going to use it once and prehaps delete it afterwards. There is a program here that i found http://www.nchsoftware.com/capture/index.html but you have to purchase it :ton:

Many thanks dudes!

Dark Lugia 2
10-06-11, 23:08
Google ''atube catcher''. :) Its exactly what you're looking for!

11-06-11, 11:23
Google ''atube catcher''. :) Its exactly what you're looking for!

Oh its ok :p i've gotten one called AutoScreenRecorder3.1Pro now :) but thankyou anyway! All sorted :p