View Full Version : What do you want to be when you grow up?

12-06-11, 15:35
i thought it would be cool to have this question asked at the forums (sorry if it was asked before!!)

so as the title says, what do you want to be when you grow up?
and if u already are all grown up, are you living your dream?

i am a soon to be a collage grad. i have a BA in biology hoping to get an MA in microbiology (then a PhD...) and hopefully end up teaching young collage students like myself today...

12-06-11, 15:35
Something to do with video games.

12-06-11, 15:37
Genetic Engineer
Graphics Designer
Game Programmer

I'm mostly interested in Genetics at the moment :jmp:

12-06-11, 15:40
I'm mostly interested in Genetics at the moment :jmp:

i like it when i meet another biologist type!!
to tell you the truth, i started my biology BA wanting to become a genetic engineer as well!!

12-06-11, 15:41
Something arty :jmp:

12-06-11, 15:45
An author. Or a film director. Or maybe both. :D

Though I'll probably just end up eating pizzas at home and playing Tomb Raider. :pi:

12-06-11, 15:48
I wanted to be an airplane pilot, and I might still get my wish, or rally driver. :pi:

12-06-11, 16:01
When I was younger I wanted to be an actor, but that dream has kinda failed now :p

As for now, I don't even know what I wanna be, I'm far too scared and naive to plan my future career lol

12-06-11, 16:10
Maybe an engineer...or designer...graphics designer...or maybe one who works with mechanical engineering...maybe computer engineering... how about architecture?

I do not really know what I want to do with my future. :(

12-06-11, 16:13
My dream job when I'm older is to be a film director :) after school I am going to either a university to study film or a film school. I get to do media later this year in school and I already have a big idea about what I want to do! :)

Legend of Lara
12-06-11, 16:14
I want I want I want I want to be a fireman and a policeman and a rock star and a rocket scientist and an astronaut and a psychonaut and a scribblenaut and a and a and a and a and a stripper. :)

12-06-11, 16:17
I might be delusional but I swear I remember a thread like this, maybe a month ago or even less.

Personally I've already "grown up" so it's too late to ask me that question.

12-06-11, 16:36
/\ You don't need to worry, Marta, you're not delusional quite yet. :D

Here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=180896)'s the thread, please continue the discussion there.