View Full Version : Drawing tablet suggestions?

12-06-11, 23:04
I'm interested in investing on a drawing tablet for my birthday, and I know a lot of people use drawing tablets here, so does anyone have any suggestions on a good quality drawing tablet that isn't too pricy. :o

13-06-11, 02:58
Well, I'm only familiar with Genius and Wacom tablets. Both can take quite a beating, these things will work for years and years. And while I used my Genius for years before switching to Wacom, I can't recommend Wacom tablets enough.

Wacom Bamboo offers the best cost-benefit, they're awesome entry level tablets. Their build quality is great, too, better than the Genius I had (which still works by the way, I bought it in 2003 and my sister uses it these days).

Bamboos are quite small, you can take them anywhere with you and your laptop, if you're the kind of person who likes to pack everything in your bag. I used to own one for this purpose but I figured I'd carry only the sketchbook instead.

Wacom Intuos is aimed at professionals, which means they're awesome, but more expensive, too. They come in 4 different sizes, I think. I have a large one and no regrets. Maybe you'd be interested in them aswell, don't know, I guess it'd depend on your budget and what you need it for. Some people carry these around with their laptops aswell.

I guess the Cintiq is out of the question, so that's about it. I'd highly recommend actually using them before you buy one, though, so you can feel their... feel. Yep.

13-06-11, 05:04
Get a large one so you can put lots of money down on it.

LOL a JK about "investing on".

I'd go with Wacom Intuous 4.

young Lara Croft
13-06-11, 06:02
Are you a professional or amateur?

13-06-11, 07:42
Get an intuos3.
Many intuos4 tablets have problems with their pen tips and obviously are more expensive than 3.3 is quite cheap now and it's still a good investment.

13-06-11, 08:47
I got a bamboo special edition and amateur beginner, but it's fun and get used to it easy :)

13-06-11, 09:29
I have a wacom intous 3 , the best purchased I ever made , had it for 5 years now never had a single problem with it , still going strong :) got A4 one x x. X

13-06-11, 14:12
I guess I'll get a Wacom intuos 3 then. Thanks so much for the suggestions everyone. :hug:

young Lara Croft
14-06-11, 06:10
I bought an Intuous 4 the nib does wear out but at least it's ambidextrous ! I'm a lefty ! I had no choice ! :o

14-06-11, 10:15
as for a first one I bought a Bamboo. it doesn't seem small, although I was affraid of it. But I have some problem with it. maybe its a windows problem, but read about it on the net, so others have the same. When I plug it in it only works on the top left corner on the screen. When I reinstall it then it's working fine. But it never occured in the last year when I used it every day with my previous windows install...
so I like it and isn't small for me and also cheap.