View Full Version : Anybody here who can help with my web design services?

15-06-11, 21:58
Well I'm a full time college student working 8 hours a week as a waitress and obviously struggling for money (have more money going out each month than I have going in :()

So yeah I've started a website offering to create websites and twitter backgrounds for people (only have the homepage online so far. If you would like a look, PM me), but I'm wondering how I can promote my services :/ also I am unsure of how much I should charge :/

lara c. fan
15-06-11, 22:26
Going by tools that you have available (I'm assuming), start advertising what you do over Facebook, or Twitter (Create an account for your business, wait a while and a few random people will start to follow you). Ask friends in real life to tell their friends about it, and try and get it to spread that way. Also, see if you can get a first client. Do a good job for them and you'll probably get a bit of free marketing in that way if said client tells their friends what a great job you did. Just make sure people know about it, in general.

In regards to pricing, I know some people that charge by page produced, or do a bundle deal for the whole website. It's up to you to choose prices, really. See what prices other web design firms offer, and scale those down a bit, because you probably won't be at their level (No offence).

Twitter backgrounds... I think you'll need to make them cheap. Nothing more than 5, I think. It's nothing really that major. You could create a certain theme that people can use and sell that for around 3 or something. I'm no expert in that kind of pricing work, but that might just do.

Also, quick note. Make sure your website looks good. People can base your skills at a glance off of that website, so make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

16-06-11, 10:04
Be prepared to start doing work for very cheap, or free just so you can start to built up a portfolio. You could do with a website of your own where this portfolio can be based, and built your own web presence. Once you've done some work for a number of clients, hopefully word of mouth will spead which will help. Get your name out there.

What skills do you have when it comes to web design? It's quite a hard market to get into. I do my own freelance web design on the side too, so if you ever need a hand, give me a shout.

18-06-11, 05:35
Everyone and his brother has a web design services. Just do a Google and watch the pages expand forever.

go here http://www.score.org/

This is an organization that helps people start up businesses. They consist of retired executives that donate there time. They where around long before the Net. So it is not some Internet rip off. I learned about it from Harvey Mackay (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harvey_Mackay), a well respected businessman. I intend to contact them when my eCommerce site is ready.