View Full Version : Sexy Tombraider Pinup art - 3 Lara outfits, Amanda and Natla

18-06-11, 17:00
http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/4695/tombraiderpicf.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/40/tombraiderpicf.jpg/)

18-06-11, 17:21
My words I really love it, loving how you managed to capture the shine on the suits :tmb:

Legend of Lara
18-06-11, 17:29
It's a little hard to find them sexy, what with their disproportionate bodies and... those faces. :/

18-06-11, 17:33
"It's a little hard to find them sexy, what with their disproportionate bodies and... those faces. :/ "

thanks for playing...next?

18-06-11, 17:35
I only like Amanda. :o I don't like those DD boobs, especially not on Lara in catsuit. And I would change that green top on Lara. I love the poses though, and Natla's wings are great! :D

18-06-11, 17:35
Yeah... Daz3D models are deformed. The idea is good but... the final product... not so sexy tbh. Try doing it on XNALara and then rendering it.

18-06-11, 18:08
Natlas boobs are gigantic.

18-06-11, 18:17
You obviously have a good eye for 3d lighting and textures etc , the building and the refractions and reflections on the leather is fantastic , but I do agree about the models , the daz models just dont do sexy for me , they are very out of proportion and dare I say it but barbie doll esque , I agree with trying it in xna Lara I think u wOrk from there wOuld be amazing :)

You can export xna Lara in to daz I believe , u just need to save her as a .obj

Legend of Lara
18-06-11, 18:20
Yes, I will admit that I do love the shiny.

18-06-11, 20:03
WOW I kind of wish CD had used that Amanda in TRU. She looks absolutely fantastic.

edit: I agree about the boobs, their poses might look more appealing if their boobs were smaller. Maybe make Natla look older as well.

However with that being said I'm sure Natla can be turned into a 2 year old baby because of her freaky atlantean stuff.

18-06-11, 23:24
The catsuit Lara defies gravity :eek:. A tight catsuit like that, wouldn't her boobs (although still big) be more...contained? It's as if they have a life of their own :p. Everything really is very shiny. Amanda is the best and I really like Natla's wings. I know you were going for 'sexy', but honestly, these poses would be fine, if not sexier if the models had smaller boobs.