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Alex Shepherd
20-06-11, 21:19
If you have time

Please ignore the title and follow these 4 steps if you are interested... Write anything you want, even if your sentence is offended due to the subject you're writing about, Its absolutely accepted, but no one must offend the other, And after 3 weeks I will tell you about the project, please make everything clean and clear and special thanks :)

Step 1:
http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/263968_10150658471695133_666915132_19196829_416575 1_n.jpg
Explain the picture of what is it talking about?!

Step 2:
Answer the following question:
If there is no religion in our world, No of God believers, what would happen to us? Gets better? Or gets worse? good or bad?! Explain!

Step 3:
Choose which is better do you think and why?!
To be Smart? Or To be Strong?

Step 4:
What is the most thing that bothers you in your life? Don't tell me just draw it!! Don't say a word on whats bothering you... Only draw it even if you're not good at drawing its OK just give me your big shot...

(Thank you) :)

20-06-11, 21:34
- The picture seems to spread the message "If people populate a world or planet, it (The population) grows large, and chaos ensues. If the planets had emotions, they would not want to be populated for this reason. That is how I perceive that picture.

- If there was no religion in the world... I won't bother to explain my opinion. I just can't deal with discussing religion publicly, and I do not want to deal with others opinions on mine.

- I believe being smart is better than being strong as how will someone become strong if they are not smart? One must have the knowledge of what it takes to be mentally or physically strong in order to become it. Intelligence leads to an array of other possibilities as well. Being smart leads to all other types of branching paths. It's sort of difficult to explain this but, try to get whatever you can from it.

- Here is what bothers me most... (As horridly drawn in MS Paint. :o )

Alex Shepherd
20-06-11, 21:40
- Here is what bothers me most... (As horridly drawn in MS Paint. :o )


Thanks for joining :) but as for your last paint... Please remove the word from your paint... remove them both word (Decision) Only show and not say!! You will notice why later on. :p

Alex Shepherd
21-06-11, 08:01
Just to bring the subject back!

21-06-11, 08:21
-The world with emotions, Mars doesn't want the man to go there and destroy like they're doing on earth

- Religion is something that makes some people think about their mistakes, I'm agaist churchs that try to sell a piece of heaven, I don't believe in god, but if there were not religion I think that would be worse cuz some ppl would try to be a fake god or a leader.

- Smart because, I'm not a strong person and I never had proplem with that hahaha

- http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q187/lara-jolie7/disbad.jpg

Alex Shepherd
22-06-11, 07:14
Thank you Lara.Jolie7 for joining ;)

22-06-11, 20:25
1. What if the planets had mind and emotions? Mars is scared of the human race. Earth, that knows what the human race is capable of, is trying to protect Mars, but does not succeed. Moon is just relieved that can't support life and does nothing. This could also represent the two types of bad people: those who make evil stuff (the humans) and those who see evil being done and do nothing (moon). In this case Mars is the victim and Earth is the good Samareitan.

2. Without religion there might be one less thing to divide the people, less wars and conflicts to worry about. But, could we really be that much better without anything to believe in? I don't think so. Even atheists believe in some kind of "higher power", they just don't want to put a name on it. (the ones I know of at least, if any atheist here feels differently, you are welcome to correct me).

3. If we're talking about physical strength, I choose smart, because if you're smart enough you can easily overpower even the toughest enemy without even sweating. BUT if we're talking about mental strength, I'll choose strength, because I couldn't imagine living in this world without my inner strength, I wouldn't survive a day longer.

4. http://i.imgur.com/s90Zc.jpg

I apologise for the awful quality of the image.

Cool project! I can't wait to see where this leads to!