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Celebrity Resume Highlights
UK Politician and writer Jeffrey Archer was once a deck chair attendant.

Singer Rod Stewart once worked as a grave digger.

Singer Ozzy Osbourne, in a job that would come back to haunt him in later life, was once a labourer in a slaughterhouse.

Sylvester Stalone, always the tough guy, was once employed as a lion cage cleaner while Cyndi Lauper used to clean out dog kennels.

Mick Jagger was once a porter in a mental hospital.

Elvis the Grafter.
Elvis was sacked from his job at the Precision Tool Company in Memphis when his bosses discovered that he was actually fifteen years old and therefore too young to work there.

Do you really want to sack me?
Pop star and DJ Boy George was sacked from his job with Tesco supermarkets for choosing to wear the store's carrier bags. Tesco said his appearance was 'disturbing'.

In Character
Hollywood tough guy Mickey Rouke was fired from his job as a cinema usher after getting into a brawl with one of his work mates.
Fancy a quick drink?
Beer, as all alcoholic drinks, is made by fermentation caused by bacteria feeding on the yeast cells, then defecating. This bacterial excrement is called alcohol.

Make mine a double.
The worlds strongest beer is 'Samuel Adams' Triple Bock, which has reached 17% alcohol by volume. To obtain this level, however, they had to use a champagne yeast.

Just in case you were thinking of driving.
Modern breathalyzers work on a clever electrochemical principle. The subject's breath is passed over a platinum electrode, which causes the alcohol to bind with oxygen, forming acetic acid. In the process it loses two electrons, a process that sets up a current in a wire connected to the electrode. The higher the concentration of alcohol in the breath, the greater the electrical current, which can be read by a simple meter to indicate intoxication levels

Party Animal.
Attila the Hun was suspected of suffocating from a bloody nose after passing out from alcohol at his 'bachelor party'.

Well, if that's the law...
It is always helpful to have a law that clearly defines when a person is legally intoxicated. In Kentucky, anyone who has been drinking is considered sober until he or she cannot hold onto the ground.

The term 'toddlers' originated in England. There were impurities in the drinking water that disallowed the water to be used for drinking. A common alternative drink was beer (it was cheep, plentiful and the water used to make it was treated during the initial boiling during brewing). Toddlers, just weaning off of mothers milk were unaccustomed to the effects of beer. This coupled with the fact that they were just learning how to walk really made them toddle.

Dispelling the stereotypes
In the mid 70's, Australians were the 3rd biggest beer drinker in the world. (behind Germany and Belgium). In the late 90's, they don't even get into the top ten!


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Beer, as all alcoholic drinks, is made by fermentation caused by bacteria feeding on the yeast cells, then defecating. This bacterial excrement is called alcohol.:eek: And I liked beer so much! http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung0903/traurig/sad-smiley-066.gif

John Falstaff
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And then Jeffery Archer embarked on a career as a convicted criminal, oh! and as a tory politician!